Yes it's yours (Harry's kid)

One night stand gone wrong. (I made a sequel, it's called What happened.)


15. he's half a year old

~~Olivia's pov (half a year later)
We have lived in my apartment for 3 months. I think we should get a place together. My apartment is in America and Harry's apartment is in London so we need to decide where to buy a apartment. Harry's still sleeping and Aiden is playing with his toys. Playing is a big word he grabs something and then he throws it away. Most of the time he tries to grab it but fails. It's adorable to look at. He always wakes up round seven and he cries a lot at night. Harry walks in and he saw me sitting on the ground. He was wearing only his boxers, sat down next to me and kissed me. Aiden started crying and interrupted our kiss. Harry pulled away, stood up and picked Aiden up. 'Are you hungry little boy?' He sat down on the couch and put Aiden on his lap. He played with Aiden while I went to get a warm bottle with milk. I grabbed the milk from the fridge and put it in a bottle. I put the bottle in the microwave and while the bottle was in the microwave, I made drinks For me and Harry. After I put the drinks on the table I made breakfast (a scrambled egg with sandwiches). Aiden already eats little pots with fruits. They look disgusting but Aiden likes them, I opened a pot and put a spoon in it. I put our breakfast on the table and gave harry the pot with baby food. Harry gave Aiden the food and as always Aiden was completely covered in food. “harry??” I said poking Harry in his belly. “yeah” he said cleaning Aiden’s mouth. “You have a photo shoot in an hour so we have to leave in thirty minutes”. “After breakfast I’ll take a bath with Aiden and then we can leave” he said giving Aiden another bite. I’ll take a bath with you guys all right?” I said walking towards the door. I grabbed the bottle and dripped a little bit of milk on my wrist. It was the right temperature so I went to the living room and gave it to Harry.
He gave Aiden the bottle and we went to the bathroom and had a bath. When I sat down in the bath I asked about moving in to a new house together. “Shall we buy a house together?”. Harry gave Aiden to me and sat down on the other side of the bath. “We have two houses now isn’t that enough” he said sarcastic. I put bath foam in the bath and said “when we buy a house is it going to be in America or in London?”. Harry gave Aiden a toy “Can’t we buy like a house in America and in London.” “but what when he’s five and has to go to school? We can’t let him go to school in two different countries.” Harry nodded and started to think “you have a point there, I think we have a problem”. “What do you mean?” I said washing Aiden. “My family lives in London, your family lives here so I expect you’d like to stay here and I want to live in London.” I stepped out of the bath and said “can’t we like stay here for 5 years and go in the vacation to London, and then we move to London and go here in the vacations”. Harry gave Aiden to me and I wrapped him into a towel. Harry said “we can do that but how are we going to do this, buy like 2 houses and sell this house and my house?’’.
I nodded and dried Aiden off. Harry stepped into the bath, I gave him a towel, put clothes on Aiden and put him on the ground. When we all had our clothes on I made lunch and we stepped into the car. ‘Do you know where the shoot is?’ I asked. ‘No, do you know where it is?’ I grabbed my phone and checked my mail, we had a mail about the shoot. ‘Here it is, Washington street number 30’ Harry searched for the road and put his phone on his lap. Aiden was sitting in the back of the car with his back towards us in his baby chair because that’s more safe. We drove to the shoot and all the boys were there. They took all the photo’s they needed while I played with Aiden.
After the shoot the producer me who I am. ‘Hello young lady who are you’ the director said. ‘I’m Olivia, Harry’s girlfriend’. I said standing up. ‘And who’s the baby if I may ask?’. ‘That’s Aiden, my child’ I said. ‘And I expect Harry is the father’ he said looking at Harry who came walking towards us. ‘That’s right why are you asking all of this?’ I asked. Harry picked Aiden up and came standing next to us. The director started to talk ‘So I thought it would be a great idea if I could do an article about you Aiden and Harry. You guys are a great couple but why have a baby when he’s so successful. How did you guys did it on the tour for example’. I could see in his eyes that Harry didn’t like the idea of it at all. ‘You guys want our fans to know every little detail about our lives. I don’t like the idea at all. I also want my child to have a live as normal as possible and he should not be put in the spotlights at six months old.’ The producer nodded and said ‘I understand but only the story about why did you guys have a baby?’ Harry put Aiden in the stroller and put his toys in our bag. ‘I agree with Harry that’s privet and I know how it works. We say something and you guys twist the words and make it sound like we’re horrible people.’
Harry reached out his hand and I grabbed it, this way we walked outside. The park was next to the studio so we went to the park with the other boys. I sat down on a bench and put Aiden on my lap. Harry grabbed the bag with food and gave me 2 sandwiches and Aiden’s bottle with baby food. ‘Didn’t you guys bring anything for me’ Niall said sitting down next to me. ‘I’m sorry, but you could get some food there at hat hotdog stall’. ‘Can I take Aiden??’ Niall said sticking his hands out towards Aiden. Aiden had his bottle in his hands so I gave the bottle to Niall and handed Aiden over to him. Niall asked the other boys what they wanted and walked to the stall with Aiden. ‘Niall’s so good with kids it’s really adorable’ Liam said. The rest of the boys nodded. When Harry and I finished our food Niall came with four hotdogs. Harry stood up and helped Niall because he wasn’t very handy with all of his hotdogs and a baby in his hands. Harry got Aiden and put him in his stroller. Niall handed out the hotdogs and the boys ate them. When Louis was finished he picked Aiden up out of the stroller and walked towards the slide. He climbed up and put Aiden on his lap. He slid down a few times and the girls in the park were starting to notice who the boys are. ‘Louis!!!’ I yelled. He walked towards us ‘what’s wrong??’ He asked giving Aiden to Zayn. ‘I don’t want you to get mobbed with my baby in your hands’ I said pointing to the girls who were now watching us. Aiden started to cry and Zayn knew exactly what to do he padded his back and smelled his diaper. ‘Harry??, I think you’re kid needs a clean diaper.’ When Harry got Aiden and cleaned his diaper Liam said ‘We need to be in the music awards in like 2 hours so we better get going’.
We walked towards the cars and Niall and Zayn came in our car. Harry drove and I put Aiden in the back seat and sat down next to him. Zayn sat in the front and Niall sat down next to me. It was a 1,5 hour drive, luckily Harry and I had our dress and tucks with us so we didn’t have to pick it up. My dress: 

