Witches of Salem

One surviving witch of the Salem Witch Trials just recently lost her sister in a hanging of a Christian church in a small town. This is the story of Marlene and her sister, Gertrude, and how they survived the 1970s.


1. The Ressurrection Of Gertrude.

                The light shimmered through the window hitting the end of my bed. I was awake when the sun arose to day. I slump out of my bed and slowly put on my black boots. I walk out of the small bedroom and walk into the common area of the cottage that is hidden perfectly in the woods. I walk to the fireplace and with a flick of my hand, I start the fire. I summon a medium sized pot over the low fire. I then add a horse's heart from the jar on the table and  add a cow's tongue from the jar right next to it into the pot. I pour my sister's ashes into what was now a heated mixture. Walking over to the dead girl's body on the table, I open her eyelids. I cut her shirt to reveal her bare chest. I grab the knife that was conveniently right next to her and stab her in the middle of the chest. I pour salt into the wound and then make another incision into her right wrist that pour out blood that was still a bit warm. I kept a jar right to her wrist making sure I capture the blood she bleeds. I wave my hand to pour the owl pellets and frog's blood into the creation so that it would be soon complete. I look down at the young girl; she does not look much older than sixteen years old.  Her death was only on my own hands, but I had to do it for the sake of saving my sister.

             "Junk meka contulactori contulactori! Menthari con contulactori! FRANUTARI!" A great flash of light expanded from the pot as I chanted the spell and poured the young girl's blood into the pot. I was blinded and could not see the girl' body that laid perfectly still on the table. I covered my nose from the retched stench that came over from the pot. I carefully walk back to the pot which was completely empty. My eyes still struggling to comprehend what was happening I feel the touch of the young girl on my shoulder. I turn around to find the young, pale sixteen year old girl with fuzzy blue eyes.

               "And you only find this body after I was hung?" I smile and hug the cold corpse that is holding my sister's soul.

              "It was not my fault you decided to show off your magic and consequently get hung by 'Church of God' and all the rest that is holy. Remember, no magic until you are used to this body." I say callously. She walked over the mirror nearby and twirled around.

             "How log has it been?" Gertrude asked while she changed into her dress and old, black cloak. I waited as I walked over to the pot again to answer. She turned to me waiting for answer.

              "Three weeks. I had to wait. he rest of the town was headed my way, which is why we are back here. Plus, I had to wait for the sweetest revenge there is." She nodded as if she paid an once of attention to what I was saying. "I used the priest's daughter's body if you have not noticed. You are welcome by the way." I reach for the pot that was now filled with clean water. I expected no answer from her. I carry out the pot to the front porch and pour it out. The water then burned the newborn sunflowers that were growing on the side of the cottage.

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