Ed Sheeran's best friend (1D/Ed Sheeran)

Well this story doesn't really need a description, just start reading:) i hope you enjoy it:) okay maybe a small description:D.
It is a bout a girl who is Ed's best friend and a huge directioner:)


2. First meeting

"Ashley...." Ed whisper's, the boy's- One Direction,
we didn't say anything but stare at each other.
"Uh...." the only word that I could say. The smiled
at me, "Hi Ashley!" they all yelled.
"Hi" right, stay calm Ashley, don't scream. Do not
come off as a fan that will just scare them. Just...
just act normal... normal, normal... but they're so
NO, Ashley, just, smile. Smile and wave, smile and
wave, "So... Ed... what'd you do?!" I whispered to
"Well, I was chatting to them, and they wanted
to meet you"
I blushed slightly, "Why?" "We like your music!"
Louis yell's and hug's me, "Welcome to the
family!" he scream's in my ear, "Glad to be here" I
smiled a little, "We're glad to finally meet you"
Zayn say's.
Don't scream, don't sniff his hair... no grabbing his
bum Ashley, no.
"Especially Liam and Harry" Louis wink's.
I wink and glanced at the two boy's, who were
bright red, Liam was a violent shade, but Harry
was only a little shade of red. I eyed them both,
before turning and looking at, I sent him my
best 'What do I do now?' look.
"Well, let's go get some food!" he say's and then
herd us out of the door, "It's like herding cat's,
honestly boys" he scowls as Louis and Harry run
around him in circles, Zayn and Niall were playing
tips and Liam was standing next to me, as we
watched Ed try to get everyone together, "Want
to go eat something?" I ask him.
He nods and then follows me silently, "Come on
Liam, i'm not some big scary monster, you can
talk to me, ya know?" I say while bumping my
side to his, he look's at me with a extremely red
face, "I-I um... hi, i'm Liam" he smiles at me
"Hello Liam, i'm Ashley, but i'm guessing you
already knew that, ha?" I looked around, "Yeah, I
knew... so, how have you been?" he gives me a
cheeky grin, "Alright... you?" I asked him
"I'm good.... you're it!" he yells and then runs
away after tapping my shoulder, "IT IS SO ON
LIAM PAYNE!" I yelled and chased after him. We
ran down the street, until I caught up with him,
"Tag!" I yelled in victory, and then looked around,
"Where are we?"
"Coffee shop" Liam point's at it, "Are the over's
going to come later?" he nods and then hold's the
door open, "Such a gentlemen" I laughed and
walked in, we sat down and ordered some hot
chocolate's and warm food.
And soon enough, the boy's walk in, "And where
have you boy's been?" I asked as I sipped some of
mydrink, ".... We shall never speak of it" Ed
grumbled and sat down, I eyed him with a cheeky
grin, "Did they do something baaaddd?" I giggled
as he sent me a dirty look.
"Did they look through your phone and found
those photo's of you in my red dress?" it we
quiet and I saw form the corner of my eye that
everyone was staring at Ed, he blushed, "They're
not on my phone, I deleted them"
"Luckily, I sent them to myself for safe keeping!"
I grinned and pulled my phone out, "ASHLEY!" Ed
yelled as he tried to get my phone, Zayn takes it
and look's at the pictures, laughing, "You now,
that colour Ed, does not go with your eyes"
"Zayn, you'll look better in that dress. I know you
will" Ed sends him a evil grin and I chuckled, Ed
was already planning on conning Zayn into the
dress of Embarrassment, and yes, we named that
Zayn sends him a confused look and we
continued talking, well, I was to busy trying to
scream on top of my lung's, 'I'm surrounded by a
group of smexy boy's!', which is really hard to do
by the way.
"You done, Ashley?" Ed pokes my face and I
looked at him startled, "When did you get here?!"
he roll's his eyes, "Stop mucking about, but
seriously... your head is out in the clouds again
darlin'" I grinned, "Of course they are, where else
would they be?"
Suddenly, Harry bumps over Ed's cold drink and it
splashes all over my shirt and I stand, "Aww, my
favorite shirt" I looked at it, while shaking my
hands from the liquid. His eyes widened, "I am soo
sorry!" hestand's, grabbing a napkin and tried to
get the drink off of me.
