Elusive (Larry Stylinson)

Just like in the movie L'arnacoeur Harry Styles and his friends run a business, their job is to end relationships. They are hired by a rich woman to stop her son's wedding and have only ten days to do it. It turns out that things aren't so simple as they look. Louis Tomlinson hides a secret, Harry finds himself in the middle of a getaway.


5. 5

Louis rolled eyes in annoyance. He didn’t even look at Harry as he walked back to the store, where he was robbed. He really needed some shopping for a while to think about everything.
Louis was in a terrible mood. The day had started badly enough with Zayn, who had missed his flight this morning. It was no surprise that his best friend had a hangover, when Louis called to make sure that he was at the airport. A hangover, that he didn’t remember the flight and now Louis had to spend another two days alone in Monaco. And as if that wasn’t enough, someone just tried to steal his wallet and even worse, he found that he had to be followed all the time by that Styles guy.
Why had his mother done this? She knew that Louis hated this kind of "treatment". Moreover, he wasn’t really comfortable with strangers... But Louis was sure about one thing: if his mother had hired a bodyguard, there was a good reason and there are certainly serious stuff going on. It worried him.
He was very worried about his family. Of course. But Louis wanted to have fun during the last days before his wedding, not being followed everywhere. Louis frowned at the thought. As soon as he realized what he had done, he forced himself to smile, Louis had to be happy for his wedding... But it wasn't so easy.
He entered the store once again. Harry was standing awkwardly in front of the expensive shop. For a while Louis tried clothes on and the curly boy got really bored. It seemed like hours had passed when Louis finally chose some clothes and went to pay for them.
Harry was standing right next to him.
"Look! How much is she paying you? My mother, I mean. I'll pay you twice and you will leave me alone. Is that clear? I know you're here for the money, if you accept it, you will win a lot... without even doing anything!"- Louis said with a smile.
Harry was surprised when Louis finally turned to him.
"Sir, I'm here to do my job and I won't leave. I have to finish it first."
Harry could take the money just like that. Louis could pay him for nothing and he could leave the job undone. He would have the money for his team, but he didn’t do it.
Louis looked at him impatiently, trying to think about something and make this bodyguard leave him. Suddenly a smile appeared on his face.
"Oh! I know what will make you leave. I know what you want."
Louis leaned forward and their chests were pressed against each other. Harry took a deep breath as Louis' lips touched his ear. He fought the urge to put his arms around his waist and pull him closer. He liked the feeling of his body against Louis'.
"I'm sure you want to sleep with a soon-to-be-married man. You wouldn’t refuse, right? You can't say "no", I'm Louis Tomlinson!" – He whispered huskily.- "One night and then you leave me alone."
Now he moved even closer to Harry. Louis put a hand around the bodyguard's neck, ran his fingers through the curls and pressed his crotch against Harry's. He groaned slightly.
"I know you want it! And I'm not even wearing anything under those pants. Come on, we can do it in the fitting room right!"
Harry swallowed and stayed silent. Seconds later Louis' passion disappeared. The actor was standing in front of him, now angry at the lack of response from Harry. Louis' face was painted once again with annoyance.
"You're so..." - He said angrily at his own failure and left the store.
Harry was amazed by the actions of the man. He was so lost in his thoughts and didn't even notice the saleswoman in front of him. She was blushing because of their conversation.
"He's lying!"- Harry explained– "He is wearing underwear under his trousers."



