My prince charming

this is a story about Miranda Moore who is bullied by her parents who think that it is her fault that her brother died in a car accident but to make it worse she gets bullied by all of her class mates just because of what she looks like , even though she is beautiful. but will her prince charming save her or will he just let her go.


2. Well Well Well

 " Ok , so today class we are going to be partnered up in pairs. You and your partner will be writing an essay on one of the lesser known scientific discoveries. Ok , so the pairs will be Noah and Jessica, Timmy and Kelsey, Andrew and Tammy, John and Cassy, and Tyler and Miranda." "What!!!!!!!!!!!!!. We can not be partnered together." "I'm sorry, but Tyler, Miranda if you two do not work on the project you both will lose your scholarships." What I can not lose my scholarship. I finally get to move from this dump in Denver 1,778 miles away to New York City for my writing scholarship.

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