The Marauders

This is the story of Harry's parents and how everything fell into place.


2. Picking up Marlee

Lily's P.O.V

"Lily! Lily! Go away! You'll spoil everything! Go!" Petunia's voice rang through my ears.

"I just came to get my book back, thank you very much." I retorted back.

"Fine! You have it, go!"

"I'm going!" I stormed out of her bland and grey room. Everything was neat and tidy and boring. No pictures or posters hung on her walls.

I walked across the hall to my room where I clutched a picture of my best friend and I in the Hogwarts courtyard. We were sitting on a stone bench laughing and smiling. Marlee's blonde curls framed her face and brought out her bright blue eyes. She was in her red plaid skirt and her white blouse with the sleeves rolled up to her elbows. Her tie was loose around her neck but, she still looked very put together. My hair was down and parted to the side. I was in my uniform as well, but I wasn't wearing my tie and I was in a black skirt. Remus took that photo for us because Marlee feels it necessary to document every single happy moment together because her greatest fear is waking up one day and not remembering anyone she holds close to herself. That's why she has so many photos of us in different times and places. Another picture I love is when we went to a muggle beach in France and we got pictures taken in a muggle photo booth together. That was last summer we went because her dad traveled there for work and let her and her brothers take a friend. She has four brothers so that was 10 kids in one beach house. I've never been to the beach before then, that's when I learned how much I loved it. No muggles to worry about because it was wizarding France.

I set my pictures in my suit case. I reached for the last picture to put away and I was filled with homesickness. That is, my second home Hogwarts. The picture was of me, Marlee, James Potter, and his other friends all standing in a line with our arms behind each other's shoulders in the Hogwarts courtyard at night. We were laughing and grinning and having a fantastic time. I was smashed in between James and Marlee. James had one hand around Serious' shoulder and the other around my waist. During the photo being taken, James kissed me on cheek but I was a little dizzy from 2 glasses of Butterbeer to care so I just laughed along. That was a wonderful night, even though we didn't get caught, we could have gotten in a load of trouble. I stared at the photo for a while then packed it away with the others. I packed my books and other things into my trunk and clasped the brass clips shut. I popped my head into Petunia's room.

"What do want now?" She gave me a disgusted look. She was writing in her diary, that when I was old enough to use magic outside school, jinxes to spurt ink out at her every time she said something bad about me.

"I just wanted to say goodbye. Me and mom are leaving to pick up Marlee and I won't see you for another year."

"Thank goodness." She said and gave me dirty look.

"Thank goodness is right you dried up prune." I whipped out my wand and turn her pillow into a log. "Sleep well, dear Petunia." I shouted down the hall.

I heard her scream in anger so load it could have woken up a village. I hurried outside to the car where mom was patiently waiting. She flashed me a huge smile as I approached the car. I threw my stuff in the trunk and swung around with Ruby in my hand to the passenger seat.

"Did you say goodbye to your sister, Lily?" My mom asked as we pulled away out of the drive way.

"Of course I did." I answered with a smile that my mom didn't see.

"Good. I hate it when you two bicker like that."

"Yes." I responded while I looked back at Petunia's window. She gave me a sour look and I just waved my hand goodbye.

After a half hour drive, we pulled up to Marlee's house. She lived on a big farm with a huge lake a mile down the way. I jumped out of the car and hurried to her front door. I knocked three times and a tall boy with ginger hair answered the door.

"Hello Marty. How are you?" I asked pleasantly. This was Marlee's older brother who was in his sixth year. He had a handsome face and was very strong. I only knew him because he was the keeper for the Gryfinndor quittage team.

"Hi-um- Lily right? Marlee will be down in a minute. Come in." His voice had gotten deeper since I last talked to him. I stepped inside and I was overwhelmed by the delicious smell of brownies in the oven. He walked over to the huge spiral staircase and called for Marlee.

"Marlee! Your friend Lily is here!"

I heard a thump from upstairs and then Marlee's voice.

"Hold on! No need to get your wand in a knot, I'm coming!"

