Who knew?

A Toby McDonough novel


2. meeting him



You've got that smile, you got it all
I know I'm right, you think I'm dead wrong
You've got that face, you've got that laugh
I know you're shy and girl, I like that

Can't find a mirror to see what I see in you
But I will follow you until you see it, too
I know I can't help but love everything you do
But you can’t see that and girl I like that
I-I-I, I like that
I-I-I, I like that


         My Pov   I just moved into this house, the house itself was boring and creepy.  "GWEN" yelled my mom. "yes" i answered

" go play outside"

"MOM, girls my age don't play they hang out"

"fine just go."

I might as well look presentable i thought to myself

this is my hair 

This is my make up

that is my outfit

these are my shoes 

I grabbed my phone and headed out

as i was walking a boy around my age hit me with a football. ouch. i fell.  

He came running to me saying he was sorry 

me being the brat i was said it was fine and then i stormed off

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