Yes it's yours (Harry's kid)

One night stand gone wrong. (I made a sequel, it's called What happened.)


5. The baby's coming

3 months later (Olivia's P.O.V)

We are now in the Netherlands Amsterdam. Me and Harry were walking in the mall when we saw a cute baby store. It was called prénatal we looked for baby clothes, a thing we could put in front of an adult bed so the baby wouldn’t fall in the tourbus, diapers, a few bottles, a strowler and Much more baby stuff. I was now 8 months and 3 weeks pregnant so I'm almost ready to deliver. We went back to the tour bus and put the baby clothes, a few diapers and a bottle in a suitcase. When I'm ready to have the baby we have everything ready so we can go right away. We sat down in the tour bus and Harry laid his hand on my belly and we both felt him move. "What Should we call him?" I said. "Sweetheart then he'll have to be sweet!!" Zayn said spotting. "What do You think of John?" Harry said serious. "Seriously!?" I said. "Well If You really don't like that one we can call him Aiden" he whispered in my ear. I nodded and then Liam said "so you are not telling us what his name will be?". "Yes that's right" Harry said. The boys went into the arena and got their hair done. I put a chair backstage where I could look on stage. That way I watched the show. When the show was almost done I felt so much pain. I thought I'm waiting until they finish the concert and then I'll tell Harry and we'll go to the hospital. When they finished better than words I told Harry I was Having contractions. He said "follow me". I followed him and we went into the tour bus to get the suitcase. After that we went into his car and we drove to the nearest hospital. "Hallo, kan ik u helpen?" The lady at the reception said. "Do You speak English?" Harry said holding my hand. "Yes of course" she said. "My girlfriend is Having contractions can she deliver here?" Harry said. "Yes, You need to walk up the stairs on your left and the people there will help You". "OK thank You" Harry said and we went there. There was no one behind the desk so Harry said "hello? My girlfriend is Having contractions". Then a women walked to the desk and sat down on a chair. "Can I have your id please?" I grabbed my wallet and got my id. "Thank you. Lidianne kan jij hen even een kamer geven?" Then a girl walked towards us "hello I'm Lidianne and I'll bring You to your room". When we got there my water broke. "Eeeh Harry can You go and get Lidianne?" I said trying not to blush. It felt like I peed my pants. "Here she is" Harry said. "My water broke can I take a shower somewhere?" I asked. "Yes right here. Can You put this on after the shower? And please just wash off. The doctor will be measuring your dilation". I asked Harry to help me in the shower so he helped me undress and put the shower on. When I was in the shower I had another contraction and it hurt so much I grabbed Harry's hand and he just kissed my hand. It made me feel like I wasn't alone in this and he was helping me. When the contraction stopped I got out of the shower I dried myself and put the doctor dress on. I went to lay on my bed and Harry sat down next to me. Then 2 doctors came in and one said "Hello I'm Marieke and I'm going to measure your dilation and get an ultrasound". I nodded and did what she said. "Zo nu al 7 cm ontsluiting" she said looking at the other doctor. "You already have 7 cm dilation you’re going fast". She said and she left. "You all right?" Harry said. "Yeah it just hurts but it's oke". 5 minutes later Marieke came in with an ultrasound machine. I lifted up my shirt and Harry put a blanket over my privet part. "Thanks” I said to Harry. "This is going to be cold" she said as she put slimy stuff on my belly. Then our little boy Popped up the screen. "His heartbeat is a little fast so we'll keep an eye on him. If it does not slow down we'll have to get him with a C-section". Me and Harry started to get a little worried and he got a doctor. "I'm sorry but I want to know what could happen when his heartbeat goes to fast" he said looking worried. "Well he could have a heart beating disorder or he could have a fever but we can fix that so don't worry". The doctor said. When he walked away he said "Aren't You the guy from one direction? I saw You hanging on my daughters wall with 4 other guys. She went to see You this night". "Yes thats right, You know what If You make sure my little boy will be fine your daughter can meet me". "Deal" he shoke Harry's hand walked away. "You're such a good dealmaker" I laughed. Then Marieke walked in and she didn't look happy. "I'll be Having a C-section right?" I figured. "Yes Lidianne will prepare You for the surgery and Edward will be doing the surgery". As Lidianne prepped me I asked "Will it hurt?". "No you'll have an epidural but that does hurt". Harry rubbed my back and I felt safe. When we arrived at the operating room I saw a little crib standing where our little boy will be lying in. They wanted to put a screen between me and my belly but I wanted to watch. Me and Harry looked how our little boy Aiden was born but as Soon as he was born they put him in a crib and runned away. Harry kissed my forehead and followed the doctors as I was still being stitched.

Harry's P.O.V

Aiden was so beautiful he had curls like me but Olivia's beautiful blue eyes And his little nose was so adorable. I wish I could hold him but he can't breathe on his own and I could tell his heartbeat was not good looking at the doctor with the stethoscope. The doctor With the stethoscope told me Aiden had a heart beating disorder and he'll fix that with a surgery. "I'll do the best I can" he said. I touched my little boys fingers and I went to Olivia "he's so beautiful but he has a heart beating disorder so they'll operate him and he'll be fine". "Harry, a open heart surgery on such a little baby isn't nothing it Goes wrong all the time. I saw baby's like him die before and I don't want him to die". This was the moment I started to cry. When we got back to the hospital room all of the boys were there. The doctors put Olivia's bed with Olivia in it in the right place where it stood before. "Hey guys, Aiden is in surgery and this wil probably take about 6 hours. He has a heart beating disorder and the doctors are making his heart beat the way it should" I said trying not to cry. "He'll be fine bud" Liam said and we all had a group hug. I looked at my phone and it was already 4:55. "I understand You guys want to stay but Olivia needs to sleep You guys can sleep in the waiting room and Harry for You there's a bed under this bed where You can sleep in "The doctor said. The boys went to the waiting room and I slept on the ground bed. I wanted to sleep with her in the hospital bed but the doctor told me not to.

Olivia's P.O.V

I woke up to a beeping sound. It was my heartbeat I looked around and saw Harry sleeping on a mattress on the floor. I grabbed my phone and looked at the time it was already 12:00 I pushed a button and a doctor came running in the room. I woke Harry and asked how Aiden was. "How's Aiden did he make it?" The doctor looked at the ground and said "we did everything we could but his heart wouldn’t beat right, an hour after the surgery he died". I screamed and felt a hand on my shoulder saying "what's wrong beautiful". I woke up AMD started hyperventilating. Doctors came running in and they helped me breath the way I Should. "I dreamed Aiden was dead" I said crying. "His surgery went perfect he's all right You can go see him on intensive care. His heart beats good". Harry went to het the boys and a wheelchair. He helped me in the wheelchair and we followed the doctor to the children ICU. Niall held my heart machine and there he was our beautiful boy Aiden. I got to held him and he was perfect with his beautiful curly hair and blue eyes. I got to feed him and then Harry held his son he looked so happy kissed him on his forehead and put him in the crib.


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