Three Little Words

She moved away from it all, her family, her friends, and her boyfriend. All love is gone, so she thinks. Three words that you will never hear from her mouth is “I Love You”. Will all that change when she meets a certain boy? (The story is written better than the description)


2. Chapter 2~ The Crows

That dream played in repeat in my mind throughout the school day. Every time I see Aiden I cringe but I remind myself after that it was a dream and nothing more, right?

As I walked to my locker I noticed Aiden and the other one at theirs, down a few from mine. I kept my eyes glued to the locker, avoiding him. I did my combination and quickly grabbed all of the things I would need for the rest of the day, backpack, keys, and Two text books. I slammed my locker shut, too loud for my liking so I hurried down the hallway.

“Kitten! Kitten wait up!”. Of course. I kept my head down and weaved my way through the crowd of people, there’s no way he cou-.

“Hey!” I yelled loudly. Someone pushed me into the coaches office, When they removed their hand from my eyes I got a good look at who it was.

“I was calling for you Kitten. I know you heard me.” Aiden placed me on top of the coaches desk and placed each hand on either side of my legs. I gulped nervously, was he going to rape me?

“What do you want Aiden?”. I avoided all eye contact and focused on my pink hand instead.

“I wanted to talk with you, alone.” He placed his hand on my upper thigh. I believe my leg went numb where his hand was for some reason. “I want you Kitten, very badly. And I know you want me too, but who doesn’t?” My eyes met his for a quick moment, his were filled with cockyness, mine filled with nervousness. He brought his lips to my ear and spoke again, “Now when I call you Kitten you better turn on those pretty little feet and come running.” His minty breath fanned my neck as he spoke, sending chills down my spine. “You got it?” He brought his face to mine, only inches away. I nodded slowly. “Good, see you around Kitten.” He winked at me before leaving me alone in the room.

I kind of wish he would turn back around and come back. No! What in the world am I thinking?! He could’ve raped me!

But he didn’t. Maybe he’s different.

But what if he isn’t? What if he’s just like the rest of them?

You just have to find out then huh Kitten?

I shook the thought out of my head, I’m sure he’s just like the rest of them. I don’t think anyone could compare to the way me and Cole were, close. I almost let those three words out of my mouth, but we moved.

Kitten you should get out of there.

I looked around, right I was still in the coaches office. I slid off of the desk and went out of the room like nothing happened. Luckily nobody was in the hallway and it was lunch time. I ran to the lunchroom, I surely didn’t need Lydia to ask me 100 questions on where I was.

When I opened the doors to the cafeteria all eyes were on me, and it got silent, very silent. The only table that was still continuing their conversation was Stiles and Scott. I couldn’t seem to find Lydia anywhere so I just sat with Scott and his friend.

“Oh hey Dakota” Being a gentlemen Stiles pulled a chair out for me to sit.

“Hey guys, whats up?”. Scott looked up at me with a smile on his face.

“Allisons coming back tomorrow.” He continued to eat his sandwich thing. “I missed her like crazy”.

“You’ll have to introduce me to her then”. I noticed Stiles didn’t have a lunch in front of him so I gave him a piece of my sandwich. “Do we have a free period after lunch?”. Stiles answered first, yes. “Why don’t we do something fun then? Like play videogames or something?”. Stiles engulfed me into a hug.

“I. Love. You” I laughed as he released me. “My house, Call of Duty.”. And evil smile appeared on my face, I’m the master of that game.

“I hope you like to loose” I said quietly. Scott chuckled a bit. I took the last bite out of my sandwich and got up to throw it away. “Meet me at my car, Stiles doesn’t look that safe.”. I heard laughter behind me.

“It’s perfectly not safe!” Stiles yelled after me.

When I reached the trash bins I felt something grip my arm. The person pulled me to his chest, very muscular might I add.

“What do you think you’re doing Kitten?” Aiden’s husky voice filled my ears. It sent chills down my spine.

“Throwing away my trash?” I pulled out of his grasp and dropped my wrapper in the bin.

“No with those losers” He grabbed me by my waist and started walking me to the parking lot.

“First up, there not losers. And second, you’re not my father.” I continued to walk with him to my car, Stiles and Scott were waiting patiently by it.

“Don’t be feisty Kitten.” He pressed his lips to my ear. “It makes me want you even more”. And with that he released me. Why didn’t I just shutter at that sentence? Okay this is weird.

I quickly joined up with Stiles and Scott.

“What did he want?” Stiles questioned once we were driving away from the school. “Did he hurt you?!” He pushed his head in between the passenger’s and drivers seat.

“No he just asked about the homework,” I lied. Why was I lying?

Stiles sneered. “That’s why his hands were all over you right?”. Scott then placed his hand on Stiles’ face and pushed him backwards, making him fall back into his seat. I smiled at Scott as a thank you. Theres no reason why Stiles needs to know what happened.


“I beat you AGAIN Stilinski!” I started doing a victory dance in the middle of the living room.

“Yeah whatever.” Stiles tossed the controller down at my feet.

“Do it.” Me and Stiles had made a bet earlier, whoever won this round would have to get on their hands and knees and say ‘ I praise you great lord’ and kiss their shoes.