~~When we arrived there were as usual a lot of girls. We just drove pass them and went into the parking aria of the stadium. When we stopped we got time to get ready and the boys could practise their show. The stadium was huge and there were going to be all kind of famous people. I had been to a show like this before but then they were not going to perform. We just walked into the stadium on the red carpet, so I didn’t see how huge it really was. We had our own dressing room, with ‘we’ I mean one direction, me and Aiden. I changed into the dress and The boys all waited outside. When they came back in they started to change and I didn’t have to leave. I just changed Aiden into his little suit. He looks soooooo adorable. When the show began we first had to get into a limo that drove us to the entrance. Harry held Aiden and all people made pictures it was terrible everybody was yelling either Harry, Liam, Niall, Louis or Zayn. Aiden didn’t like it too, he started to cry. Harry gave him to me and I walked inside. ‘Hello who are you and who are you with?’ the lady at the entrance said. ‘I’m Olivia Black and I’m with Aiden and One direction’ she nodded and gave me a pass. On the pass stood ‘seat 1 t/m 6’ I walked to the seats and sat down on seat six because then I’d be sitting next to a famous person. After half an hour the boys came in and Katy Perry sat down next to me. ‘Hello’ she said ‘Is it yours’ looking at Harry. Harry nodded and then she looked at me ‘and you’re the mommy??’. ‘Yes, that’s right’ I said hugging Aiden who was about to fall asleep. ‘Harry? How come it didn’t get to the news that you’ve become a daddy?’ She asked ‘I paid all news programs in England en America 10.000 dollar to not say it when he was born.’ ‘Seriously? How much money do you make?’ Katy said ‘I don’t know exactly and I am not allowed to tell’ Harry said. Then the show began and Aiden fell asleep. After half an hour Harry had to go pee and Aiden needed a new diaper. I gave Harry the baby bag and Harry went to the toilet with Aiden and Niall.
Harry’s pov:
Me and Niall went to the bathroom together so when I was in the bathroom he could watch Aiden. Niall went to the bathroom first and I changed Aiden’s diaper and gave him a bottle. I was still giving the bottle when Niall came out of the bathroom, so I gave Niall Aiden with his bottle. I went into the bathroom but when I came out Niall was gone.
Naill’s pov:
I heard ‘And the winners areeeeee One Direction!!!!’ so I had to go there. It would be so funny if Harry came late again, but I still have Aiden and I cannot go on stage with Aiden in my arms. They’ll think he’s mine. There was a security so I said to him ‘This kid is Harry styles his kid and he comes out of the toilet in like 30 seconds or something so you should give him to Harry Styles.’ I walked to the stage and went onstage.
(Mick)Security’s pov:
I just had a baby being pushed into my hands and it was the kid of Harry styles. I gave him the bottle when my security alarm went off. It said intruder at door 4 so I ran to door four with a baby in my hands. This wasn’t the best idea ever because how am I going to catch a intruder when I have a baby in my hands. I saw a random person and it was a lady so she probably wanted to watch him. ‘Can you please give him to Harry Styles, it’s his kid.’ The lady took him from me and walked away.
Ellen degenerous’s pov:
So I just had a baby being pushed into my hands and the only thing I know is that it’s Harry styles his kid. This is pretty strange I put a blanket on the floor and put baby on the blanket (I’m going to call him baby). He was lying on his back so I think he would just fall asleep so I went to the bathroom. I went to the bathroom and when I came back baby was gone.
Harry’s pov:
Niall is gone and he took Aiden, why would he leave without me? I washed my hands and walked out of the bathroom. Then a security guard came running to me saying I have to get on stage. Not again, I ran upstage seeing Niall without Aiden so I wasn’t very happy as you understand. ‘Where’s Aiden if I may ask’ I said to Niall while Liam was speaking to the crowd. Niall said ‘I gave him to a security guard and he said he’d gave Aiden to you’. I nodded and took the microphone out of Liam’s hands ‘Has anyone seen a little boy who’s 6 months old. He had blue eyes and curly hair. If you find him please bring him upstage.’ Then Ellen from Ellen degenerous came running onstage. ‘He was last seen in my dressing room I’m so sorry’. We walked offstage and Ellen told me what happened. Olivia came running towards us and she was crying. I hugged her and told her everything was going to be all right. 



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