I hate that I love you.

’’Both you and I know, the reason that you don’t like me, is that you like me’’ he said. ’’What?’’ I said confused. ’’The reason that you don’t like me, is to hide that you’re in love with me’’


3. Chapter 2.


I woke up, from the ringtone of my phone. I opened my eyes, and could barely see, when I searched for my phone on the table. 

My hand finally found it, and I saw that it was Zayn that called me. I almost knew what he wanted. He wanted a hangover together.

I switched my finger across the screen, and I took the phone up to my ear.


''Hi Sophiiiie babe, be ready in 20 minutes okay?'' 

''Zayniiiie, what do you have in mind?'' 

''McDonalds, what else?'' he laughed, and I giggled. 

'' - But I just woke up Zayn, actually you woke me up'' I sighed. 

''I'm not sorry, and then hurry up, cause you now have 18 minutes''


And then there were no answer. I sighed one more time, and threw my phone on the bed, and hurried finding some black skinny jeans and a white t-shirt. I left my hair a bit messy, and got a bit of mascara on my eyelashes. 

No matter what, I wouldn't go out with Zayn with no makeup on, cause I knew that a lot of people would take photos, and even some would take photos with me. 

I took a last look of myself in the mirror, and I looked fine. I didn't think that Zayn would take any photos with fans today either, when he was on a hangover. Zayn get really annoyed of nothing when he's on a hangover.  

I got my bag, and got my brown favorite coat on, and a black beanie. I found my phone in the bedroom, and I got my wallet with me. 

I got out of my place, and locked the door. Then I got the elevator down to the street, where I waited. 



I was pretty cold, and Zayn was 6 minutes late already. I tripped with feet, cause I was a very impatient person. 

''Hello?'' a small voice said behind me. I turned around and saw a girl, maybe 10 - 11 years old. 

''Yes?'' I asked. 

''Aren't you Zayns girlfriend?'' she asked me, and I shaked my head. ''No Perrie is Zayns girlfriend, I'm Zayns best friend'' I said calm, so cause she was so cute-looking. 

''Can I get a picture with you?'' 

I promised myself that I wouldn't take picture today, but I couldn't stand her big deer eyes. 

And I just waited for Zayn, with nothing to do. Maybe some paparazzi's stood somewhere, and saw if I denied the girl, and the I would be seen as 'Zayns rude friend'. 

''Of course, my friend'' I said, with a cheerful smile on my lips. She took her iPhone from her pocket in her jacket, and hold it up in a selfie angle. I got a small smile on my lips as she took the photo. 

''There you go!'' I smiled, and she thanked me, and walked away, not taking her eyes from me.

I looked at my phone. Now he was 14 minutes late that asshole.

I noticed some girls taking a couple of picture of me, and that was fine with me, as long as they kept distance, because I didn't want more fans. 

Finally a Bentley Continental GT, droved in front of me, and I walked into the direction of it. 

''OMG ZAYYYYN!'' some girls screamed, and took their hands to their mouths in pure shock. 

He then calm waved from the inside of the car, and the girls began to cry. I got into the car, and Zayn began to drive, before the girls could attack his car. I looked out of the window, and saw 3 girls running after the car, and it looked pretty funny. I got the seatbelt on, and I looked at Zayn. 


''I want you to apologize'' I said and crossed my arms. 

''For?'' he asked, and I could smash his head onto the wheel. 

''For being so late!'' I said loud. I took my phone from my bag, and looked at the clock. 

''You were 18 minutes late Zayn, what if some paparazzi's or fans had attacked me?'' 

''But they didn't and it was just Perrie that didn't want me to look like a homeless, and should pick a outfit for me'' 

''18 minutes for that?'' 

''Maybe a 'Hi Zayn, I missed you thank you for taking me to McDonalds, you're my lifesaver, and when we get home I'll give you a foot massage' ''? 

''Ugh okay then Hi Zayn, the other things can you keep for your dreams''. 

''You're a horrible friend'' he laughed. 

''I'm not that friend who was 18 minutes to late''

He sighed and kept his eyes on the road. 

''Okay I forgive you, take away or are we going into the restaurant?'' I asked, and he laughed. 

''Take away? We could go back to my place, I think Perrie is out with Leigh Anne''

''Okay just order an cheeseburger menu, with a strawberry milkshake'' I said, and he nodded, as he drove up beside McDonalds and ordered our food. 

I'm filled I moaned, and leaned back in the big black couch. 

''Already?'' Zayn asked ''You do usually eat all the food, including some of mine too'' 

''Damn you!'' I shouted, and hit him on the shoulder, and he just laughed. Idiot. 

''Did you and Niall get along yesterday?'' he asked, and took a bite of his burger. 

''If I said yes I would lie'' I said, and he gave that 'Can't you just get along for one god damn time' look. 

''Sorry, but he's such an asshole Zayn! He talked to me!'' 

''What he say?'' 

''He said that the only reason, that I don't like him, was because I'm in love with him'' I laughed. 

I stopped right away, when I looked at Zayn. He got a face on that I knew very well. 

He thought that I wasn't speaking the truth. 

''No, no, no, no, no Zayn! I don't like him! He's the biggest dickhead, I'd ever met, Zayn please trust me!'' 

''Calm down, it's okay if you like him, I don't blame you''

''Zayn! Please, really I don't like him!'' I said frustrated, and Zayn just got a annoying smirk on his lips. 

''Ugh you idiot, I'm leaving now I have a apartment to clean'' I said as we stood up. 

We walked to the corridor and I got my jacket and boots on. 

''Bye Zaynie'' I said as I hugged him. 

''By Sophie babe'' 

I smiled as I opened the door and walked out. I found a underground station, and took the red line. As I sat in the seat, I saw a couple of girls whisper to each other, while they looked at me. 

I smiled to them, and they looked like pure shock. Oh gosh, more fans. 

I took my phone up, and logged into twitter. 671 followers more in a couple of hours. Wow. 

''Hi'' a voice said and I looked up, at one of the three girls. Maybe 14 years old. 

''Hello'' I smiled, and she took a the seat beside me. A friendly one. 

''You're Zayns best friend, aren't you?'' she asked me, and I nodded, and took some of my hair behind my ear. ''I was at his apartment 20 minutes ago, so I guess I am'' I said, and she laughed.

''It's true what the fans say'' she looked at at the ground. I looked confused at her. ''What do the fans say?'' I asked, and she lifted her head. ''That you're a lovely person being, it's true'' she had a little smile on her lips. 

''Oh really? Thank you!'' I was pleasured. The fans thought that I was lovely. 

''The next station is Tower Hill'' the voice spoke, and I stood up and she did too. 

''I was very nice to see you love'' I said, and gave her a quick hug, as the door opened. 

''Bye Sophie!'' she yelled cheerfully after me. 

I waved from the outside of the train, and walked into the direction of the stairs. 

Maybe the clean could wait for tomorrow. 

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