Three Little Words

She moved away from it all, her family, her friends, and her boyfriend. All love is gone, so she thinks. Three words that you will never hear from her mouth is “I Love You”. Will all that change when she meets a certain boy? (The story is written better than the description)


1. Chapter 1~ Welcome To The Hills

I-I still can’t believe we moved. Away from family, away from my friends, away from Cole. Another sob managed to squeeze it’s way out of my throat. All for what? A stupid spot on the Police squad! Dad could’ve been a cop back in New Jersey but nooo we had to move all the way down to stupid Beacon Hills. My parents make no sense whatsoever. A small whimper escapes from my mouth, when I look down to my hands a broken picture frame is in it. Glass ripped through my right hand, blood trickled down and onto the cold hardwood floor. Embracing the pain was all I wanted to do, well could do really.

“Dakota I was thi-” My mom bursted into my room. When I looked up her hand was covering  her mouth. “What are you doing!” She rushed to me and wrenched the picture frame out of my hand. She gasped when more blood spurted out of my hand. “Were going to the hospital”. She sounded as if tears would pour out of her eyes at any given minute. Grabbing onto my arm she dragged me outside to her car. I opened up the door with my good hand and got in. In a flash we were at the hospital, mom speeding?

“I need help! My daughters hand is bleeding and I-I” She broke down in tears in front of a nurse.

“Were going to help, no need to cry honey” The lady rubbed circles onto my moms back for a moment then turned to face me. “Sweety please come with me.” My mom went to go along as well. “Alone please”. My mom stopped in her tracks, frozen. The lady waited up until my mom had taken a seat in one of the worn old chairs, then she led me into a room with one of those bed things and a normal chair. “Honey care to explain?”. I examined my hand as she wrapped it up in some kind of pink wrapping.

“My picture frame broke and I was just cleaning it up”. She raised an eyebrow at me. “Okay, I squeezed on the frame a bit and it just broke in my hand.”. A warm smile appeared  on her face.

“I see. I’m Melissa, Scott’s mother” She held out a hand for me to shake. Who is Scott?

“I’m sorry, I just moved here today.”. I watched as she smacked her forehead.

“That’s why i’ve never seen you around before.” I smiled nervously, is this women crazy?

Another person barged into the room, and another.

“Scott? What are you doing here?” The nurse, Melissa ran and whispered in her son’s ear. Rather loud might I add. “And you too Stiles”. What’s a Stiles?

“We ca-came to well, we can wait until you’re done.” Both of the guy’s eyes were trained on me. Did I have something on my face? “Who’s she?” Scott nodded in my direction. I rolled my eyes. Seriously?

“Dakota Valleta”. I answered for her mom.

“Hey that’s the new girl, she’s pretty cu-” He stopped when the other two gave him glares. “Pretty conveniently here!”. Nice save. Scott and Melissa gave him a ‘really look’.

Melissa turned back to face me. “This is my son Scott. And his friend Stiles.”. I smiled rather small. “And you are free to go.” I said a small thanks and walked by the boys. I could feel them staring after me. A little uncomfortable and weird but I wasn’t going to stop them.

My mom was waiting impatiently in the hospital chair chewing her nails off. She sprang out of her chair and ran to me, like a crazy person.

“Oh my gosh I’m so happy your okay” She took me into a hug then pulled back, still holding onto my two hands. “Lets go home, Dads probably waiting for dinner.” She released me and started for the exit, digging for the keys on the way. I rolled my eyes and followed after her, gosh how can you misplace keys in twenty minutes?


Mom had laid out my outfit on top of my dresser. Lucky me my mom still thinks she’s going to dress me. I got out of bed and to my dresser. I grabbed each piece of clothing and inspected it. No. I threw the shirt across the room. Another no. The pants landed next to it in a heap. My mother is no fashion expert. I dug into my dresser for clothes, the one thing I actually managed to unpack before my hand got like, well this.

I felt like dressing a bit lame even though it was my first day. As I walked past my large mirror, currently resting on the ground I admired my lazy choosing in clothes. Pink pull over sweatshirt with the Victoria's secret logo, grey uggs, shorts, and a leopard printed Iphone case. But I decided to do my hair nice at least. My hair is naturally curly so I decided to do a waterfall braid in it. Smiling at myself, I grabbed my keys off of the floor where I had thrown them the night before.

I grabbed a granola bar off of the table and went into the garage, unwrapping it in the process.

“My baby!” I couldn’t help but greet my car, I hadn’t seen it since I left Jersey for California. It was a I ran my hand across the hood of the car, then to the drivers door. I opened it up and got inside. Greeting me was my scooby-doo plush backpack and the familiar scent of my Midsummers Night air freshener. I started up the car, opened up the garage door, and backed out onto the street.