"Uh, it's fine" I laughed and grabbed his hand,
stopping him from wiping down my front... "I
think I can handle it myself" I send him a small
smile before I continued wiping my semi wet shirt
"I feel so bad!" "Don't be, it's fine" I assure him
and he sit's there, getting a look from Louis, they
swapped a look I couldn't really describe, "Here"
Niall say's, practically pulling Liam's jumped off in
one movement, Liam sat there with a shocked
look on his face as Niall throw's me Liam's jumper.
"You could get sick..." "My jacket will warm me-"
Ed shakes his head and rips the jacket off of me,
"You need to air dry it, or it could shrink" "No!
Not my favourite jacket!" I mocked him, he roll's
his eyes, "Put Liam's jumper on"
"But won't he get cold?" I looked at Liam, "See,
he's already getting goose bumps" I point to his
arm's, "Uh, no... it's-it's okay. You can wear it"
Niall gives me a cheeky grin and I narrow my eyes
at him, "I'll be back" I then walk into the
bathroom, remove my shirt and put Liam's over
my body. I walked out with the shirt in my hand
and look around, only seeing Ed.
"Come on" he grab's my hand and drag's me out
of the coffee shop and we follow the boy's, we
pass a person playing their guitar and I stopped
for a second, but Niall look's back and see's me,
"You coming?" "Yeah, I just have to do this one
thing" I tell him.
His face goes blank and everyone look's at me,
"Oh goddammit" I feel my face heat up, One
Direction chuckles and Ed tries not to laugh at my
awkward fan girlie-ness.
"... You go do that one thing" Harry sends me a
cheeky grin, "Yeah, yeah, i'm an idiot" I shrugged
and turned, great my face feels like I could fry
eggs on it. I walked over to the guy and bent
down, chucking five pounds into his little box,
"Keep up the good work!" I gave him the thumbs
up and he stared at me with wide eyes.
"Ashley?" "... That's my name?" "Can you sign it?!
I'm a huge fan!" he shove's his guitar into my
face, "... Sure! What's your name?" "Kevin" I bit
my lip and scribbled his name on their, before
surrounding it with star's, then wrote my name,
"There ya go" I hand him his guitar.
"Thank you so much!" he gushes, "Oi, Princess!
Come on!" "Bye" I waved to the guy then stalked
over to Ed and whacked his arm, "Don't call me
that" "Why, Princess?" "Don't make me injure you
severely!" I threatened.
"I see you've come back from your
embarrassment with quoting their song before?" I
blushed again and elbowed him in the stomach, he
bendsover and holds his stomach, "Ow" "And
that is why you shouldn't mess with me, my red
headed friend" I laughed.
"Come on you two, you're worse than Harry and
Louis" Zayn chuckles as Ed and I swapped out
slapping game, "Do we have to?" Ed pout's, "Yes,
come on" Zayn grab's our shoulder's and guide's
us to a long car. I climb in and sit next to Harry.
"Hi" "Hello" I giggled at how low his voice sounded
andhe grin's at me, "Home we go!" Ed yell's and
we start heading home.
"Wait, Eddie" "Yesh Asher?" I turned in my seat
and look at him, "Why did you have to meet up
with these boy's?" I say, pointing to them, "You
said something about this being important?"
"Oh yeah! Niall, want to tell her?" "I guess, Ashley,
do you want to do a collaboration with us?" I
stared at him, "Your serious?" everyone nod's,
"How... what?"
"We're going to write a song for them, then i'll
sing back up and you'll sing like you're a sixth
member of the band" my jaw drops and Harry
chuckles, before lightly putting my jaw back in
"Woah..." "Are you in?" Louis ask's me, Ed scoff's
and roll's his eyes, "She is, trust me. She loves
your-" I threw Harry's shoe at him, after yanking
it off of Harry's foot. The boy's laughed as Ed
glared at me, "No speaking" I commanded him.
"Yes, i'll do it... if Ed promises me that I get to
snap and picture of him in the purple dress" I
stared at Ed, "What?! NO WAY!" "Ed" the boy's
begged him, "No-I- fine" he huff's and the boy's
ASHLEY! WOO!" they cheered and Harry hug's me.
my eyes widen.
Holy aodskdsaiobdncdslkfbcdnslxckm. HUG HIM
I was hugging him back and I lowly puled away
and then looked at my phone awkwardly, woo...
he smells delicious.
Just like chocolate.
I jumped out of the car and walked toward's the
front door, "Can we come in?" I looked over my
shoulder at the boy's and Ed, who gave me a
scared look, "Sure" I walked to my door and
unlocked it.
