When? How? Why? ~~~1D fan-fic

Many people get abused and then they meet the love of their lives but Megan Jones meets a boyband! Will she fall inlove with one of them or will she get their autograph and keep on running until it's the end of her time? Read the story to find out!
(imature language)


2. The love bench (how it all started)

Louis' P.O.V


I came out of the studio just after

polishing (editing) our Midnight Memories



I realised a girl sitting on a bench nearby and although

I couldn't see her face or hear her voice, I felt 

more love than I had to Eleanor!


This is IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!

How? I don't know!

So I walked over and said hi.



Megan's P.O.V     OMG! Louis Tomlinson came up to me and said hi! I looked back to see who he was talking to...IT WAS MEEEEEEEEEEE! I told him my name and stuff and how I'm here. Then SUDDENLY....OUT OF NOWHERE he asked me to stay at his place for afew days to  save money and stuff   WHO WOULD HAVE SAID NO?!
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