The Misunderstood

Echo Everly never knew the truth about the deaths of her father and two younger siblings. Where they really dead? If so, what did they do to receive death?
Now, 10 years after their strange deaths, Echo and her mother are summoned to the Capitol.

But she isn't the only one missing her family...



1. Prolouge

*10 years ago*

November 19th 2003

“Echo! Come here! Our favorite TV show is on!” my dad yelled at the foot of the stairs.

“Coming!!” I yelled back. Then I grabbed a blanket and ran down the stairs, to the living room.

There my dad was with my younger siblings, James and Lilly, waiting for me. I smiled.

“Ready?’ dad asked us. We nodded.

Dad pressed play and the episode started.

About 20 minutes into the episode, there was a knock on the door. My mother, who was in the kitchen, answered it.

“Harry, there’s someone at the door for you.” My mother yelled from the front door.

He paused the TV and looked at us kids. “I’ll be right back ok?” he said.

“Ok Daddy” I said. James and Lilly shook their heads.

Then he got up and went to the door. After a couple of minutes of talking, it started to get heated. I heard the men at the door yelling at dad and him yelling back.

“You, your son James, and your daughter Lilly are coming with us Mr. Harold! And that’s final!! President Walker demands it!” a man yelled.

“No! We are not going! We haven’t done anything!” my father yelled back. And then it happened.

Then two men came in and grabbed James and Lilly. They started to scream and squirm in their arms.

Daddy! No!” I screamed as my dad was pulled outside with James and Lilly by men from the Capitol.

“Echo, it’s going to be ok!” he yelled back as the door slammed.

I looked over to my mother. She wasn’t crying. Her lips were in a straight line.

Then, a gunshot was heard.

“DADDY! JAMES! LILLY!” I screamed. My mother held me back as 2 more gunshots were heard.

I screamed their names over and over.

Then a man came in and whispered to my mother.

She nodded and the man left.

I looked to her, waiting for her to say something.

Then she looked at me.

“Echo, your father, James, and Lilly are dead.” She said.

She said it with no emotion. Just like it was normal that half of my family was dead, gone forever.

I nodded and went to my room. When I got to my room, I closed the door, pulled back the covers of my bed, got in and just cried.

There was nothing else I could do. My dad, my closest friend was gone. My younger siblings, James and Lilly were gone.

I had no one else left.

I was alone.

They were gone… Forever.

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