Who Am I? No, Who Do I Want To Be?

Who do you want to be? What is your dreamed up self. Don't tell me you don't have one, that would be a lie. I'm sure some of you have made a few (or more than a few) resolutions for the new year. You've made open resolutions: doing better in school, helping your parents, getting along with your annoying siblings or classmates. Those are the things you say aloud, the usual things, that you say, but don't always mean. But there are other things as well, things you don't tell anyone(with the occasional exception of your BFF). Your dreams, wishes, goals. Those are the things that define who you want to be. So tell me, who are you in your dreams?


1. A/N


Hey everyone! Sorry for starting this with an A/N, but I want to explain what this is about. Like it says in the Blurb, each and everyone of us has a dream self and I want YOU to tell me about your dream self or your goals, wishes, anything connected to this. People are often more open over the internet, than in person, so remember, DON'T TELL ME ANYTHING THAT YOU'DE FEEL EMBARRASSED ABOUT, IF OTHER PEOPLE READ IT!!! If you listen to this, then I will create a story, based on what you've told me. Don't tell me any names, I'll put in some fake ones of my own.

Hope you enter!

BTW, you can post your entry/s in my mumbles or in the comments.

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