Marty rolled his eyes walked away into the living room. I looked around the kitchen and a clock caught my eye. It had all the members of the family's face on a spoon like the hand of a clock except this clock didn't tell time. It told you where each member was. Everyone was home except for her dad who was at work and her eldest brother who was at work also. I saw another brother come down the steps.

"Hi Arthur."I said with a smile.

He looked startled to see me at first then waved his hand hello. He also had bright red hair and many freckles. I knew he was in his fourth year this year because I saw him around sometimes. He was always walking with this plump girl named Molly. He was examining a toy car. He looked really puzzled with it. Then he stopped in his tracks and hurried over to me.

"Can I ask you something?" He sounded serious.

"Yeah sure."

"You were brought up by Muggles, correct?"


"So you grew up with muggle things, yes?"

"Yes Arthur."

"Could you explain to me what the function of this is?" He held out the car in the palm of his hand.

"Yeah, that's a toy car. Muggle children play with them."

"Really? That's all?" He seemed intrigued with my answer.

"Thanks." He muttered things to himself and hurried back upstairs.

Then Marlee came downstairs with her trunk and her owl. She was in blue jeans and a green tee shirt with a weird sister's logo on it. Her hair was straightened and down.

"You ready?" She said panting.

"Yeah, let's help you with your stuff." I hurried over to her and grabbed the cage with her screech owl, Clover, in it.

"Bye mum!" She shouted in no particular direction.

"Hold on, I'm coming!" Her mom's voice came from around the corner. She rushed in and gave her a big hug.

"Be safe, be smart, be kind, and don't make me send a howler." She commanded during the hug.

"I know mum." She sounded bored.

"Let's go." I said opening the door. I smiled at her mom.

"Bye Mrs. Weasley." I said and she waved goodbye.

I help her with her putting her trunk in the trunk. My mother was out of earshot.

"Marlee," I leaned in close to her, " Don't mention James or any of that. My mom doesn't know."

"I'll save it for the train ride." She gave me a sly smile.

I opened the door for her and she climbed in. I followed.

"How are Marlee?" My mother was trying to seem normal and not to muggle like.

"I'm fine, and yourself?" She sounded so sweet and innocent around adults, but around kids, she's crazy. She has a reputation for a party girl, and it does her justice.

"I'm fine." My mother was really nervous around wizards and witches because she is afraid that something rude or stupid will slip out. Nothing ever does, but she's still cautious.

It was an hour if awkward silence in the car until we got to the train station. My mom pulled up to the front of Kings Cross station, gave me a hug and kiss and drove off.

We walked in together and saw Remus with his mother at the entrance to the platform.

"Hey Mooney!" Marlee gave him a big smile and he nodded his head. His mother stared at us for a little bit and then looked away.

Remus went through the wall and into the platform. We followed and hurried to the train to get an empty compartment. Marlee pushed people with her trunk to clear a path. We found an empty compartment, closed the doors, put our luggage up above, and sat down and she immediately dived into the subject of James.

"So! Tell me everything about him!"

"I just saw you three weeks ago!" I said with my eyes wide open.

"So? A lot can happen in three weeks!"

I looked at my feet and blushed, "He sent me a love letter."

Marlee nearly had a heart attack "WHAT?! Oh my god that's so exciting!"

"Yeah, I left it at home by accident. But it's ok, I can tell you what it said."


"Well, it started off with him talking about this picture he found of me at one of Slughorn's parties and that he keeps it on his bedside table so everyday he can see me when he reaches for his glasses."

"Awwwwwwww!!! That's so sweet!"

"Yeah and then he started. Describing what I meant to him, like I'm the salt to his pepper and stuff like that."

"How adorable!"

"Then he told me to meet him in the Gryffindor common room tonight."

Marlee gasped, "Oh my god! Do you think he will pronounce his love to in person?"

"I honestly don't know."

"Are you going?"

"Oh course!" I said it like it was obvious.

"Tell me everything tomorrow." She looked at me with her chin to her chest.


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