My Sister's Best Friend

This story is also on Wattpad so if you read it on Wattpad after reading it on here and you think that I've stole it, I haven't xo


1. Meeting A Dream

This is going to be a Joey Graceffa fan fiction. There are many arguments that question Joey's sexuality but for the sake of my story lets just believe that Joey is straight. I'm writing this because I got inspiration from a story that I was previously reading. If you have any hateful comments saying stuff along the lines of "Worst story ever" then please keep them to yourself as I don't care. Otherwise feel free to comment because most of your comments will help me improve. If you want a dedication then please do inbox me or I'll find my favourite comment and dedicate to the writer of the comment. Just a little information before I start writing. I hope you all enjoy this story and Happy New Year :) - Amelia x


----------------------------------------------------------------Joey's POV--------------------------------------------------------

 Laughter errupted from  my sister's bedroom for the seventh time tonight. It was about 11pm and I was lying in bed attempting to sleep. Normally I wouldn't go to bed this early but around this time me and Nicole would be watching a film or something. But she met this new British girl and they have instantly became best friends. I'm not even aloud to meet this girl and I know nothing about her however she is in my house. Bored, I stood up and walked out of my bedroom and down to the kitchen to get some hot chocolate or something. As I finally got downstairs I opened the fridge before getting out some milk then got the hot chocolate powder from the cupboard. 

"JOSEPH GRACEFFA!"I heard my sister Nicole shout down the stairs before footsteps were heard on the stairs. "Because your the best baby brother ever, can you make me and Taliya hot chocolates!"

"Oh no I don't want one."An unfamiliar voice said. I turned around and saw Taliya for the first time. She was stunning. She had long brown wavy hair, green eyes and the cutest smile ever. Along with a cute British accent.

"No it's ok I'll make you girls some."I said turning back to the cupboards. I got out 2 mugs and placed them on the counter. When the hot chocolate was made I got out the whipped cream and marshmallows before handing everthing to the girls.

"Thanks JoeyBear!"Nic answered. "What are you going to do now?"She curiously asked.

"Probably watch a film or something boring like that."I sighed making the two girls laugh. 

"How about we join you?"Nic replied making my eyes light up. Not at the fact that I was going to have company but at the fact that I would find out more about Taliya. I nodded and we proceeded into the living room. 

"So Taliya, seeing as your my sister's best friend I think I should get to know you more."I blurted making Nicole laugh at my comment.

"Trying to flirt now are we Joseph Graceffa?"Nic shot making Taliya laugh a bit.

"Of course not Nicole Graceffa."She dramatically gasped at the fact I used her full name which made both me and Taliya burst into a fit of giggles. "So anyway Taliya, tell me a bit about yourself."

"Well I'm from London, I have two brothers who are a year older than me. I'm going to try and apply for a Uni over here but if it doesn't work out I'm not too bothered. I moved over here because I was having family problems and it resorted to this. Um I don't really like talking about myself because I feel like I'm trying to boast."She muttered the last part making Nicole chuck a pillow at me.

"What was that for Nic?"I almost shouted as my hot chocolate almost went over me. Take in the fact that I am shirtless so that would have stung!

"For making Taliya uncomfortable!"She half shouted. I sighed and made my way back upstairs. I was only asking a question! Its not like I asked her if she's murdered anybody. I slammed my bedroom door shut and took my camera out of my door and turned it on.

"Well hello there everyone! So today my sister Nicole brought home her best friend Taliya who is from London and I think that I might have scared her or made her feel a bit uncomfortable which I totally didn't intend on doing. I just asked her a question and she didn't react like I thought she would. No its nothing bad I just simply asked about her life and she said she doesn't like talking about it but hey ho! What you gunna do? Also I want to add that it is in fact snowing! You probably won't be able to see it because its really small."I said facing the camera at the window. I continued with my vlog until I heard the girls coming back upstairs. "May the odds be ever in your favor! Byeeee!"I said finally ending my vlog. I couldn't be bothered editing it now so I decided to do it tomorrow because I had nothing better to do. I need to say sorry to Taliya. Now that she's back on my mind she reminds me of someone but I can't put my finger on it. With that I fell into a peaceful sleep.

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