The Marauders

This is the story of Harry's parents and how everything fell into place.


5. Home

Lily's POV

Me and Marlee both opened up our text books and began to do a very quick review of all our subjects for tomorrow. Potions at which I excelled, Transfiguration at which I excelled, Charms at which I excelled, Divination is my worst subject, Ancient Runes at which I excelled, Flying class...okay this might be tied for last with Divination, Defense against the dark arts was really challenging but really interesting, and herbology which I excelled. I had all my classes with Marlee so how bad could it be?

"How you doing Marlee?"

She glanced up at me and shrugged her shoulders at me and looked back down. I suspect she was still angry with me from early with James. I wasn't going to take it personally and just let her blow off steam. I put down the last book and started again with my studying cycle. I was halfway through my Ancient Runes book when I heard a slight knock at the door. I reached over and opened the door to see a bright and cheery first year coming around to all the compartments to tell us to change into our robes because we'll be arriving soon.

Her hair was in little individual curls that neatly rested on her shoulders. She had many freckles and deep dimples placed in her cheeks. I smiled at her and nodded, to which she nodded her head violently which made her curls bounce up and down. She skipped down the hall and let the door slam with a shut.

"So cute." I said trying to break the silence again.

Marlee nodded and I just sighed and grabbed my robe, white button up blouse, red skirt, red and gold striped tie, and my red knee high socks. We both turned away from each other and changed. I tied my tie while looking at her put on her black socks. After we changed, we went back to studying through our books. I looked out the window and saw Hogwarts resting in it's little nook. It looked so peaceful and quiet there, like it had been untouched for years.


Marlee looked up from her book and out the window. Her eyes filled with happy memories and swam with the sad ones.

"Home." She repeated my words and now looked at me.

I looked at her to and we dropped our books and gave each other a huge hug.

"I couldn't stay made at you. Not talking is so boring!" She didn't let go and neither did I.

"I know! I had to keep flipping through those torturous books. One more page and I was going to scream!" We both laughed and looked at each other and packed up our things as we pulled into Hogsmead station. I opened the door and we grabbed our things. I wrestled Ruby, my cat, back into her carrier and Marlee grabbed Clove. We walked onto the platform and headed for the carriages.

"Oh let's get one with the guys!" Marlee exclaimed.

I have her a look a that said "Really"

She smiled and asked,"To soon?"

I looked up and laughed. I swear that girl was nothing but trouble and laughs.

We waited for a carriage to come while we stood at the loading station on the side of the dirt road. Then, Marlee nudged my shoulder and motioned her head to her right.

"Slytherins, four o clock."

It was Lucius, Bellatrix, Narrcissa, Regalus, and Severus all heading our way to wait for the carriages.

I groaned at the sight of them.

"Do we really have to wait with this lot? They make me sick to even be around, the brave and whatever." Bellatrix obviously meant for us to hear her as they strutted over.

"You're the one to talk." Marlee muttered under her breath.

"Calm down Bella, once we get within grounds, you can jinx the living hell out of them and see just how brave they are." Regalus boasted.

Marlee's fist tightened into a ball and my teeth rubbed together. Just then a carriage pulled up and me and Marlee quickly hopped inside and urged the thestral to move. It obeyed and I looked back at the Slytherins as they gave me dirty looks. Severus was staring at me with an emotionless face. His hair had become slightly greaser and hung down in his face. He was clutching an open text book the entire time. I looked at him and then glanced away and spoke to Marlee.

"God they irritate me! Why do they have to be so rude all the time?" I made my hands into fists and beat my lap.

"That's Slytherin for you. What gets me is they're applauded for their slyness and rudeness." Blood rushed to her face in anger.

"Oh well, I guess their just lost causes." I shrugged.

"Yeah I guess so." She streaked Clover's head from inside her cage. She was a tiny owl, but not quite a pigment. She was brown with white spots. She hooted when she streaked her.

