Elusive (Larry Stylinson)

Just like in the movie L'arnacoeur Harry Styles and his friends run a business, their job is to end relationships. They are hired by a rich woman to stop her son's wedding and have only ten days to do it. It turns out that things aren't so simple as they look. Louis Tomlinson hides a secret, Harry finds himself in the middle of a getaway.


1. Prologue

He entered the hotel's lobby, looked around and honestly- wasn't surprised, not at all. He was expecting all of this. Glamour, luxury, class, elegance, sophistication... He found himself in maybe- the most expensive and luxurious hotel in London, part of the Tomlinson's hotels. It was a company which in about ten years had become a giant in the global market. Johannah Tomlinson was the queen of this empire and had achieved the success alone and impressively fast with admirable determination.
That's why the surprise on his face was understandable. Such a powerful, rich and a famous woman like Mrs. Tomlinson wanted to work with a small company like his. They never had such a "big" client.
He crossed the lobby and turned to one of the employees at the reception.
"Good afternoon! How can I help you, sir?"
"Hi. I'm looking for Mrs. Tomlinson's office. It will be great if you could show me the way, love."- He smiled playfully.
The woman stared at him with an arrogant look. "Nobody comes here and asks for Johannah just like that."- She thought.
"And may I ask for your name?" - She was ready to call security, if it was necessary.
"Harry Styles." - The man replied and smiled.
Her attitude changed immediately and she put a huge insincere smile one her face. must have been informed of his arrival.
"Yes, of course, sir. If you could just wait a few minutes, I will inform Mrs. Tomlinson of your arrival."
Harry looked away from the receptionist and got lost in his thoughts.
Why did Joanna Tomlinson needed his services?
Harry Styles had a quite unusual and special business. After all, he was a "couple breaker" and his job was to end relationships. Until now he hadn't a failure in any of the cases he had taken.
Surprisingly, the company was really successful, Harry had a lot of money because he was working hard for the last two months. So many people contacted him, asking for help.
He had one basic rule before accepting any job. Firstly, Harry discusses the reasons why the client wants the pair to break up and end their relationship. If the couple is happy and the client wants to ruin their happiness, the "team" doesn't take the case. Harry Styles would never destroy a relationship, if both are completely happy and in love: he believed in love and if the client wants just revenge or something like that... these reasons are rejected as unfounded.
"Sir, Mrs. Tomlinson is ready to see you now. Follow me, please."
Harry followed the young woman through the corridors of the hotel, they finally stopped at a huge wooden door, made ​​of black oak. "Very impressive." He thought and knocked on it. He saw the receptionist leaving, then opened the door and entered the office.
The room was spacious and very bright. Harry liked the decor: it was warm and cozy, but still elegant. He looked across the room and saw a very beautiful woman. Harry felt comfortable in her presence immediately. Her eyes sparkled with strength, and she grinned at him, when their eyes met.
"Hello, you must be Harry Styles. I'm Johannah Tomlinson and this is my daughter Charlotte."
"Lottie."- The blond girl corrected her mother.- "Hi."
She smiled at him. Lottie looked like Johannah and seemed a bit younger than Harry. He knew that Mrs. Tomlinson had five children: One boy, Louis Tomlinson, who was a very successful actor, and four daughters. He also knew that Lottie worked with her mother, despite her age.
"Good afternoon!"- He greeted.
"Please, take a seat."
The three sat around a large desk. They offered him tea, which Harry gladly accepted. But he still didn't know the reason for the meeting and was quite curious to know. Harry finally had the guts to ask, but then he was interrupted.
"I'm sure you must have been surprised, when I asked you to work for us. Our whole family is constantly in the magazines and newspapers and to use your services, which are quite "special", if I can say... it would be a great sensation for the media."- She wondered for a moment about the most appropriate word.-"It can ruin us. So I called you, Mr. Styles. I need your services at the moment and count on your privacy and professionalism. I want this "thing" to stay here and to not leave the room. Everything should be a secret."
"You should know, Mrs. Tomlinson, that privacy is part of my job and I take it very serious."
"Good. I trust you. And the investigation that we did about you and your company showed that you're telling the truth. But you should know that you have to be very careful, no mistakes are allowed."
Harry remained impassive, he wasn't surprised at all. Johannah was testing his professionalism, of course. His lack of reaction made ​​her smile.
"Good. As I said, I'll tell you why I asked you to work for me. I want you, Harry Styles, to end my son's relationship with the businessman David Austin."

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