The Ninja's Goal

This is like Naruto but very very different. I'm going to try and make it similar to the saying but I'll try. This is my first movelle so please don't hate!!'


1. My name is Ryuu Tatsuya

Chapter 1-


“There she is. That monster.”, “Don’t talk to her, or she will kill you.”, “Why would they let her in! They should just get rid of her.” Yup you heard that right everyone whispers thinking that I can’t hear them, but they guess wrong. Oh yea my name is Ryuu Tatsuya and I am a ninja and I have three goals in life.

      To get everyone to respect me in this village

      To get strong

      After all that I wish to die if I can't do it

Yup you heard me right I want to die, also you heard me say village. There are 9 major villages and I am in the village hidden in the leaf. Anyway let’s get back to what I am doing, I am heading to the academy to get my team pick. I don’t really care what team I get but I just need to get stronger. I get to there and take a seat in the back corner, no one sits by me but in front of me is Sasuke Uchiha, next to him is Sakura Haruno, then near the aisle is Naruto Uzumaki and he is determine to get me to smile and laugh for joy and not pain.

“Okay class time to set up your team groups and then after lunch you will meet your team captain. First off team 7, Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha, and Ryuu Tatsuya.” Sensei said and Sakura didn’t look to happy and stood up.

“Sensei I don’t agree with me and her and plus we are suppose too have three members in a team and we have four.”

“Well get use to have me there cherry blossom but I am wondering why we are a group of four.” I said and asked, Sakura went pale and sat back down.

“Well there I don’t know either anyway back to the teams, team 8 Hinata Hyuga, Kiba Inuzuka, and Shino Aburame.”

“Team 10 is Ino Yamanaka, Shikamaru Nara, and Choji Akimichi. Now everone after lunch you will meet your team captain so dismiss.”

Everyone left after that for lunch and came back, everyone left with their captain but are team’s captain didn’t show yet and Naruto was trying to make me laugh or smile. He was about to tickle but I twisted his arm behind his back and pushed him to the ground.

“Don’t touch me!” I yelled

“Sorry I didn’t know. If I did then I wouldn’t.”

“It is okay to try and make me laugh or smile but never touch me.” I calmed down

As soon as I calmed down Naruto went and put an eraser between the doors for a prank I guess.

“Naruto I don’t think he is going to fall for that, he is a jounin leveled ninja.” Sakura said to him.

“For once I agree with you and if he falls for it then it is to prove a point like that it is a stupid prank and he doesn’t need to dodge it. You are just making more of a fool out of yourself.” I said and Sakura glared at me.

The next thing is that the captain walked in the eraser fell on his head and Naruto laughed and he just said what I said earlier to him and I told him I told him so. We headed out to a roof top to discus some things about ourselves.

“Sensei can you give us an example with yourself?” Sakura asked

“Umm well my name is Kakashi Hatta thing I like and things I dislike, well I don’t feel like telling you and my hobbies well I don’t have any.”

That was stupid he didn’t even tell us anything but his name but oh well. Naruto went first then Cherry Blossom went and she said stupid things, Sasuke on the other hand was like but the revenge thing and then it was my turn.

“Well my name is Ryuu Tatsuya I like to train to get stronger. I hate her and stupid people. I don’t have hobbies either and things in my life well three thing is to get respected by the village, stronger, then if I can't accomplish it I wish to die simple as that.” I said with an emotionless face.

Everyone stared at me but Sakura because I guess she is mad because I said I hated her, ha I hated her because she is a know it all. Naruto was about to say something but Kakashi sensei interrupted and asked instead.

“Why do you wish to die?”

“Well, I said IF plus if everyone hates me it will bring me down and I would want to kill myself I don’t even know why the villagers hate me. Do you?”

He nodded and dismiss everyone and said not to eat anything tonight but I am going to anyway I am not starving myself to death but before we let captain told me to come with him and I did. We ended up going to the hokage for my answer.

“So you think it is time we told her the truth?” 3rd hokage said.

“Yes it seems that she can hear what the villagers say about her.” Kakashi said.

“Well they are bad at whispering, it is like they are yelling it.” I said.

3rd - “OK, Ryuu this is going to be hard on you probably but do you know the tailed beast?”

Me- “Yes the one tailed is in the sand village and the others are in different ones and the nine tails attacked here 12 years ago right? Then the 4th hokage sealed it into someone from this vill…”

I know now why everyone was mean to me now it is because I have to nine tails inside of me. Why would he do that oh why?

“Yes he is inside you. You probably want to know why so here it is he sealed it inside of you because you were LIKE a daughter to him because when he stayed home and his one friend, your dad, went on a mission he took care of you. He did it because he knew you would be stronger.”

