Yes it's yours (Harry's kid)

One night stand gone wrong. (I made a sequel, it's called What happened.)


7. Living with Harry again!

The next morning (Olivia's P.O.V)

I woke up to a strange sound. I opened my eyes and looked around me to see where it came from. Then I looked at Aiden's crib, he was crying. I got out of my bed by myself for the first time in a week so that really hurt my wound. I walked up to Aiden. He is so perfect I lifted him up and he started searching round my boob for Milk I guess. I sat down on the bed and gave him food he was so peaceful drinking from my boob which is kind of strange. As I sat there with a baby on my boob Harry walked in "hey, you're a really good mom You know I didn't know You breastfeed" Harry said looking fascinated about Aiden sucking my boob. "Yeah me neither but he was hungry and my boobs were there so why not" I said looking at my beautiful boy. My right boob was empty so I switched him over to the other one. Me and Harry both thought this was really strange I could see it in his eyes. When I was empty I gave Aiden to Harry and he just kept looking at Aiden. I understand Aiden is so pretty. I put my hospital dress over my boobs just on time. The doctor walked in and he said " I've got really good news You get to go live with Harry next to the hospital". "And what about Aiden how long does he have to stay?" I said looking at Aiden's cute little face. "He'll stay for a week, then his wound will be healed a little more and then were sure his heart keeps beating." Me and Harry just nodded. The doctor left and me and Harry started packing my things. I didn't really have a lot of stuff but what I have we packed. Aiden will go to a place with a lot of baby's that are not healthy enough to go home just like him. I got to go outside finally I'm just sad that my little boy isn't there with me to find out where his daddy has Been Living. The house was like a Tiny vacation place. It was all right not too small I'm not going to say not to big because it is not big. There was a little kitchen with living room, a bathroom with a shower and a toilet in it and a bedroom with a bed for 2 people."You're probably hungry and Thirsty so I'm just going to be honest I don't have anything left I ate it all we need to go the store."I really want to go to the store and we could be like tourists." I said while walking outside. "The store is like 2 streets away can You walk or do I have to pick you up?" He said softly poking my back. "No I'm good thank you". When we got the store there were a lot of people and a few girls asked Harry If they could have his autograph. Those girls were not asking about me luckily they probably knew who I was since I was on the news and Harry tweeted about Aiden and me.


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