little love stories

just a few short little love stories


1. Long Time No See

He is hovering over me, with his elbows propped on either side of my head. He smells so good, it is a mixture of the body spray I gave him for his birthday last year and his shampoo. I've missed his smell. He lowers himself onto me so that our foreheads are touching, "I've missed you." he says his voice rough and deep, his words are so clear so , perfect.  I smile and close my eyes, he lifts himself enough to kiss my forehead, so soft, I've missed his touch. He has moved so his hands are on either side of my head now, he moves a strand of my long, wavy, brown hair out of my face, I smile again, his touch is like lightning it gives me goosebumps the good kind that bring you pleasure. His legs are tangled with mine so I rap my legs around his waist crossing them at the shin. He sits up so that I'm on his lap. He kisses my cheek, then my nose then all around my mouth "babe stop teasing me" i groan. He kisses my lips, I move my hands up his back and around to his chest, he pulls me closer deepening the kiss. I move my hands up to his face rubbing my thumb in circles on his cheek bones. Our mouths are like a lock and key, ive been longing for this sense he left. his tongue grazed my lower lip begging for entrance. i loved my hands from his face up to his hair and i crabbed handfuls of his soft locks with both hands and tugged slightly, i know he likes it when i do that. Our lips and tongues move in perfect sync i have missed this boy so much, the feeling i get when he is around the way our kiss feels its perfect like no other boy I've ever kissed before. He moans into the kiss and I smile. He pulls away,i slightly bite his lower lips and tug, i know he also likes that, i get up off his lap and lay beside him on the now messed up picnic blanket he had brought i blew out the candle he had lit and lay my head on his chest "i love you" he says into my hair. "i love you too" i say closing my eyes satisfied. This scene right here, right now laying with they boy i loved while he played with my hair, it was like a movie, it was this moment right here that i realized i was truly, madly ,deeply, in love with this boy. 


**** authors note****

Hey I hope you like this! it is the first of many to come. if you want to comment some ideas, or names you want me to use go ahead. ( if anyone actually reads this) enjoy! :) 


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