Ed Sheeran's best friend (1D/Ed Sheeran)

Well this story doesn't really need a description, just start reading:) i hope you enjoy it:) okay maybe a small description:D.
It is a bout a girl who is Ed's best friend and a huge directioner:)


1. One Direction

"Ashley, come on!" "No. Nope, no way, you can't make me!" I yelled at Ed. "Don't you dare make me come through the window again Ash" I looked over to my window, "You can't, it's locked!" I turned and came face to face with my best friend, "Wha- how?!" "Magic" he chuckle's. "Oh, I forgot I was in the presence of a wizard, my apologies" I rolled my eyes. "Now, come on! That pair jean's, that shirt, that jacket, oh, and this!" he throw's my clothes at me and I sit on the ground, "Ed, I don't want to. My first day off in what, twelve month's?! And I have to go out, to see people? Nope, not going to happen" "Ashley, love, I will drag you down the stair's in your pajama's if you don't get dressed. Right. Now" I scowled at him, grabbed my clothes and went into my bathroom. "I don't understand why I have to go with you exactly" I yelled through the door as I tugged on my jean's, "I told you, it's a surprise" "Well, that's nice. I still don't want to go" "Just think of it as a little present from me" "... Great, it'll be something weird again" "Hey! I have you know, that the pie holiday was not weird! It is a day where you eat nothing but pie, nothing is wrong with pie" ".... Beside's that it wasn't pie day, it wasn't even a holiday. You just wanted to eat pie" "... Are you done yet?" I chuckled and walked out of the bathroom while running my finger's through my brown hair, "Twirl" I tried not to laugh as I twirled in a circle for Ed to look at the out fit he had put together. "Good, now come on!" and with that, he dragged me out of my apartment and into a car. "Now... don't fan girl when you see them... okay?" "So, it is more than one person?" I mused. He face palm's, "You can't keep a secret from me forever darling!" I patted his head and he scowled at me, "I know... but that won't stop me in trying" ~ "Right, come on Ashley!" I followed Ed through the door and was looking down at my phone, "Hey Eddie, Tara just got proposed to!" I looked up with a big grin on his face. Ed look's at me in shock, "Seriously?" "Yeah! Look at her ring!" I showed him the picture, "Wow! Our little Princess is growing up!" "I know, we did a good job!" we high fived. Then I noticed a group of people walking through the door, "Ed!" Ed turned with a big grin on his face and walked over to the group and shook their hand's. My jaw had dropped and I was just staring at the group of musicians. "Boy's, meet my best friend Ashley, Ashley, meet One Direction" Oh. My. God.

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