Summer Love

The perfect holiday. The perfect destination. Meet two girls: Chloe and Jess, meet 5 boys. Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Zayn Milak, Niall Horan and Liam Payne. They all arrive on a luxury holiday. But nothing remains perfect, and their "dream holiday" turns into their worst nightmare! One of the 5 beautiful boys drown in a deep dangerous part of the ocean which lurks all sorts of creatures; when Jess saves him they become closer and closer! Read more to see the boy who drowns!


1. Picking the girls up -LouisPOV-

We finally had packed our bags. This was going to be the best holiday of our life. We jumped into Harry's car and zoomed to Chloe's house where Jess and her waited patiently for us.

We found our selfs  within miniets pulling upon their drive ready to take them to the airport with us. "Boys, were kinda early. Wanna come in for a coffe?" Suggested Jess. We all agreed and headed in. I slumped myself on the armchair and stared to the ceiling. "Orlando aye? I Can't wait can you boys?" I declared exidedly.

"I CAN'T WAIT!" Harry jumped around happily. Jess walked in with a notebook and pen looking like a silly old waiter. "Err, Jess you look like a waiter?" I warned her so she can be clear of what she looks like to the rest of us. " I'm taking your orders!" She muttered. "Louis, coffe or tea?"

" Tea, please... 2 sugars aswell." I orderd. Jess then turned to Harry,

"Coffe with one sugar please?" Harry asked politely. Jess scribeld it down in her notebook furiously. She then scanned it to check if it was right and she had no spelling mistakes. "Tea and one sugar please." Zayn told her. "Ooh, you cutting down on the sugar?" I teased. "Well you best do you gotta wedding coming up, don't forget!!" I warned Zayn. He stayed silent for a moment and glared into space. "Shame Perry isn't coming - she would of loved it!" Niall teased. "Oh yeah. Coffe please and 1 sugar." Zayn trotted off to the bathroom.

"Look! He's innocent. Why make him angry you two?" Liam snapped.

"Niall is just saying. Why didn't Perry come? Their perfect together.." Louis said backing up Niall. "Tea please. No sugar." Liam told Jess. Not within 10 miniuets Jess came in with a tray full of Tea's and Coffe's . She placed them on the table infront of the sofas. We all tooked in like a pride of lion's that just caught their pray.







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