Elusive (Larry Stylinson)

Just like in the movie L'arnacoeur Harry Styles and his friends run a business, their job is to end relationships. They are hired by a rich woman to stop her son's wedding and have only ten days to do it. It turns out that things aren't so simple as they look. Louis Tomlinson hides a secret, Harry finds himself in the middle of a getaway.


2. 2

Harry didn't move, didn't change his expression... didn't make any extreme reaction. He was used to people wanting to ruin the relationships of their relatives and friends. However, this was his job.
For a while he was silent. He knew that his clients had the right to keep their personal life secret, but in turn Harry had to know the wanted information before accepting „the mission".
Surprisingly, Lottie broke the silence.
"Mr. Styles, I hope that our reasons for this are good enough. We would never interfere in my brother's love life without a good, solid reason. We wouldn’t do anything to make Louis suffer."
Her blue eyes showed that Lottie really cared about her brother.
"My brother now.... he is in a relationship that destroys him. He can't see it, but we all see it- our family, friends... We all noticed how much he changes when David is around. Don’t get me wrong, I 'm not saying that David is a bad guy, but he's just not... for Louis. David takes care of Louis in his own "special" way, so that’s why my stubborn brother is still with him. He thinks he'll never find someone better. Louis had so much ambition, he was always so happy and full of life, but now, all he does is what David wants him to ..."
"That's enough Lottie."- Johannah interrupted quietly.-"I think Mr. Styles has the information he needs."
She looked sad because of the situation with his son. Louis was lucky to have such a caring family. Although Harry still had to discuss it with his team and to do some investigations on Louis Tomlinson, Lottie’s words were convincing enough. After all how could he say “no” to that?
"Mr. Styles, there is still one thing you need to know. If you decide to take this job, you will need to finish it in the period of ten days."
His eyebrows lifted up. Now Harry was surprised. He didn’t expect such an ultimatum.
"Ten days? It's impossible! I need more time."
"You have only ten days. And if you succeed, I guess you already know about the significant amount that we are ready to pay you. I know that your company goes through a rough time lately... This work will change that..."
Harry didn't care about the money, but recently their "missions" weren't well paid and it bothered him: he didn’t want his team to suffer from this, especially Niall and Liam, who got married and will surely need the money for their family in the future.
"Why do I have only ten days to complete it?"
"In ten days my son is getting married."

As soon as he came out of the Tomlinson’s hotel, Harry went to his office to discuss the case with his team. He parked the car in front of a small, but modern building in north London and hurried to go inside. He reached the fifth floor, where the office was, and opened the door. He was welcomed by the surprised eyes of his two best friends, who were having a "intimate" time on couch.
"Oh, come on! This is the third time this week.!" - Harry laughed.
Niall and Liam, who had not heard Harry enter, blushed after the words of their friend. In a hurry to get up, Liam accidentally kicked his boyfriend, who fell from the couch on the floor.
"Oh, sorry!"- He quickly apologized when Niall whimpered in pain.
Harry couldn’t help but laugh. Liam looked at him with narrowed eyes and leaned toward the blond to make sure that Niall's alright.
"Come on, I gotta talk with you two. Where is Gemma?"
"She will be here soon."
"Let’s wait for her. And I need coffee."
Gemma joined them in the office and Harry told everyone all about his meeting with Johannah Tomlinson and her daughter.
"I know we agreed that after the wedding we'll finish with this, but I wanted to take one final case together. And the money is good. Niall wanted to go on a honeymoon, right? This is a chance to take Liam on at least five honeymoons..."
The truth was that Harry’s sister, Gemma, was offered a job in New York. Although she didn't want to leave her friends, that was her dream. She was going to leave in a month. Niall, Liam and Harry agreed that they won’t continue to work after her leaving. They had been friends since high school and start a business with Gemma after they graduated.  And without one of them the work just wouldn’t be the same. And after the wedding of his two friends, Niall and Liam would want more time for themselves, for their family. The work wasn't suitable for them anymore. It was time to end everything.
"What do you think? One last time for one last job? To say goodbye to Gemm before she leaves. To complete this stage of our lives, so that we can continue moving forward."
"Alright. Clear. Let's do it!"- Gemma's angry voice interrupted and she rolled her eyes, but smiled. Gemma wasn't irritated at all.
"I can’t believe I will meet with Louis Tomlinson! I just cann't believe it!"- Niall turned to look at Liam. He had a big smile on his face too when he started jumping around the room enthusiastically. Niall was always cheerful and never stood still. His friends were already used to this.
"Louis Tomlinson is his favorite actor."- Liam informed the group.
"He's simply the best! I've always wanted to meet him!"
"Niall, even if we take the job, that doesn’t mean you will meet him. You know that, right?" - Harry said, looking at his friend, who bounced back and forth.
The blond ignored Harry, but then turned to face him.
"Hazz, you should take it. The job I mean. We can't allow someone to ruin Louis' career. Louis deserves much more than that!"
Everyone was staring at him now.
"Don’t you dare laugh at me, Styles! I'm serious!"
Harry really couldn’t hold his laughter- to see Niall defending Louis Tomlinson so passionately while Liam was so obviously angry.It was just too funny. Niall threw himself on the couch and sat back next to Liam. He forgot so quickly about the jealousy, Niall gently kissed Liam's forehead. Harry smiled at them slightly envious of the relationship they had. They had been married for a month and together for three years.
"Let's get back to business." - Gemma turned to his brother, smiling.
"We need more information before signing the contract."–Liam said.- "We can't base our decision only on what Mrs. Tomlinson told you."
Harry agreed.-" We have two days to make the decision, but the wedding is in ten in Monaco. I was told that Louis is already there to plan everything. The good news is that David will arrive two days before the actual wedding."
"We have to go to Monaco as soon as possible to gather as much information as we can in two days." - Niall spoke quickly.
"Let's vote. Who says we go to Monaco tomorrow?"
Four hands were raised and it was decided. Harry grinned.
"Well, then I guess we'll be in Monaco tomorrow!"

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