Yes it's yours (Harry's kid)

One night stand gone wrong. (I made a sequel, it's called What happened.)


14. Taking Aiden to the interview

Olivia's pov:
I knocked the door 3 times when a security guard opened the door. "Good afternoon sir, can I come inside?" I asked. "No who do you think you are, do you want to see the 1D boys?" He said looking mad. "Yes I'm Harry's girlfriend can I come in?". He looked angry, yelled "No" and slammed the door in my face. I grabbed my iPhone and texted Harry.
Me: Heey hot stuff they won't let me in can you tell them I am really your girlfriend?
I picked Aiden up out of the stroller and hugged him. Harry opened the door. "Hello, do I know you?" I smiled and gave Aiden to him. I got the stroller and walked inside. It was a studio with all the boys sitting on a bench. It looked pretty strange, a boring room with cameras and on the other side there was a decorated room with the boys sitting on a bench and a lady (Vanessa) getting her make up done. "Are the people watching commercial break?" I asked Harry. "Yeah we're on in 2 minutes." He said playing with Aiden's fingers. Then the lady came walking towards us. "Is that your kid?" She said pointing at Aiden. "Yeah, he's pretty isn't he?" Harry said. "Do you want to show him in the interview?" The lady said. Harry said "If his mother's ok with it I'll do it". I nodded and the producer started counting "10 9 8 7". Harry walked on stage with Aiden and sat down on the couch. The lady also sat down on the couch and then they're live.
Harry's pov
I sat down next to Liam and we were live. "So Harry what an adorable baby you have there. It's yours right?" Vanessa said. "That's right his name is Aiden". I said. " how old is he now?" She asked. "He's 3 weeks now." I said getting his curled out of his face. "He's pretty young to be on a tour with you guys don't you think?" She stated. "No I don't think so he goes to bed on time and the rest of the day he is in his stroller or with his mommy so he gets everything he needs he even gets breast feeding." She nodded and the interview continued as Auden fell asleep. About 10 minutes later he woke up and began to cry right when Niall was telling a great story. "Excuse me" I said, walked towards Olivia and gave Aiden who already stopped crying to her. 10 minutes later the interview ended and we would go sing in front of the girls who showed up. We stood up and walked towards Olivia who was walking circles with Aiden in the stroller. "We're going to give a show now do you want to come or are you going to the stadium?" Olivia said "I really want to come but so much sound isn't good for Aiden." Then Louis said "Can't you leave him here and then we'll pick him up after the concert." Liam said "who's watching him then?" Then Vanessa came walking towards us and said "I can watch him I'm doing the background talking anyways, then I can just talk about how cute he is." Olivia said " I think it's ok but do you know how to change a diaper? If you can it's ok". Olivia picked Aiden up and walked to the bathroom I think to feed him. 5 minutes later she returned and said " I fed him, here's the diaper bag and clean clothes are in it to if there's something wrong call this number." Se gave her the baby bag and a peace of paper with her phone number on it. She put Aiden in the stroller after kissing him on his forehead.
Olivia's pov
I sure hope I won't regret letting her watch Aiden. "You're on stage in 10 minutes boys!" The producer said pointing to the door Which leads to the stage. The boys walked towards the door and I followed them. They sang what makes you beautiful, kiss you and best song ever. After their amazing performance they went offstage and we got Aiden. He was sleeping and Vanessa was playing flappy bird. "Hi did you have a good time with Aiden?" I asked "No he didn't say anything he just kept sleeping" she said winking. I put the baby bag over my shoulder and walked out with the boys. The bus was parked right in front of the door I got the maxi-cosy off the stroller and Harry put it in the back of the bus. I put Aiden in the bus and sat down next to him. All the boys sat in the bus and we drove to the stadium. We arrived at the stadium round 4 and the boys went to practice for the concert and I gave Aiden food. We ate and went to bed when the concert started.


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