"Time to get out." I opened the back of the carriage and climbed out, grabbing my luggage and Ruby. Marlee did the same and we headed towards the courtyard with the others. It was still light out but it was fading into a sunset. I looked at my watch, 4:30. I looked to my left and saw James, Serious, and Lupin trying to keep Peter's satchel out of reach. I shook my head and smiled as we trudged up the steps.

As we entered through the great hall, a rush of memories filled me up. The smell of rosemary filled my nose and triggered the memory of when I first walked in here as a first year, and how I walked next to Severus, and how I hurried to the front stool where I was placed into Gryfinndor, ad how Severus was put into Slytherin. So much has changed. I walk through these doors as a veteran of Hogwarts and treat this like second home, and Marlee now walks with me while Severus walks with fellow Slyhtherins, and now I will watch others join our family instead of me. The great hall was semi filled, but I could only get a glance at it because we were being ushered to the staircases, where we would put our luggage. I placed my trunk, bag, and Ruby's carrier in a neat pile. Ruby meowed in protest.

"Sorry girl, I'll be back soon."

She licked her lips and I walked with Marlee back upstairs into the great hall. The marble stairs made the sound bounce off the ground and back into the air, making the noise of the students louder. I saw James and Lupin setting down their things and we made I contact for a second before I walked away and took my seat at the Gryfinndor table. We sat near a few other girls in the middle of the table. They gave us odd looks when we sat down and stopped talking. We looked at each other awkwardly and slowly sat down, to which they turned around and whispered. Marlee rolled her eyes and we watched as others gathered into the great hall. I saw James and Sirius waltz in like kings coming into their castle after a victorious battle. Remus followed shaking his head as they strutted down the isle. Peter followed and was laughing and giggling the whole way.

"Here they come." I said turning around so my feet would go under the table.

"Hello Marlee..." James was probably still frustrated with me but I would apologize tonight.

"Hello James." Marlee said coughing slightly, indicating my presence.

"Oh and hello.....Lilian is it?" He was being very formal all of a sudden.

"It's Lily, but if that's not good enough, "Marlee's Friend" will do." I said smiling. The rude girls were giggling, still huddled in their little group.

He now purposely spoke loud so the people in our general area could hear us.

"You have to remember Lily, you're the one who jammed your tounge down my throut on the train ride here." That got some attention and I thought the girls next to us were going to explode from all the giggling.

"You're right, I did. Would you like to reenact what happened next?" I was in feet now, staring him dead in the eyes.

"No thanks." He pushed me back slightly, "I think we'll just stick to the plan." With that he gave me a seductive wink and they went to the back of the table.

I heard the girls laughing and I even heard my name. My head turned directly at them and gave them dirty looks. They did the same and sat down with my back turned to them. I pulled my wand out of my robes and put it under the table, pointing it at the girls.

I muttered a curse I learned in charms class. It makes your mouth literally sewn up so you can't talk. I heard the girls' muffled screams try to come out. People looked their way and laughed but, I didn't move a muscle except for a sly smile con across my face. I only looked as they ran out the doors, covering their mouths.

"Brilliant." Marlee whispered.

I smiled.

The first years shuffled in looking up at the ceiling, that just so happened to be enchanted. Their bright eyes and fresh faces reminded me of when I was that young. Then it caught my eye, a young girl with blonde hair and a boy with brown greasy hair. She had spunk in her skip and the boy had a sort of happiness in his eyes as he looked around and at her. It reminded me oddly of me and Severus, all though I wasn't that peppy. They brought the hat out and they whipped through the list.

"Madeleine, Surrey." The young Professor Mcgonagal read the name as she looked around at the sea of first years. The little blonde girl I saw almost skipped up the stairs and plopped down on the wooden stool. The hat muttered things to her and finally yelled, "Huffelpuff."

We all clapped and Hufflepuff cheered. She was beaming and hurried over to the table.

A few more names were called, I wasn't really paying attention. Then I glanced up and saw the boy sitting there. It was shame I didn't catch his name. His face looked sad or almost worried as he sat there. He probably knew he wouldn't get into Huffelpuff and be with his friend. After al little bit of time, the hart called out loudly, "Ravenclaw!" He looks over at the girl who still hadn't wiped the smile off her face. She was clapping and cheering as he sat down and shook hands with people at his table.

