When? How? Why? ~~~1D fan-fic

Many people get abused and then they meet the love of their lives but Megan Jones meets a boyband! Will she fall inlove with one of them or will she get their autograph and keep on running until it's the end of her time? Read the story to find out!
(imature language)


1. Prologue

Megan's P.O.V


Hi I'm Megan Jones!

I look just like any ordinary girl but I'm not....

I get abused at home bullied at school and many

unpleasant things!


Today I ran away.

I got some make-up and money and started to run.

I'm not good at running! Infact I'm the slowest runner at school!


I am at London!

OMG!!!   I live in Oxford but I ran all the way to 

London! (and my legs don't hurt!

I saw a bench so I sat on it.

Just then I saw a shadow moving. They were coming

out of the building right next to her!

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