The Marauders

This is the story of Harry's parents and how everything fell into place.


12. James' Prank

Lily's POV

"Oh my gosh! I can't believe he asked you to the Slug club dinner party! I mean, I thought you would just take James or something, but look at that! Some one asked you!" Jennifer gushed.

"Yeah, I was gonna ask James, but I don't know....he just doesn't seem like he would have fun there." I said smiling.

"Exactly." Marlee added.

"I just feel guilty, you know." I explained.

"Why?" Marlee asked.

"Because I really like James! And it just seems unfair for him."

"Like you said, he wouldn't have any fun." Jennifer added.

"Maybe one of his friends will ask me." Elaine said dreamily.

"Oh come on," Marlee said play-punching her in the shoulder, "Sirius will wake up and see what a great girl you are."

"I hope so." Elaine sighed, smiling.

"Marcus and I are going together. Maybe you and Sam would like to walk with us to the party?" Jennifer asked, her eyes flushed with love.

"I'll ask him." I replied not to eagerly. I'll have to come up with a lie or something to tell her at the party like, 'Oh sorry! I forgot to tell you that Sam had to complete an assignment before hand.'

We walked into Transfiguration still bubbly and excited by my new and exciting news. Mcgonagal had a few things written on the board, but she was no where to be found. The Ravenclaw class came in after us and we all sat on desks and chatted about our first days so far.

I saw Sam walk in with his two friends, Rob Maloni and Bryce Fredrick. Both were extremely handsome and on the Quittage team. Rob was a little shorter than Sam and had dark, curly hair. His deep, brown eyes blended in with his caramel skin. I recognized him as a chaser. Bryce was tall and strong and had bright blue eyes that could literally melt someone's heart. He had black, buzzed hair and was a total flirt. He was a chaser too, I think or maybe a beater, I don't remember.

As they approached us, Sam winked at me and I smiled. They took there seats on the opposite side of the room, where all the boys were. Our group of girls laughed and smiled, trying to get his attention.

"Stop it!" I urged, laughing.

"She loves you!" Jennifer yelled across the room pointing at me.

"Stop it!" I laughed, pulling her arms down.

Once they all stopped, Marlee pulled me aside to talk.

"What's up?" I asked.

"I don't want you telling anyone what I'm about to tell you, got it?" Marlee whispered.

"Of course."

She swallowed.

"Well, there's this boy named Eddie and I kinda like him. We talked in common room last night and he had talked to me before then in the past year. But he asked me to Slughorn's party and I said yes." She said nervously.

"That's great!" I enthused.

"I know but, I didn't want to tell you incase you didn't go with anyone. Not that you can't get anyone of anything, just I thought you would ask James and you know how he can be when it comes to Slughorn."

"Oh yeah, I get it."

"Good," Marlee sighed putting a hand on my shoulder, "I didn't want you to think that I was trying to keep a secret from you or anything. The others don't know."

I nodded.

"So how are you gonna break it to James?" She asked as we went to our seats.

"Dunno. I guess I'll just say that we are just friends because we are."

"Sam's pretty cute." Marlee added smirking.

"I really like James, Mar. Come on now." I said leaning on her.

"I know, I know. Just stating an observation." She put up et hands to show no harm.

I saw Remus walk in with Sirius behind him, strutting about. Then Peter scurried in behind them, laughing uncontrollably. Then a huge rumble of what sounded like thunder came from outside the door. We were all silent.

"Oh no." I breathed.

James came flying in on his broomstick, throwing flowers down onto the class. People cheered as lilies and daisies rained on us. The paper cranes flew in after him and fluttered around. James was soaring around in the air before he caught sight of me and nose dived towards me. I started backing up, panicking. He grabbed my arm and tried to pull me up.

"Come on, Evans! Let's go for a ride!" He shouted.

"No no no no! James stop it! Let go of me!" I yelled, trying to loose his grip.

He pulled me up and rocketed up high before I could jump off. I looked down on the class and heard Elaine crying for someone to help me. I was shaking so much that I couldn't speak.

"Nice view, aye Evans?" James asked, smirking.

I gaped and watched as our classmates grew smaller and smaller.

He shot out the door and threw the courtyard. I clung to him, in fear of falling. The wind blew on my face and made tears stream down my face. We kept climbing in hight. Higher and higher. He hovered over the Great Lake as we over looked Hogwarts.

"What do ya think, Evans?" He laughed.

"Put me d-down." I stuttered.


"Put me down!" I cried, the tears rolled down my face.

"Lily, just look at the view! Do you even think that Sam could show you a better time-" James pleaded.

"Now James! Put me down now! I want to come down!" I shouted.

He smiled softly.

"You're afraid of heights." He declared triumphantly.


"That's why you hate flying! You're afraid of heights."

"James Potter I swear if you do not put me down on the ground right now I will turn you in to Professor Dumbledore and get you kicked out of this school!" I screamed.

"Why did you say yes to Sam?" He asked calmly.

"What?" I screamed.

"You heard me. I know that you and Sam are going together."

I breathed heavily and started sobbing.

"I'm so high up." I sobbed.

"Lily," he pleaded, "What did I do to make you not want me?"

I kept crying.

"James, just put me down. Please." I wiped my eyes.

He hesitated.

"Fine." He remarked softly.

We sailed down, back to the ground, meeting Professor Mcgonagal and the rest of our class in the courtyard. Her eyes lit up with fire.

I leaped off the broom and ran to Marlee. She hugged me and so did the others as I cried.

I turned to see James leave with Professor Mcgonagal. There was no way around what he did. I may have a way out of detention if other class mates backed me up, but James.....he was at fault.

"I will be back in a moment. I have to go escort Mr.Potter to the Headmaster's office. I want no funny business while I am gone and Ms. Evans," she turned to me, "I would like to see you after class."

The class stared at me, but I only looked at James. He mouthed, 'sorry Evans.'

I bit my lip and nodded, answering both Mcgonagal's and James' remarks.

Everyone watched as she left us in the classroom alone again. This time, we were all in our seats.

"Lily," Elaine soothed, "I'm so sorry. We tried to stop him but, he was just so high up in the air and we were all stunned."

"And if it helps," Jennifer added meekly, "The paper cranes spelled out, 'Lily, will you go to the Slug Club party with me?'"

"Really?" I asked, guiltily.


I sighed and buried my face in my hands.

"God, I'm so stupid." I muttered.

"Are you okay?" Sam's voice was right in front of me now.

"Yes." I replied, trying to keep my cool.

"Okay, good. You scared me when that freak grabbed you and took off. I wanted to hex him, but I thought you would fall off." He explained.

I didn't remove my hands from my face.

"He's not a freak."

He laughed.

"Did you not just see that?" He asked exasperated.

"I did. But he has good reason."

I felt his hand pat my shoulder.

"You can really see good in every person, Lily." He said.

I heard Jennifer and Elaine giggle and coo.

I backed away and gave a forced smile.

"Thanks." I said before sitting down.

He walked away.

The class was boring. We went over some of the basics from last year in case anyone had forgotten over the summer. I couldn't focus at all. Sirius slide a note onto my desk as he walked past to ask to go to the bathroom.

In his sharp, messy handwriting, sprawled out onto the parchment was,


Give him a chance. He's crazy about you and not the brightest. It seemed like a good idea at the time.


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