My Personal School Observations

My Personal School Observations, private And I Want To Keep It That Way........


1. School 'Beliefs'

So Far The School Has Such A Unique Vibe To It. Not Like Other Schools, Now, Other Schools Are Not That Authorized By My Approval Any More. Schools Suffer From A Worser Disease Called Bulling. My School Has Only 1 Bully And He Calls Me Names. But Screw Him. He Can Get Bullied Someday And Then It Won't Be Very Funny At That Time. But, I Fear It'll Never Come In Time. Well, Back To The Main Objective. So, Pretty Much My School Is As Rotten As A Spoiled Apple. and Life At School Does Not Get Any Better Right Now. This Is Seriously Not Better Then A Torture Factory, Then Again That Would Be Better Than That Horror Movie Set Called "School" Heck Jail Is Better Than That. But That Would Be Heartbreaking To Be In A Cell That's Very Cold And Depressing And Also A Boring Experience. In A Lifetime.
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