I looked in- oh shit, "Uh, just wait here... just for a
minute!" I ran in, slammed my door and locked it,
then I ran around my house grabbing all of the
mess, One Direction related thing's and basically,
everything that shouldn't belong in that room.
IE: dirty clothes, my lap top (That has
incriminating evidence of me being a Directioner),
dishes, an empty pizza box and just... "Ed,
seriously? Your freaking underwear?!" I growled,
picking up his orange boxer's up with a pair of
tong's while I held my nose, "Ew, ew, ew, ew" I say
asI chucked everything (instead of his
underwear) into my room and slammed the door.
I then opened a window and threw Ed's underwear
out and then did a once over of my lounge room
and kitchen, "Right, it's all okay!" I ran to the
front door and opened it, "Come in, sir's and Ed" I
say, bowing.
"Oh, such politeness" Ed mock's me and I playfully
shoved him... into my wall.
I show the boy's of One Direction to the lounge
room and Louis, Harry and Liam sat on the couch,
Niall and Zayn sat in an arm chair and Ed and I sat
on the sofa.
They all chatted as I tried to think if i've missed
anything, I hope I didn't... that would be really
awkward and hard to explain to them.
I see Louis wriggle around with a frown on his
face and I stared at him weirdly, he reaches
behind himself, "What is this?" he pulls out one
my bra's... my red lacy one. Oh goddammit.
Everyone stared at it, then at me as I tried to
keep my face blank, Niall and Liam giggle, Harry
wink's and Zayn tries not to laugh at me... Ed on
the other hand is laughing silently with tear's
going down his face.
Louis look's at it and I feel warmness in my
cheeks, "Ashley love, you have lovely taste" he
look's at me and wink's as it dangles in the air for
everyone to see, my mouth drops and I try to
think of something to say.
"Uh- umm... that's not mine" "Then who's is it?"
Harry smirk's at me, oh for heaven's sake, don't
dig a deeper hole for yourself Ashley...
"It's Ed's" I nodded firmly, and you've dug
yourself a deeper hole... good job.
Ed start's howling in laughter, along with Liam and
Zayn, Niall was rolling on the ground in stitches,
his face was nearly as red as the bra in Louis'
"This isn't your bra?" Louis stare's at me and I
shake my head, "Nope, not at all" hopefully, he
would believe me... oh who am I kidding?
He straightens the bra out and look's at me
again, "Are you sure?" I nod, "So you won't mind
me doing this?" he put's the bra over his jumper
and stand's, before strutting around the room...
oh god.
"Ashley, can I keep this?" "No" I say, going bright
red, "Ah-ha! So it is your's!" Harry yell's.
I look at Ed, giving him my best, 'Help Me'
He gave me his best, 'This is karma for showing
them that photo' expression.
Niall seem's to see me struggling to figure out
what to do, "Alright guy's, come on, enough is
enough" Niall claps his hands.
He takes the bra from Louis, "Where do I put
this?" he dangles the red bra in front of my face,
"Uh... the door on the left upstairs" I mumble, and
then he walk's up my stairs. My eyes widened- oh
I ran after him, "Wait, Niall!" but it was to late, he
had opened my bed room door and was now
staring at all of the mess, and probably every
single One Direction item I own.
I stood next to him, okay, look at this from his
perspective... I would look like a complete stalker.
Great, just perfect. I snatched the material from
his hands, threw it into my room and closed the
door while staring at him, "Uh..."
He gives me a big grin, "So, you're a fan of Justin
Bieber and us?" "You won't dare say a thing!" I
growled, narrowing my eyes as his grin goes ear
to ear.
"We shall see" he winks and walk's away and I
stand there in shock and horror... oh god. What
have I done?
He stops half way down the stairs and walk's
back up to me and stand's infront of me, smiling,
"You coming?"
I sigh, "Fine" I mumble and follow close behind
him, great, how am I going to bribe Niall into not
telling them anything?
"Bye!" Ed and I wave, me sending a nervous look
at Niall who still had a grin plastered to his face
and mischief dancer in his eyes. They left and I
stood there, before turning to Ed, "You should l-"
"Leave so you can Fan Girl?" he interrupt's me.
I nod and he chuckles, "See you tomorrow?" I give
him a pissed off look, "BYE LOVE!" he laugh's and
run's out of my house and I closed the door, then
locked it.
Wait for it...
"I MET ONE DIRECTION!" I screamed, jumping up
and down, now, I just have to figure out a way to
stop Niall from telling anyone about my little...
'Obsession' with them.
Time for some evil planning.

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