When I pulled into the schools parking lot I searched for Scott and that Stiles kid. People were staring in my direction, some even taking pictures. I smiled to myself, its my car I bet. I took a sharp turn into a space, put it into park, and took out the keys. I took a deep breath and swung my backpack over my shoulders. I opened up the door and stepped out. People were staring at me, well girls glaring and boys drooling? A smile crept up on my face as I made way into the school.

“Hi i’m Lydia, and you are?” A strawberry blonde was standing in front of me, extending her hand.

“I’m Dakota Valleta.” I said gripping onto her hand. She exposed her pearly whites causing me to do the same.

“Oh what class do you have first?” She pulled my schedule out of my hand and read it carefully. “Trigonometry huh? I can take you there. C’mon”. She led me by my arm, weaving in and out of the crowds. Finally we stepped into a classroom filled with students and a teacher, well teaching. “This is Dakota, my new best friend”. She smiled at me, then released my arm and went to take a seat next to some guy.

“Welcome, just take a seat next to” The teacher searched until she landed her eyes on somebody. “Aiden”. She made the guy raise his hand so I would know where to go. I made a beeline straight for the desk next to his so people would stop staring at me with weird looks on their faces.

Halfway through class I felt eyes trained on me. I peeked out of the corner of my eye. That Aiden kid was watching me, with a very stupid smirk might I add. Was there something on my face? Did I do something wrong? A-am I drooling? I carefully put the pencil down in my writing hand only considering my right was all screwed up. I brushed my hand against each of my cheeks, nothing. Picking back up my pencil I continued to finish the worksheet. Then it dawned on me, he was probably copying my work! I narrowed my eyes and looked at his worksheet, absolutely nothing was filled out. I shook my head and continued on my own work. Doesn’t he know this is due before the class ends?

----Skipping to lunch

Lydia had asked if I would sit with her at lunch. Obviously I agreed because there was nowhere else to sit and there was some cute boys sitting at her table.

“Dakota, this is my boyfriend Jackson.” Lydia was introducing me to somebody, but I didn’t care really. I know it sounds rude and all but I was busy trying to figure out what that Aiden kid was all about. “Earth to Dakota”. Lydia was waving her hand infront of my face.

“Yeah?” My eyes snapped back to Lydia. Aiden had caught me staring and smirked.

“This is Jackson” She made us shake hands, who shakes hands anymore? Then she started talking about god knows what. “Yeah but I was thinking that we should have a sleepover on Friday, after my party.” I nodded in agreement. “Here, gimmie your phone.” She held out her hand. My phone was in my sweatshirt pocket, I dug it out and handed it to her. “I love your phone case!” She exclaimed. I bit into my apple and watched Lydia. “Well there you go.” She handed back my phone, I slid it back into my pocket and continued eating. Lydia was going on and on about how her friend Allison went on vacation and she was positive I would love her. “Why is Aiden staring at you?”. That sentence got my attention.

“He’s looking over here?” I whispered back. She nodded and smiled, probably glad to get a sentence out of me. I looked up and back down quickly. “He so is. But what’s up with that dumb smirk?”. Lydia shrugged.

“It suits him.” And with that she strutted out of the cafeteria, leaving me alone with a table full of guys. I sighed and sunk deeper into my chair. I went unnoticed for the rest of lunch.

-----End of Day

When that last bell rang I was out of there in a heartbeat. I walked to my car without looking up. My body came in contact with someone tall and muscular.

“Oh i’m sorry I should’ve been paying attention and-” The words stopped coming out of my mouth freely when I actually saw who the person was. Aiden, with that same dumb smirk on his face.

“It’s alright kitten, you didn’t mean to do it” Kitten? I opened my mouth to deliver a snappy comment but was cut short.

“Aiden it’s about time to head home”. Aiden closed his eyes and slowly looked over to see who had interrupted our conversation.

“One minute” He spoke through gritted teeth. I looked over at the guy who he was speaking to. Another Aiden? The guy nodded walked away. “See you around Kitten.” He winked and jogged off after him. I rolled my eyes and went to my car.

My homework was done in ten minutes tops. Now I sat on my bed waiting for something to do. Why did Aiden call me Kitten. He knows my name is Dakota. And why was he staring at me all day, and why was there two of them?

It’s probably his twin brother you idiot...

Shut up mind, I could have thought of that on my own.

You’re not to swift are ya, Kitten.

I mentally cursed my brain. I laid down and closed my eyes for a moment.

“Oh Kitten” My eyes snapped open and I jumped up. Aiden was standing in the middle of my room without a shirt on. “This won’t hurt a bit”. I watched as claws spurted out of his fingernails and hair in all different places. His eyes changed to red and he had on the same stupid smirk, but evil. I screamed to the top of my lungs, nobody heard or came. “Sh Kitten, it’ll be over before you know it”. He lunged at me, claws first.

I jumped up in bed and looked around. No Aiden and no hairy beast.

“It was just a dream” I sighed hapily and fell backwards on my back again. Before I knew  it I was off to sleep again.


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