“No. I don’t want to” Stiles laid back on his bean bag chair and crossed his arms behind his head. “Make me.” I took that chance and used my best puppy dog face, nobody can resist that usually. He gave in a few minutes after. “Fine” He mumbled, getting down on his hands and knees. “I Praise you great gamer lord person thing” He brought his lips down to my shoes and kissed them quickly. “Ugh tastes like dirt”.

Me and Scott both laughed hysterically as Stiles attempted to wipe his tongue off.

“W-We ha-have to g-get ba-back to sc-scool” Scott said inbetween all of the laughs. I nodded agreeing. Me and Scott followed behind a sulky Stiles all the way to the car.

“Ha Ha, very funny” Stiles said sarcastically whilst climbing in the back. This made me and Scott laugh even harder.


We were sitting in english taking down some notes, then all of a sudden a crow flies into the window. All of us watched as our teacher inspected the window.

“Oh my god! Everyone get down!” Before I even know what’s going on someone grabs me and wraps themselves around me. Smack! Smack! Smack! What in the world? I try to look around the person that has me but its no use. Smash! I hear the familiar sound of glass shattering and wings flapping. Everyone is screaming and panaking on the floor. I manage to see crows attacking  some of my classmates. A scream makes its way out of my throat but its muffled due to the person holding me so close to their body. Intoxicating scents fill my nose, first one is amazing cologne. The second, blood..

The sound of the crows screams of pain die down to almost nothing. The person lets me go when its safe i’m assuming.

“Couldn’t risk you getting hurt Kitten” For once his eyes are filled with worry and his lips are in a straight line.

“Thank you” I’m in another hug before I know it, and I actually hug back this time.

“Is everyone alright?” The teachers voice makes us pull away from our hug, damn you teacher. “Paramedics are on their way.”.

“Dakota are you okay?!” Stiles’ voice is the only one filling the classroom up.

“I’m fine Stiles.” He holds out a hand for me to take which I gladly do. “That was extremely weird. It was like they were, possessed almost” I say once Lydia joins up with us.

We drop all conversation as we make our way down the hall.

“We need to find Scott. Have you seen Scott?” Stiles ask a random guy on our way down. “Hey Isaac! Have you seen Scott anywhere?” He asks as we approach a tall boy with wavy hair and piercing blue eyes.

“No, but who’s this?” He nodds his head to me.

“That’s Dakota but hav-” Stiles starts but gets cut off by the guy.

“Pretty name. For a pretty girl” He gives a small smile. I’m sure I blushed and smiled back. “But no. I haven’t seen Scott.” Stiles nods and runs down the hall to catch someone else. Me and Lydia walk slowly behind him.

“We have shopping to do! We should go right after sch-” She stops mid- sentence. I look to see what’s wrong with her. A huge grin appears on her face. “I believe Jackson want’s me. I’ll meet you at your car Dakota”. She smooths out her skirt and begins walking gracefully across the hall and into Jacksons arms. I sigh sadly, boy do I miss that.

What about Aiden?

Like that’s possible. I chuckle at myself as I walk to my car, school has been let out earlier than usual due to the ‘incident’ a few minutes ago. As I make my way to my car I search around the parking lot in search for, well Aiden. He’s perched against his motorcycle across from his brother who I still have lacked to find out his name. I walk past them slyly, hoping I go unnoticed. Once I’m past them I make a run for my car. In one swift motion I unlock the door, get in, and start the engine. I roll my window down and drive by them again.

“Nice wheels!” One calls out. Did they notice me? I guess not. I’m somewhat upset and somewhat happy. I notice Lydia standing infront of the building probably searching for me. I pull up next to her and she gets in with a dazed look on her face.

“Put this in the trunk would ya?” She tosses her bag at me. I groan and pop the trunk open. I try to move quickly, almost tripping over the sidewalk.

“Kitten is that you?!”. Oh boy, just what I needed. The sound of motorcycles fill my ears, then come to a stop right behind me. “It is.” I’m grabbed from the waist and pulled closer. “Hot car, with a hot girl to match”. I feel my cheeks light up like a red stoplight.

“Look I need to leave. So” I pull his arms off of me and walk to the ajar door.

“Woah, were’s the fire Kitten?” Aiden grabs my wrist and turns me to face him again.

“I’m going shopping for a party Lydia’s having” I pull my arm away and attempt to get into the car again.

“Pick out something hot for me.” I roll my eyes and get back into the car. I look at Lydia who still has that dazed look on her face.

“What?” She asked when she realized I was staring at her. I shook my head and laughed whilst I continued driving.


“Those bike’s have been following us for a while now” Lydia pointed out. I looked in my mirror, there was two bikes following us. Wait, oh my gosh.

“It’s Aiden and whatever that other kids name is”. We approaced a red light, which I was forced to stop at. The two bikes pulled next to us.

“His names Ethan I believe.” I tried to keep my eyes on the stoplight. Please turn green, please turn green. “There getting off their bikes.” Lydia whispered nervously.

I watched the light praying it would turn green.

“Go!” Lydia yelled. Once hearing that I dropped my foot on the gas, I would’ve waited but I  didn’t feel up to it and besides he’d probably bother me tomorrow at school. I sighed as I watched them shrink in the mirror. By the look on Aiden’s face, i’d definitely be hearing it.


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