Yes it's yours (Harry's kid)

One night stand gone wrong. (I made a sequel, it's called What happened.)


10. on the plane

On the plane(Harry's pov)

We walked into the plane and people already were staring at us. I didn't know If it was because we are with a baby or because We've been on the news and me being in one direction. Aiden was in the Maxi cosy and I put him with maxi cosi in the plane Seat and put on his seatbelt. Olivia sat down on the other Side of me and she was checking het Facebook. I grabbed my phone and tweeted:

Just got on the plane to Australia for the rest of the tour. Brought my little boy with me. I made a picture of Aiden and put the picture in the tweet.

"Soo and tweet!" I said making Olivia wonder what I've tweeted. She didn't ask she just went to twitter and saw what I tweeted. I just went looking at my tweets when I saw this tweet:

Harryslove @Oliviablack

On the plane with my Bud. And underneath was a picture of me looking bored at my phone with Aiden on the background.

I poked her in her Side "What a lovely picture You Tweeted there." "I know" she said kissing me. We kissed for 3 minutes when she Pulled away. She was Sitting on my lap Watching to the people in front of us. I saw one person Taking pictures and the other looking at is interested. "Can You please delete those pictures?" I asked nicely. "Don't speak English". She said. I took the phone and deleted the pictures and then gave it back. "Thank You" I said looking seriously annoyed into her eyes. She turned around and I just started kissing Olivia again. After an hour we both got tired and went to sleep. Aiden was sleeping the whole time. We woke up to Aiden crying and so did the rest of the plane. Everybody looked at us like they wanted to kill Aiden. I picked Aiden up smelling his diaper. Yes this smelled really bad. I put him on my arm and he was still crying. I grabbed the baby bag with diapers and baby wipes. I climbed over Olivia and went to the bathroom. Luckily there was a changing place. I put him down and he still kept crying. I Pulled his clothes of and changed his diaper. He was quiet now so I picked him up and threw the dirty diaper away and got the bag. I went to my place and put Aiden in his Maxi cosy. When I put his seatbelt on he started crying again so I picked him up again. "Ol? I think he's hungry. Can You feed him?" She opened her eyes and said "what here?" Yeah why not everybody's asleep Well… they have their eyes closed." I said giving Aiden to her. She got him out of my arms and started to undress herself. This did not make me feel right. "Here You can feed him underneath this." I said giving her a towel. She put the towel around herself and asked me If I could open her bra so I did. She was now half naked in a plane feeding our kid. This is kind of strange. When he was drinking he was quiet and I really hope this will stay this way. when she was finished Aiden still was quiet. She gave Aiden to me and dressed herself. I wrapped Aiden in the towel and he fell asleep. I had Olivia sleeping into my shoulder and Aiden sleeping on my lap so I couldn’t really sleep but I felt comfortable.



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