He trailed off a little when he saw my face it was sad, anger, depressed, and scared I was so angry the most when my emotions lost control and this chakra that was not mine spread through my body making everything shake. They were yelling at me to calm down but I shut them out and still felt that anger rise more and a voice inside of my head saying “Yes, yes lose control destroy everything I tried to destroy.” When I heard that I tried to stop because I knew who it was it was him the one and only.

The nine tails telling me what to do.

I tried to calm down and did but when I did I lost consciousness.



As soon as we spit up I headed to ichiraku ramen. I was almost there when I hear a loud clash, I look and see that it was from the hokage’s place. Wait didn’t Ryuu and Kakashi sensei go that way? I know they went that way so I go there missing my meal boo. Anyway when I get there the shaking stopped and I see Ryuu on the floor unconscious.

Me- “What happened in here sensei?”

3rd – “Nothing take her to the Hospital Naruto I need to talk to Kakashi alone please.”

I leave taking her with me to the hospital and stay there till she woke up to ask her.


3rd Hokage:

I didn’t know she had that much power. She is going to be stronger than all of us one day. I turn to Kakashi who was waiting passionantly.

Me- “You have to keep her at bay out on missions if they make it though I’m guessing it is tomorrow then.”

Kakashi- “Yes but I have a feeling that they are going to pass even though no one has so far."

He nodded and headed off. I can’t wait till she learns to control it and so she can show more emotions then she does now. I head to bed from this tiring day.



I wake up in the hospital and see Naruto right by my side sleeping peacefully. I lift my hand and put it on his head and he awakes and stares at me surprised and I smile a real smile for the first time in my life and it felt good.

Naruto- “You’re awake and you just smiled. A real life smile!!!!”

Me- “Yea and it feels good to actually smile. And also I’m hungry can you get me something to eat?”

He nodded and left the room getting some food and I just sit there till I sense a presence at the door but they wouldn’t come in.

Me- “Come out now or else.” I said bluffing because I’m not at 100% yet.

??- “I see your feeling better I see. We heard from the captain that you are hear so we are going to meet up later and do you know where Naruto is?”

I see Cherry Blossom and Sasuke come through that door.

Me- “Wow didn’t expect to see you here Sakura AND Sasuke too. Oh an Naruto went to get me food so he will be right back.” I said still smiling at them.

Sakura- “Okay who are you and what have to done to the emotionless Ryuu?!?!”

Me- “I don’t know I smiled for the first time when I woke up and liked it so I’m done being emotionless unless something happens… Do you know what I am?” I asked scared to know “If not I’ll tell but please don’t be afraid.”

They didn’t know so I told them everything and they just smiled but Sasuke because he never smiles. I looked scared to see if they seemed scared but they didn’t they looked happy but I don’t understand.

Me- “Why? You not scared of me like the villagers?”

Sakura- “NO! If you were scary then we would not have visited you.”

Me- “You know what I change what I said earlier when we introduced our self wonna know?” She nodded and I continued.

Me- “Things I like are this team and dumplings. I hate the nine tails, my goal is to get stronger to control it”

Sakura- “Wow your thing changed and you didn’t say you hated me or called me Cherry Blossom.”

She ran over and hugged me and when Naruto came in he put the food down and grabbed Sasuke and we did a group hug.

Kakashi- *cough cough* “Well when you are done eating you can come over to where we are going to wait.”

We headed to the training site and he explained to us the rules.

k- “You can use any jutsu you want along with any weapons. The rules are simple you just have to take these bells so get ready 3, 2. 1, start.”

And he vanished and I called them over here because I had a plan so I told them that they can’t win if we go by ourselves so we attacked as a team.

(skip the battle because I don’t feel like writing it)

We made the team and went on missions. This one mission was a C rank mission that turned into a B or A rank missions. We made 2 new friends even though they were enemies at first but the both died in the end. When we got back from that mission we did D rank missions to take it easy. When we got back from one Sakura went to ask Sasuke if they would train together but he said no, then Naruto tried and she turned him down. Then out of nowhere a little boy came up to Naruto and called him “boss” well ok then. He asked to play ninja and Sakura stared daggers into him and the little boy was saying something about them dating and Naruto agreed so Sakura goes up and punches him in the face and the little boy says something about being a rude girlfriend and gets punches too. When that finished Sakura dragged me with her to a dumpling store then the little boy said.

Boy- “I think she isn’t even human did you see how wide her forehead is and her friend she has a darkness around her. I think they are both monsters.”

Sakura chased after them and I also did too. I was about to grab the boy when I ran into someone.

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