Yes it's yours (Harry's kid)

One night stand gone wrong. (I made a sequel, it's called What happened.)


16. finding Aiden

~~Olivia’s pov:
Harry told me everything was going to be all right. right ‘Everything is going to be all right’ ‘How did you manage it to lose Aiden on the toilet?’ I said crying. ‘I gave him to Niall, Niall gave him to a security guard, the security guard gave him to Ellen. Ellen put him on a blanket, went to the toilet and when she came back he was gone.’ I nodded and thought I’m not getting mad at anyone I just want to find my little boy. ‘If I stay here and look for him, Zayn goes backstage, Louis goes to the dressing rooms, Niall stays around the stage for if Aiden is found by someone else. And Liam and Olivia look in the stadium’ Harry said. We all nodded and went where he said. I stopped crying and decided that we were going to find him anyways. He can’t disappear, which means he’s crawling somewhere. I asked all people have you seen a baby crawling around? Most of them just said sssst. Liam went to the other side of the chairs.
Harry’s pov:
I had lost my own boy and it’s Ellen’s fault. If she just had watched my son properly then we wouldn’t have to look for him. Yeah if and then are easy to say, but they will never happen. I looked under all chairs and asked everybody I saw, but nobody had seen Aiden. I looked around and started to cry.
Bruno Mars’s pov:
I was going to the toilet and I found a little boy! I don’t know how old he is but he was crawling around in his little suit. I picked him up and asked ‘How old are you??’. The only thing he said was ‘eeh babudd mee’. I figured he couldn’t talk. I’m taking him to the show. I can watch the show with a baby in my arms and if someone is missing him it will be said on stage or anything so. I walked to the show and sat down on my chair, I had chair 392 so I wasn’t actually first row or anything. The baby fell asleep, I understand because it’s already 22:00. I wanted to win something, the show was finished round 24:00 so I don’t understand why someone would take a baby to this show. ‘And the winner best male artist issssssss Brunooo Marss!!!’. I won best male artist!! I’m just going on stage with the baby so the parents can come pick him up. I stood up with the baby in my arms and went upstage. ‘Before I thank everyone I have a baby here and I don’t know who’s baby it is.’
Olivia’s pov:
‘Before I thank everyone I have a baby here and I don’t know who’s baby it is.’ It sounded like music to my ears! Bruno mars found my little boy! I ran as quickly as I could upstage. I stood onstage and Bruno was thanking people with Aiden in his hands. I just walked up to him and pointed at Aiden and then at me. At this point Harry ran to the stage and stood next to the stage to not ruin Bruno’s winning moment. When Bruno ended his speach he gave Aiden to me. The most wonderful moment of my life came: Aiden said ‘Mommy’.

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