Yes it's yours (Harry's kid)

One night stand gone wrong. (I made a sequel, it's called What happened.)


6. Why us?

Olivia's P.o.v

I've lived in the hospital for 3 days and Aiden is getting better. He still can't breathe on his own but his heart is beating the way it should. Harry got a house near the hospital so he wouldn’t have to be away from us. I woke up and Harry was there, he sleeps in the house and then comes to the hospital for the whole day he's so sweet. "Good morning beautiful" he said kissing my forehead. "Good morning curly" I said messing his hair up. The hospital room was Boring there were like 3 things The hospital bed, a chair and a closet. There was of course hospital stuff but nothing special. "Shall we go and see Aiden?" I said still touching his hair. I really hate the fact that Aiden is not healthy and that they had to do a surgery to get him born. Harry picked me up carefully without hurting my wound. He put me in the wheelchair. I still may not walk because my wound needs to heal for the first 5 days. We drove to the elevator and there was a happy couple leaving with their healthy baby. I looked at Harry and he was also looking at their healthy baby. We got out of the elevator one Floor lower and we drove down the hall into the children ICU. When we got there we didn't see Aiden "where is he?" Harry said looking worried. He walked towards a doctor and asked where our little boy was.

Harry's P.o.v

"Excuse me?" I said "Yes" the doctor said "where's Aiden?" I said looking at Olivia who was almost crying afraid of Aiden being taken or dead or something. "He's Having a surgery his heart stopped beating and we had to operate him to make his heart beat again" the doctor said. "And why didn't we know that?" I said almost starting to cry. "Because this happened like 5 minutes ago and I was about to go and tell You but then You came" The doctor said. "When will he be out of surgery?" I said wiping my years away. "I can't tell but I'll go and ask the surgeon." She said and walked away. I went to Olivia who's crying now I hugged her and said "He's in surgery, his heart stopped and they are making sure this won't happen again". She looked me in the eyes and said " what If he doesn't get better and keeps dying all the time". I kissed her forehead and said "he'll be fine this is the last surgery I promise." I know I should not promise things like that but it seemed like the right thing to do. We went back upstairs and got into her bed. We just laid there together for 3 hours. A doctor walked in "I have something really great to tell you" After that another doctor walked in with a crib without any machines and in the crib was Aiden!!! I saw Olivia looking at Aiden so happy. "You can pick him up and stuff but he needs a lot of sleep and is still very sick. His heart is beating well and as You can see he is breathing on his own. His wound is very fresh so You should be careful If You pick him up. Also we will be coming every hour to check him and to give him meds.

Olivia's P.O.V

I'm so happy Aiden is finally out of the ICU and he's breathing on his own. A minute ago I was thinking about me Having to stay in the Netherlands and Harry going to Australia. In a week Harry and the boys will be going on with their tour. "Can I hold him now" I asked almost begging. "Yes, here he is" she handed Aiden over to me and he was so beautiful with his curls.

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