Summer Love

The perfect holiday. The perfect destination. Meet two girls: Chloe and Jess, meet 5 boys. Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Milak, Niall Horan and Liam Payne. They all arrive on a luxury holiday. But nothing remains perfect, and their "dream holiday" turns into their worst nightmare! One of the 5 beautiful boys drown in a deep dangerous part of the ocean which lurks all sorts of creatures; when Jess saves him they become closer and closer! Read more to see the boy who drowns!


4. Relising What Zayn Had Done -LouisPOV-

I was now fed up with Zayn. Watching him suffer in silence. Him and Perry texting, I just needed to know what was going on, I mean I knew their relationship wasan't going well, although I had no idea why they were still texting. So I decided to play a little game in order to find out what it all was about...

"Who you texting, Zayn?" I asked timidly.

"My sister, why?" He dropped his phone and switched it off while he replied to me.

"Just wondered... That's all." His text message ringtone for Perry was:

'That's why I love you, all that we've been through that's why I love you!!'

It was playing repeadly of Zayn's phone, this time meanwhile Zayn hid his phone away from me I knew Perry was texting, however still continued to play the game...

"That's our ringtone for your sister is it?" I slyly said.

"Errr, ye-, Umm..., well..." He stammered. I laughed under my breath (Zayn usally has an exuse or an answer for everything!)

We were nearly there and I prayed for Zayn to stop texting and be cheerful! We going to Orlando... I sighed to myself and glared out the window. I slowly looked at Zayn's screen on his phone AGAIN. 

'Zayn, go and enjoy your holiday without me. IT'S OVER!' 

A text message said. "Woah..Your sister's harsh today isn't she?" At this point Zayn had enough. Enough was enough. "Fine! Perry found out I coming with you guys and without her.."


Silence ate away into the huge car for a moment. "Oh, mate." I said. "Cheer up." We all comferted him. He cheered up and we hoped he'd stay like that...

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