The Marauders

This is the story of Harry's parents and how everything fell into place.


6. common room social

Lily's P.O.V

Me and Marlee settled into our beds and finally finished unpacking, so we decided to catch up with everyone in the common room. We headed down the marble stairs, as our feet slapped against the floor. Marlee's hair bounced up and down and each blonde curl sprung back into shape every step if the way. I could feel the warmth of the fire burning already.

"Hey Marlee!" A few people shouted.

"Hey Lily!" A few more shouted. The lace was packed to the walls with people. Music was playing and it was like a small social hour. I saw Jennifer and Elaine sitting on a small love seat, looking around for Sirius. I gave them a thumbs up and they smiled. Elaine twisted a small section of her mousy brown hair between her fingers. I headed over to the cooler and grabbed a bottle if cheap Butterbeer, that was no doubt smuggled in. It wasn't as good as the fresh stuff but, it was good. I cracked it open and took a huge swig of it, hoping no one would notice how un-lady like that was.

"Thirsty, are we Evans?" I quickly turned around and blushed hard.

"Hello Potter." I was trying to act cool, but Sirius was laughing really hard, at me.

"What?" I asked with a dirty look.

"Mustache." James pointed to the top of his lip. I quickly blushed and turned around to wipe it off with my sleeve. I looked at my feet and he smirked at me. Sirius cracked open a bottle and chugged it down. He held the bottle in his hand and strutted over to a group of girls across the room.

"Hello ladies." His voice trailed of as he entered the group, turned around and winked at James.

James smiled and chuckled slightly.

"Sorry, about earlier." I looked at him sheepishly.

"It's alright, I still don't know why you slapped me." He looked a bit upset.

"I'm sorry, I was just...well I'm insane. That's all I can say." I played with the bottle in my hands.

"You're right about that, Evans." He smiled.

We stood there awkwardly until he grabbed a bottle and brushed my hair off my shoulder.

"I better find Mooney, to make sure his nose isn't in a book." He headed right into the crowd of people and I went to sit by the fire. The couch was taken up by to couples snogging, so I sat on the floor. I stared into the fire and watched the flames dance around the log. I felt someone almost trip over me so I looked up. It was Jennifer and Marcus McClaggon. I wasn't surprised they almost tripped over me, considering that they were wrapped around each other. They were giggling and didn't even notice me. She was in her green tank top and jean shorts that were cut way to short, but McClaggon didn't see to mind. He was in a blue polo and dark wash jeans. They flopped onto the big armchair by the fire. I shook my head in disappointment.

I got up to get myself a second Butterbeer, when I saw Marlee talking to a boy with curly brown hair who was in a grey hoodie and jeans. They were sitting at a small table talking and laughing. Marlee caught me out of the corner of her eye and smiled. I broke the gaze when a sobbing Elaine almost bulldozed me over, running for the staircase. Marlee looked at me and I nodded. She got up and told the boy she'd be back. We ran up the stairs after her and she slammed the door in our faces.

"Elaine! Are you okay?" I shouted through the door.

"I'm-fine." She got out between sobs.

"Open the door, Elaine." Marlee said with a worried expression.

"Go away!" She shouted back.

"Elaine, let us help you." Marlee sounded sincere.

There was silence then she opened the door. Her makeup was running down we face and her eyes were wet with tears. Her hair was slightly messed up but it was down to start with.

"What happened?" I asked as I sat down on her bed. She flopped down and started weeping again. Marlee sat down on the other side of her and patted her shoulder.

"Sirius-was-standing-there-and I-asked him-to dance-and-he-kissed-Becky-Marshall-" She tried to explain everything through her sobbing.

"Becky Marshall? The sixth year?" I asked confused.

"Yes!" She seemed very upset and heated.

"Oh, okay. Then what?" I tried to sound comforting.

"Then, I started sobbing because-because-"

"Because what?" Marlee's voice was soft.

"BECAUSE I HAVE NO CHNACE!" She screamed at the top of her lungs.

We both fell silent and she sobbed into her pillow. I looked at Marlee for what to do and she shrugged her shoulders.

"We'll let you be alone." I said and we left. I closed the door and we stood outside.

"Good lord." Marlee sighed.

"Yeah, I feel bad though." We headed back down stairs.

"We wouldn't have to handle that if Jennifer would get of McClaggon's lap and help her best friend." She said with an angry face. I laughed hard and she smiled and laughed too.

I saw Lupin with James, but no Sirius. I headed in their direction and Marlee went to talk to that guy again. Lupin had a book in his hand and a beer in the other.

"Hey Lily." Remus said nodding his head, smiling.

"Hello Mooney, how are you?" Three nights ago, there was a full moon.



James spoke now. "Have you seen Sirius?"

"Last I heard of him, he was sucking faces with Becky Marshall, and breaking Elaine's heart." I said.

"Really?" James said with a surprised smile.

"Yes." I looked at him like he was crazy. How could he be happy about this?

"What? Just because he likes Becky and not Elaine, you get angry? I can't help that, and neither can Sirius."

"Yeah, but do you think he could have been a bit more....discrete? Elaine was standing right there." Mooney spoke now.

"Sure he could have been a but discrete, but that's his personality." James said looking at us both.

I sighed and reached for another Butterbeer.

"I've never seen you drink two beers before, Evans. Is the after math pretty?" James said with a smirk.

I smirked back and took a swig. "Shut up Potter." I joked with him. Mooney chuckled at this and so did James.

A slow song came on and we all looked around at everyone scanning for someone to dance with. I looked back at James and he already had his hand extended towards me.

"May I have this dance, Evans?"

I set down my beer and placed my hand in his. "If you insist."

We walked to the center of the common room and he put his hands on my waist and mine on his shoulders. We swayed back and forth to the music. Potter wasn't such a bad egg after all. Sure he was a bit of a jurk at times, but then he did these wonderful things. He looked me in the eyes and gave me a look of utter love and adoration, his messy brown hair stuck up at random angles and his glasses were slightly crooked but he was really, really handsome. So I let him away me back and forth and look at me. I looked at my feet and blushed because I knew he lived me, I knew that those girls were right about him, I knew that the answer I have to the girls was completely accurate. I loved James Potter.

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