Elusive (Larry Stylinson)

Just like in the movie L'arnacoeur Harry Styles and his friends run a business, their job is to end relationships. They are hired by a rich woman to stop her son's wedding and have only ten days to do it. It turns out that things aren't so simple as they look. Louis Tomlinson hides a secret, Harry finds himself in the middle of a getaway.


3. 3

The next day, Harry, Niall and Liam were on plane for Monaco. Gemma stayed in London to investigated David Austin and would join the boys in seven days.
"Do you want me to get you something, sir?"
Harry looked at the annoying stewardess and winked playfully.- "Yes, dear. Whiskey."
She blushed and managed to mumbled under her breath-"Yes!"- before disappearing in the back of the plane. Liam chuckled beside him.
"You are unbelievable."
"I can’t help it if she thinks I’m hot."
His friend shook his head. Harry had been always a natural flirt. Liam knew it wasn’t good to allow him to drink so early in the morning, but he had noticed how nervous Harry was. He tried to hide it, but Liam knew it was because of his fear of flying. This time he let him get wasted and said nothing about the whiskey.
Soft snoring distracted him from his thoughts when Niall, who was leaning against Liam’s shoulder, gently twitched in his sleep.
"Liam, please stop! I can’t stand your in-love-face during the whole trip. I just can't. And you have to entertain me. I'm bored."
The man turned to punch his best friend. Harry laughed a bit louder and it woke Niall.
"What happened? Are we there yet?"- Niall asked and yawned, still sleepy.
"No, Harry's just stupid. Sorry about waking you up."
"Hey!"- Harry protested.
"Well, now that I'm awake, let me show you what I've found about Louis."
And before anyone could answer, Niall had already pulled out his laptop. The blonde stewardess returned with Harry’s drink.
"I'm sorry it took so long. Here's your drink, sir. If you need anything else, just let me know. I'm here. "- She winked and walked away.
The three boys began to laugh loudly.
"Can she be more obvious?"
"Guys, found it!" - Niall informed –" Listen: Louis and David met at a mutual friend’s wedding three years ago and since then they've been constantly breaking up. But it seems that somehow about two years ago, they had their biggest brake up and two months later, Louis is being seen with another dude - Stan. Then a month later, Stan breaks up with him, though he was obviously very in love with Louis, and leaves the country. Some say that David threatened him."
"What? Are you serious?"
"Yes. David Austin is a quite influential businessman and Stan couldn’t dare to say something. It seems after that Louis got back with David. I think he was aware of what happened and didn’t want to cause more trouble for Stan."
The boys were silent for a moment. Stan had left Louis without even fighting.
"There's more."- Niall added.- "David doesn’t approve Louis’ career. He says- " Why would anyone waste time on such an useless work? It's ridiculous."David wants him to stop being an actor, but Louis keeps following his dream."
"Why is Louis Tomlinson with such a jerk?"- Harry said.
"Yes, that's what I thought. But look what I found: Obviously, because he is famous, none of his relationships lasted long. It seems that all his girlfriends and boyfriends couldn’t live like that because he is a famous actor and his mother has a powerful company. They all dumped him when they were sick of the attention and his fame, or started to freak out. The only one, who didn’t leave him, is David."
"You mean he lost hope and thinks that he'd never find someone, who truly... It's really sad."- Liam said quietly.
"He was broken... Louis thinks he will never find someone better than David. This is ridiculous! He shouldn’t marry this man!"- Harry dominated.
"Relax, Harry! We'll see in the next few days... We can’t rush this." - Liam replied.
Harry nodded. He didn’t know why he got so angry all of a sudden. Louis Tomlinson was quite intriguing... Niall quickly changed the subject, always trying to cheer everyone.
"On the other hand, Louis seems to be super fun. Obviously, he is very free and spontaneous. Likes to be unpredictable. His fans always say that he’s very kind and caring when they meet him. Some fans say he’s a bit of "sassy"- Niall giggled.
"You're too charming."- Liam kissed him.-"I get jealous sometimes, you know?"
Niall laughed.
Harry rolled his eyes and decided to sleep because he didn't want to interrupt Liam and Niall's moment. He sighed, hoping that his friends would notice him, but in vain.


A few hours later they arrived at the largest hotel in Monaco -"Tomlinson"-where Louis was staying. Johannah had informed the hotel about the boy's arrival and told the staff their names. They had two rooms on the same floor as Louis.
When the boys arrived at their floor, Niall was thrilled by the glamorous surrounding, Liam tried to calm him, and Harry was lost in his thoughts. He didn’t expect to meet Louis so soon. Well, Harry literally bumped into him since both weren’t looking where they were going. As Louis mumbled an apology and continued walking toward the elevator, Harry stood shocked. The photo, which Niall had shown them, was of an attractive man, but in reality the guy was breathtaking. Louis was just the most beautiful man he had ever seen. His eyes were as blue as sapphire, his lovely hair looked so soft, his body was so seductive... Harry was surprised. Liam coughed heavily and looked at him.
"You okay?" - He chuckled.
"Yes, yes... It’s just very... I didn’t expect this." - He laughed.
Suddenly Harry had an idea.
"Liam, Niall go into the room and prepare all the equipment. I'm going to follow him. We have to know a little more about him." - He said fast and then ran after Louis. He left his friends, watching him in surprise.
"I guess Harry is 100% sure about taking the job." - Niall turned to Liam, smiling.


An hour later, Harry stood in front of a shop in the center of Monaco. Louis was in there and tried on clothes. After an hour Louis was still shopping. He was alone, and although his black sunglasses, he was still recognized by many people on the streets. Some of them wanted autographs, others - photos, others wanted talk to him. Whenever fans approached Louis, he smiled at the people around him and was nice and funny. Not even once Harry saw him getting annoyed or irritated by all, who interrupted his time by himself.
Harry was very impressed - Niall was right. Louis was very dedicated to his fans. However, the curly man watched the actor and noticed that the smile on Louis' face was rather polite than happy. Maybe Harry got carried away a little bit more in the analysis of the actor, but he was sure of one thing: Louis looked full of life only when he talked to the fans and the rest of the time he seemed in his own world. Like he was right there in front of Harry, but not quite...
As Harry waited for the young man to get out of the store, he knew that as soon as he return to the hotel, he would tell his team about taking the job. There was just something about Louis that made Harry accept it.
Suddenly, he saw a suspicious man walking away from the store, running fast enough. Harry noticed a wallet in his left hand. Louis stormed out seconds later, searching for the man, who had just stolen his wallet. Harry stopped thinking. He just started running. He ran as fast as he could.
Harry was always fast and it wasn’t hard for him to catch up with the guy. The thief hit the ground hard before even noticing he was being followed. It seems that the man wasn't a professional thief and Harry was grateful. He took the stolen wallet and returned it to Louis, who had been watching.
"Here!"- Harry handed the wallet.
"Thank you." - Louis answered.- "Oh! You're the guy from the hotel... What a coincidence. Well, I'm very grateful and I’m sure that a little prize will..." - He continued.
"No, no problem. It's my job actually."- Harry interrupted him and said whatever came to his mind.
Louis raised eyebrows.
"Job? What do you mean? Who are you?"- He asked surprised.
"Actually, I'm your bodyguard. I was hired by your mother, Mrs.Tomlinson. I'm here to protect you."



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