What is 'never'? A word used in the child's fairytale 'Peter Pan' for the boy who never grew up's beloved, adventurous home, 'Neverland' to describe its possible impossibilities. Or perhaps a word used to describe the term that time is never ending, it only repeats itself, however we always somehow need more of it. 'Never' didn't play a role within Robyn's life. Read more to discover Robyn as her true form and why is she is forever alone...


5. A simple game

The suns light broke through the entwined branches slicing half of my face with a single beam. I was slow to remember the night before events and lay there in my branched cocoon. All at once my memories returned to me making my head swirl with pictures of the beast wolf with the emerald green eyes. Confused, I looked down to see if my wound had healed, and it had, all that was left was a pale silver scar. I placed my palm on my homemade home and slowly each branch began to unravel and slide. The suns light was blinding as I opened my eyes to the world. As my eyes adjusted to the bright light I witnessed the previous nights blizzards mess. Trees branches lay about the ground torn from their mothers. The snow was higher than I had ever seen as it covered what once were cliffs. It was then that I remembered I had left my dogs outside all alone during the time that hell broke loose. I touched the ground and felt its fear of the blizzard. I asked:

"Search for my team please, I need to know if they are safe."

The earth was at first to frozen to do anything but then I gave it warmth through my fire abilities and it obeyed my command, pleased to feel a little heat. I saw through the earth, we travelled over rivers and cliffs and eventually came to where my camp was set up. The tent was down, the fire was gone and my sled lay crumpled on the ground. Tears came to my eyes as I came to realise reality. The earth tried to comfort me but I backed away from the white floor and stood, leaning on a pine tree. It was all my fault that they hadn't survived as I wasn't there to protect them. It was then that the wind arrived and wrapped itself around me but I couldn't lift me, I was to heavy with the weight of sadness. I felt it sigh and leave me alone as it new that that was best for now.

Hours passed and it was then I realised I had to find shelter for the night ahead. My feet white matching my skin but they where beginning to turn the natural colour of skin. I took steps through the forest in search of a home as I knew it was the best place to find a solid home. The earth accompanied me on my journey and we decided that to pass the time to play the game of tag. Now many think this would be strange but in fact the earth constructed itself a wooden figure out of the nearest tree. I waited for the earth to understand its bearings and then stood when I realised it was ready.


I raced through the trees and felt the winds presence flowing through my red, fiery hair. I could sense that 'earth' was near me and then I felt a hard structure tap my shoulder.

"Your it Robyn" the earth whispered into my head.

I laughed to myself and began in looking for my friend. I dashed through the trees in the direction in which 'Earth' went. Soon enough I caught up to it and sneakily snuck up behind it.

"I am the ninja dear friend, you are now it!" I said as I tapped the figure on the on the wooden back.

"Well played my dear Robyn"

I ran from 'Earth' In the opposite direction and swerved in and out of trees. Soon I could hear footsteps behind my and smiled to myself about how much fun this was. I could never do this with anyone, the wind had no legs, my father never came down to earth and I had no friends. Coming out of a moment I turned around to see the wooden creature behind me also smiling, and I could feel 'Earths' laughter inside my head. I spun back around and decided to run my fastest, I ran and ran but I couldn't shake the figure. I turned and bounced, ran and swerved between the winter wonderland and then hid behind a tree. I needed to catch my breath quickly because soon 'Earth' would find me. In the midst of making my plan i heard an ear splitting scream inside my head, making me fall the the ground in pain.

In panic I tried to speak to 'Earth' and in return it spoke,

"Run my dear Robyn, run and have been hurt and have to rerun to my frosted over home, run..."

Confused I ignored my friends words and turned in the direction of the scream. I needed to find what had wounded my friend and destroy it.


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