Then Professor Dumbledore stood.

"Let the feast, begin." The plates turned over and an abundance of food appeared. Turkey, mashed potatoes, yams, cran berries, steaks, a fruit platter, creamed corn, an assortment of baked potatoes, rolls,drumsticks, chicken breasts, veggie platters, and to much more to name lay on the tables. I filled my plate, so did Marlee.

We returned from the feast and entered the common room. I climbed the stairs and opened the door with a brass 5 on it and found my trunk already in there. I pulled it over to the bed near the window. Marlee came in a few minutes later and set her things on the bed next to mine. I opened Ruby's cage and let her roam around in my bed.

"I'm stuffed!" I said rolling onto my back, looking up at the ceiling.

"Me too." Marlee did the same.

We laid there in science for a few minutes until the four other girls in our year came in and claimed their beds. We all unpacked our things and arose in a light hearted chatter. I had come to know the other girls well over the years, but I wasn't as close to any of them as Marlee and I were. I liked them all very much and they were all very nice girls. Elaine Finch, a thin girl with long brown hair and brown eyes, rolled onto her bed and held a photo of Sirius close to her chest.

"Oh why doesn't he notice me? Why?" She was acting really dramatic, considering that's her specialty.

Her best friend leaped onto the bed with her and sat at the foot of the bed.

"The only person he notices is James Potter." Jennifer Prudent, an average sized girl with long blonde hair and bright green eyes said a-matter-o-factly looking at Elaine, a smirk rested on her face where it usually did.

"So?! It can change!" Elaine said sitting up.

"Sure, and I'll turn into a cow tomorrow evening." She rolled her eyes.

Sarah Burns, a petite girl with red hair and dim, hazel eyes spoke now. "Once Lily finally goes out with James, Sirius will become the third wheel. He's bound to get board and then you make your move."

I blushed fiercely when she said that.

"I don't know, James and Sirius go way back." Elaine looked at me.

"Yeah but if he had to choose between Sirius or Lily, I think he'd pick Lily." Sarah spoke now staring at me. I stood there uncomfortably, all their eyes were on me, waiting for me to add to the conversation.

"I don't know, Sirius and James go way back." I stood their waiting for their reactions.

Jeannine Grey piped up and said, "Do you think your more desirable to him than Sirius?" She gave me a sour look.

I bit my lip, trying not to say the wrong thing.

"Ummmm......Maybe, I don't know." I looked to Marlee for help.

She grabbed a picture out of my suitcase. It was the group photo in the courtyard. I tried to snatch it away but she ran across the room and stood on the opposite window sill.

"Look you lot! He kisses her on the cheek in this photo! That has to say something!" They all wandered around and stared at the photo, waiting for the frame of his kiss to appear. It did and all the girls squealed in excitement. I too smiled at this.

"Oh he loves you." Sarah said as she rolled onto her bed.

"Everyone knows that Sarah. The question is, do you love him?" Elaine spoke now.

I looked at the girls. Despite their petty, fifteen year old personalties, they were like family to me. Each of them had their flaws, but each of them had their wonderful attributes. Jennifer was gorgeous, but a little dim. Sarah was hilariously funny, but could be a bit noisy. Jeannine reminded me a bit of Petunia, but no one's as bad as Petunia. Elaine was a wee bit dramatic, but she genuinely kind hearted. Marlee was a party girl, that was a fact of life though. But out of all those girls, she was my favorite. So why not humor them with a bit of drama.

I gave them a sly smile. "Have you seen him? How can you not love him?"

We all steamed and squealed in excitement and jumped around and laughed. When I was here, I felt happy all the time. Like I was free from my old life. My old life consisted of being different from everyone, living with Petunia's constant nagging, and having Severus as my only friend even though we didn't go to the same school. Now, I had a real best friend and six other family members, a boy who was apparently in love with me, a place to fit in with all the others, and a magical education. I just smiled and laughed because I knew that nothing was better than this.

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