Meeting Them (ninja world and love story)

This is about A girl that had enough of her life and runs away then she passes out in a shrine/temple and awakes to her that she is in her favorite manga naruto


1. Chapter-1

Chapter 1


Hi my name is Amanda Lynn and I live with my mom and she kicked my dad out. Then she remarried a drunk and he made my mom become one too. On day when I was reading my Naruto manga and I was at the part where they defeated Zoboza and Haku when my mom called/ yelled to me.

Mom- “AMANDA!!! Get yo azz down here right now.”

Me- “be right there!”

I got out of bed and got changed into:, and headed down stairs. When I got down to the kitchen mother looked anger and more ugly from the drinking.

Mom- “I called you 10 minutes ago!! What were you doing?”

Me- “Like you care and I had to get dressed if I didn’t you would have yelled at me.”

Dad- “Watch what you say or else.”

Me- “Or what you aren’t my dad so you can’t tell me what to do.”

Mom- “But I am your mother and I can tell you what to do. NOW go to yo room!!!”

I run to my room and pack:,,,, and I go down stairs and see my mom before I leave I shout.

Me- “By the way my mother died long ago when she remarried.”

And I left the house and run and I kept running till I see a shrine. When I stopped at the shrine I walked in and the path lighted up so I held my bag closer to my chest. I walked a little more closer and see fox statues and still walked foreword and then I got to the front of the temple and it opened. I looked back and there was nothing there so I walked foreword, like hell I’ll go back to my mom and drunker. When I entered it looked like I was inside of the nine tails. I walked further until I fell into darkness.

??- “Hey Kakashi sensei there is a girl lying down that looks unconscious what should we do.”

??- “Oh and look a bag next to her.”

??- “Lets’ take her to the hospital then ask her questions when she wakes up.”

I feel my body be lifted up and then I fell unconscious.



When I awake I can’t open them because they feel heavy so I leave them shut for a minute. I start to smell food so I got out of bed and looked for my glasses but it was nowhere. I open my eyes a little and see a blurry person in front of me, so I squint and move closer to look at it.

??- “Hey hey hey back up… wait can you see?”

I shake me head and then I feel someone put what feels like me glasses in my hand and I put them on and see so much clearly now.

Me- “Whoa I can see so much better… Who are you?”

??- “Well I’m the person that found you and I can’t give a name till my sensei comes.”

I look more closely at him and I see that it is…

Me- “OH MY GOD!!!”

??- “What's wrong.”

Me- “Oh sorry for yelling it is I know who you are ha ha.”

??- “Really??? Fine if you do prove it.”

Me- “Well your name is Naruto Uzumaki. You love to eat at Ichiraku Ramen. Umm you have this power that people don’t like you for. Shall I continue?”

Naruto- “How do you know that?”

I start to tell him everything but got interrupted by a knock at the door and three more people walk in.

Me- “Oh yea do you know where my bag is?”

He nodded and went to the closet and pulled it out and gave it to me. I open it and pull out my sweatshirt, hat, and necklace and put it on. I grab my shoes and put them on.

Me- “So I heard that you have questions for me and was wondering why I was pasted out in the middle of the ground?”

??- “yes please tell me everything you know and my name is…”

Me- “Kakashi Hatake son of the white fang, captain of team 7 and love to read make out paradise.”

Kakashi- “how do you know that and the other two are Sakura and Sasuke.”

Hey I was about to tell Naruto and you interrupted me sheesh. Any way I start to tell them everything to what I remember. They said they could find a way back for me but I say no.

Sakura- “Why don’t you want to go back? Won't your parents miss you?”

Me- “They probably don’t know I am gone and plus when my mom kicked me real dad out and remarried a drunk. The drunk turned her into a drunk and if I don’t do what they say they beat me. So today I had enough and said that the drunk wasn’t me real father and me mom goes and says that she is her real mother. And the last thing I know is yelling at her saying my mother died when she remarried and ran out of the house and then woke up here.”

Naruto was crying Wow!! Sasuke had no emotion and Sakura was thinking, probably about Sasuke thou. When we finished Naruto and Kakashi took me to the 3rd Hokage. When we left the hokage gave Naruto responsibility of me while I am here and can earn money for my own home.

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