Witches of Salem

One surviving witch of the Salem Witch Trials just recently lost her sister in a hanging of a Christian church in a small town. This is the story of Marlene and her sister, Gertrude, and how they survived the 1970s.


2. Her Body.

           I walk back inside the cottage ,and to my surprise Gertrude was on the floor with foam coming out of her mouth. I stand there over the body waiting for it to give in. I look down at my sister and the body stops. I raise my hand to lift the body back onto the table. Gertrude must have tried to use magic already or the body was just not ready to host another spirit, a strong spirit, in it yet. The body was probably unaware of this parasite. I could still sense Gertrude's spirit lingering on the body still wanting to survive. I free my hand for the knife that I cut this same body with. I have to once again cut open her shirt to see the color of her veins. The wound seem to be spreading blood to her veins still, but they appeared to be red. Red veins showed all throughout the chest. I use the knife to only widen the wound that I kept fresh by adding salt. I pour urine of a lizard that aids the body back to recovery slowly. The foaming had stopped, but the body still twitched.

             "Sanchuka. Lilotomi. Santomi!" The urine then fizzed and sizzled along with the salt. The body then floated towards the ceiling and floated towards an upwards position.

            "You leave my body ALONE!" The body growled. I new Gertrude was not coming back as long as this body was alive. The old spirit of the young girl is still trying to salvage what she can to survive. I reach from Mother Supreme's book to find the spell that could stop the body. The body still floating seemed to have inner struggling between my sister and the old host.

             "Fanyulokilo! Dutriola! Contrulactori! Lilotomimenti!" The body falls back on to the table. I save myself for now, but since the body was resurrected out of spite, the girl found a way to come back. I must bury the body alive, to fully kill the spirit, but that must mean I would kill my sister once and for all.

              "Summon the one, the only Mother Supreme! I summon you for the better or worse of the witchcraft for one is in trouble! " I get the knife and slit a 'x' on my heart. I walk outside where winds and thunder rose. I put my arms up covering my face from debris of twigs and leaves getting in my face. I peek my eyes a bit to find Mother Supreme in her black cloak and black boots holding a black umbrella over her head. All seized.

             "Why have you summoned Mother Supreme?" She spoke.

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