As soon as Louis Tomlinson entered the hotel, everyone stopped what they were doing and turned their heads in his direction: kind of exploring his every move. Louis continued to walk, trying to ignore them and go to his room as quickly as possible, where he could hide in. He tried to keep his straight face expression, but he couldn't bear the awkwardness. He smiled, entering the elevator, and sighed with relief when the doors were closed, defending him from the judgmental eyes.
Harry ran out of the elevator. He was able to reach the floor before Louis and quickly look for Niall and Liam. He thought about knocking on their door before entering inside, but entered it fast. Niall was alone in the room having lunch.
"Where is Liam?"
"Still setting up cameras in Tomlinson's room."- Niall replied.
"WHAT? He isn't done? Go tell him to get out of there!"
"What? Why me? I’m eating!"  
"Niall! Louis is in the elevator right now! He will see Liam with the cameras! I can't go there: if Louis sees me in his room, it would be even more suspicious!"
Niall got up and left the room. After a few he came back with Liam.
"God, Liam! I freaked out here."- Harry said and took a deep breath.
"Relax, Hazz! Everything is fine. Louis saw nothing. Niall came just in time."
Harry sat on the bed and sighed with relief.
"Did you put all cameras?"- He asked.
"Yeah. Now we can keep an eye on him all the time."
Niall went back to eating and ignored the others.
"So, how did it go with Tomlinson? Did you learn anything about him?"
"Actually, we talked..."
They both looked at him shocked.
"What? You talked to him? But you said you'd watch him two days to decide whether to accept the job! Doesn't that mean we aren't supposed to make contact with the "victim"?"
"Yeah, well... It's just... It just kind of happened." - Harry tried to explain.
Liam and Niall weren’t surprised because Harry always acted spontaneously.
"It happened? You sure? Tell me that you aren’t rushing just because Tomlinson looks so irresistible and you can't keep your thing..."- Liam said sarcastically.
"Of course not!"- Harry protested. – "You know I would never do that."
"Of course, Harry. Whatever you say..."
"Harry, you still have to tell us what happened with Louis." - Niall interrupted before they can start fighting.
The curly man looked at Liam and laughed, then told them what had happened earlier.
"Did he really said that... in front of everyone? Really?"
"What? Louis offered you to fuck in the dressing room to leave him alone?" - Liam didn’t realize how high his voice was.
"It will be tough, huh?" - Niall sighed.
"Yes, Louis Tomlinson is more interesting than I thought."
"I see, you have a crush on him!” – The man interrupted Harry, trying to convince both of them.
"I said he was interesting, not that I like him."
"Yeah, right. That’s why you didn’t even try to push him away in the store."
"I couldn’t do that! Louis is my client. I couldn’t just push him away."
Niall and Liam began to laugh at Harry, who was trying to defend himself.
"Look, I just don't want you to get hurt again..."- Liam tried to continue, but was interrupted.
"I know Liam, don’t worry about me. It won't happen again. I'm not making that mistake again- falling in love with a client."
Liam looked a little worried, but finally decided that the answer, Harry gave him, was good enough to calm him down. He smiled at his best friend and sat on the couch next to Niall.
Harry lost in his thoughts... Caroline was one of their clients back in time. She was in a relationship with a married man and her sister had contacted the team. The man was using Caroline and didn’t even planned to leave his family for her. Harry managed to end their relationship, but he fell in love with Caroline and she with Harry too. They were really happy together. Then one day she discovered what Harry's job was and that he was hired by her sister. She that all their meetings were planned. Harry had never felt so bad. Yes, their relationship was planned in the beginning, but he really fell in love with her, and everything was real.
However, Caroline didn't see it that way. She dumped Harry and the worst was when she looked at him with her big brown eyes. Cold. No pain, nothing. It looked like she didn't care for him at all.
"You know what? That's better."- She said. – "You were only replacement anyway, only a toy to entertain me for a while."- And then she left.
Even the memory was still hurting him. His thoughts were a mess. He had locked himself in his apartment and started drinking. A day later, when Liam and Niall had broken the door, they found him in his bathtub, completely drunk. Both helped him to forget her, but it was hard. Harry really thought he had found the woman. He really thought he was going to marry her one day. Six months later there was still a scar in his life, heart, everywhere, but he was stronger now.
Harry didn’t want this to happen again. He realized what Liam had said, and knew he had to be careful.
"Harry, you okay, dude?" - Niall asked.
"Yes, great, Niall. Can you pass me the phone? I need to call."
Harry dialed the number and waited.
"Hello! Mrs. Tomlinson? It’s Harry Styles. Everything is great, but I need you to do me a favor..."


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