What is 'never'? A word used in the child's fairytale 'Peter Pan' for the boy who never grew up's beloved, adventurous home, 'Neverland' to describe its possible impossibilities. Or perhaps a word used to describe the term that time is never ending, it only repeats itself, however we always somehow need more of it. 'Never' didn't play a role within Robyn's life. Read more to discover Robyn as her true form and why is she is forever alone...


4. 2 Pairs of green eyes

The last night of the blizzard was the worst I had ever experienced. The wind howled as the snow was swept all around, stopping it from slowing down. My eyes were sore from the pinches and scratches from the snow hitting my cold eyes and my skin had turned an icy white camouflaging me in with my surroundings. This was my only benefit of the storm as it made hunting a lot easier, my prey would not see me approach until they felt my deathly cold breath sending a spine chilling sensation down their warming coats. The wind was to busy dealing with the storm to help me in my plan so I depended on my enhanced senses to guide me. The earth was cold, it's shivers were felt by my palm as I touched the ground. It whispered its thoughts and surroundings to me, telling me that a creature of great size was near. I let my mind wonder on what I could do with the meat I would gain, me and my dogs won't be going hungry anytime soon!

My bare feet did not sink into the icy snow below, they skimmed its surface like a feathers through the sky. The animal was near, only about 70 metres away from where my silver body stood. The area I was now enclosed in was not that of the familiar bare landscape but was a surrounding of pine trees that we're swaying violently due to my friend the wind. This area was an unfamiliar territory that I had never been across before, it gave me sensations of excitement and fear. I wandered in closer to sneak up to my prey, ready to strike and kill. All of a sudden my ears pricked at the sound of heavy breathing just like those of a fox when it could hears its preys footsteps on the earth. Then Silence. The breathing had stopped all together but the creature could not just disappear, could it? Disappointment flooded through my statue still body, disappointment that I would never taste the delicious meat I could of gained from one single knife blow.

To busy caught up in my thoughts of my stupidity I was flung across the wooden closure to the right, a frozen tree blocking my way making me hit it with what should have been an instant death blow. However I could not be killed that easily.

A scream was not formed as an elemental could never let anyone know its pain as it shows weakness. My mouth formed a tight line, not allowing me to shout out. My back was in a considerable amount of pain that kept on shocking me through my spine. A cut was formed by the attack on the right side of my temple and was producing my golden blood that began to drip onto the the grounds white canvas. Many years ago the human world believed angels walked the earth and that their golden blood healed the sick and even those who were already taken by death. These beings were not angels but elementals like myself. There once was a time when many elementals walked among the humans because they weren't afraid by them, however as they grew so did their knowledge, which scared away my kind as they thought they would be discovered.

My eye sight was blurry but I could see the outline of a figure hidden by the blizzards rage. To prevent it attacking again I commanded the tree beside me to take me higher. It's branches wrapped around my arms pulling me onto my feet then into the air. The creature peered upwards as I preformed my escape and then took a another step back. It was cautious of my movements. I had regained my eye sight and could make out the animals structure easily than I had before. Looking closely I could make out the creatures stunningly magical, beautiful, majestic green eyes. They starred at me, probably searching me trying to find my weak spot. That was not going to happen. My wounds had already sealed from the energy I had stole from the giant pine. It was now my turn to attack. To fast for the animal to realise what was about to take place I jumped from my perch down onto the creatures fur coated back. It was the colour of a golden hazel which had a shine where the moons light caught it. At first It didn't move due to shock but soon it began to jerk and thrash in order to try and get rid of its annoying flea - me. I clumsily pulled my knife from my rabbit skinned belt and took hold it firmly between both my silver palms.

I sent my knife flying down, trying to break its vertebrate but before it hits its target the creature jerked forward sending the knife Into the side of my leg. This wound was greater than the previous and my blood flowed from it, gushing onto the beasts coat. Being in the state of shock I lost my balance on the creature and fell onto the frozen earth beneath me. I lay the sprawled on the ground unable to stand due to my cut. The beasts footsteps became slower and slow, decelerating from its panicked running. It's paws on the earths sheet of snow were heavy and strong. My eyes were open and I could feel myself beginning to heal ever so slowly meaning my eye colour was the colour of leaf green. The beast was only a metre away from my body now, and I could feels its emerald green eyes starring at me, deciding on what it shall do to me. The first step was taken, the the second and at last the third. I could feel its breath on my face as it looked down upon me. I could clearly see the creatures from now. A wolf but much larger than any I has ever seen. It's paws were the same size as my face and it's back body stood strong and proud. Though it was its eyes that took my breath away. A pure green, however darker than the colour my eyes were now whilst I was healing. The searched my eyes as If looking for my fear. Though that wasn't what I felt from the beast, I felt mesmerised and excited. Why have I never encountered this beautiful creature before now? As If knowing I wasn't going to give in to fear, it backed away. However not entirely as It the brought its snout down to the side of my head. It paused as seemed to be smelling my hair and nuzzling into the side of my head. I turned with all the energy I had left to be once again face to face with the animal. Looking down its snout I desperately wanted to see those eyes one more time before it kills me. It seemed as if both I and the beast were not breathing, just looking into each other's eyes. Then extraordinarily the creatures eyes changed, they became softer and looked...looked more.....human?

Then with no warning it jumped up showing me it's brilliant height before it pounded off into the forests shadows with heavy strides of a wolf. I lay there shocked by the event and waited. The cold did not hurt me but I felt so weak. I touched the nearest tree with one bare pale hand and felt the trees energy surge through me. The branches and roots of the tree wrapped around my body entangling me within the tree.

They blocked out the winds bites and the snows scratches. It was then I fell asleep, dreaming about the green eyed creature.

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