Love Hurts

When a vampire meets his "soulmate", this person is the only thing that matters...
So what happens when Harry meets Hayley? And what does Hayley hide to Harry?
-A Harry Styles Fanfic-


6. Weekend With Rachel and Cameron -Chp.4- ~Part.2~

…Harry was here…

Great. He looked everywhere while I was just hoping he won't look at us, but he did. He came to our table, of course, he had to.

"Hey babe, I didn't know you were here." He winked and smirked.

"Well now you do." I replied, not knowing what to do. I wasn't the only one, Cameron didn't know either but Rachel was pissed.

"As you know that Hayley is here now, you can leave us the fuck alone for once. You seriously piss me off, leave her alone, she doesn't like you, she doesn't care about you either. Go fuck another bitch, it will be one more out of the thousand you already fucked, it'll be nothing new." She spat at him, he was pissed too now.

"You little fucking bitch. I didn't ask for anything from you. I was just talking to Hayley. You better shut up because you're going to regret it stupid whore." He spat back, glaring at her. She didn't reply, she looked scared.

"Babe I'll text you later okay. Bye love." Harry winked.

"Bye Harry." I half-smiled, not knowing what to say.

"Finally he left, he ruined my mood. Do you understand why you should stay away from him now? He is just such an annoying fucker." She kept going on, really mad.

"You should calm down, let's stop talking about him. He isn't worth it." Cameron added, trying to calm her down.

"Yeah you're right, he's not worth it at all. Let's eat." The lunch was silent and made me feel awkward. We went to the car and Rachel drove to the cinema. We bought popcorn and went to our seat, waiting for the movie to start.

"I heard that 'The Marked Ones' was seriously amazing. Plus I saw the trailer and it was pretty awesome." Rachel said, smiling widely. She was fine again.

"Yeah me too. Paranormal Activity is just amazing and awesome anyways." Cameron smiled widely along with her, making me laugh. The movie was about to start when my phone buzzed. Come. On. A little noise scared me so what about the movie, I thought and laughed once more. I looked at it and saw it was Harry.

"Love <3" This is what he texted me. I didn't know if I should or not reply. I deciced to do it, knowing that he'll get pissed or something, plus I wanted to ask him things.

"Harry <3" I replied. Oh my god. No no no no no no no. I didn't want to write a heart!!! Stupid Hayley, stupid, stupid and stupid, I said to myself. I was used to do hearts to my friends, but this is it, Harry wasn't my friend, plus he was calling me nicknames.

"Sorry for what happened earlier but your friend pissed me off. I know you can think that she is right and that I am no good, but to be honest, she doesn't even know me." He looked kind, I mean sometimes, the other times he was just scary, really scary.

"It's alright. But can you explain me what's the problem between you and Rachel and Cameron? They look like hating you more than anything. I don't know. You don't look like to like them either anyways. So Idk :/" I replied, ignoring the heart I sent him. He didn't talk about it so why should I come up with this.

"Well they just hate me because I slept with some girls and didn't call them back. I prefer you knowing it, I had bad times as everyone has. I did mistakes, that's all. I don't like them no, not at all. Because I just simply don't. But that shouldn't be a problem for us, we can be friends even if they hate me."

"Oh okay, I won't judge you. I understand, eveyone has problems, I know right. Well I'm at the cinema Harry so I can take a bit long to reply. Sorry." I understood everything now, Rachel looks like hating Harry's kind of guy and Cameroon looks sensitive, it was understanding.

":( No :( Boo :( Babe talk to me :(" He said. I started being focused on the movie. 20 minutes passed, he texted me again.

"Baby :( Talk to me :(((" I unlocked my phone and typed a message:

"I'm here x"

"Good <3 Do you think you could come over? On Wednesday? There will be the guys and Perrie, Zayn's girlfriend." Seriously he was being nice to me, like always treating me in a good way, he was gentle. Should I go? He deserves a chance, everyone does.

"I'll ask my mom. I'll tell you this later. So what's up?" We texted during the movie, I enjoyed the movie though, it was pretty amazing. While walking back to the car, Rachel yelled through all over the car park:

"Oh. My. Gosh. It was just freaking perfect!!!! What do both of you think?" She asked.

"You are right!!! It was just flawless, this movie was just perfect!" Cameron yelled, smiling widely.

"It was amazing, yeah." I added, but in a calm way, unlike them. We entered the car when my phone buzzed.

"Hi mom. I'm alright, sorry I forgot to text you." I said, putting my seatbelt on.

"It's alright hon', have fun with your friends and take care."

"Thanks mom, bye."

"Bye Hayley." I hung up. Cameron spoke up.

"Hayley who were you texting during all the movie? You had a small smile on your face, though you tried to hide it." She asked, with a smirk on her face. I didn't know what to say, plus I wasn't smiling.

"It was a friend from L.A., she was making me laugh and I smiled because I miss her, as all of my friends from there." I lied, I was kinda a good liar. I didn't want to lie to them, they were nice but if I had told them that the person I was talking to was Harry, they would have started to yell but I wasn't expecting Cameron's next question, she surprised me.

"What do you think about Harry? He doesn't leave you anymore." She asked.

"Yeah, he likes you for sure." Rachel added.

"Well I don't really know him, but he is nice with me." I truly replied, this is what I thought. Those words pissed both of them.

"Yeah of course. He is going to win, as he always does." Rachel yelled at me.

"Yeah. It's his fucking plan. You shouldn't trust him. He just acts like if was a nice, sweet and caring boy, but just after he would have fucked you, you will be nothing to him." Cameron spat.

"Can't you just leave me alone with Harry? You always talk about him, I don't even know him." I replied, calm.

"Yes sorry. We just care about you, you're a nice friend. We don't want Harry to hurt you." Cameron said, calm again.

"Sorry." Rachel started driving to her house.

"It's alright, thanks for caring. I'll take care." I said the last words of all the car drive. It was completely dead silent. It was awkward. What an awkward day. We arrived at her house at 4:30PM. Rachel looked calm, so did Cameron. Good. We entered her house to be welcomed by a small dog, it was Rachel's.

"Your black French bulldog is so cute. What's his name?" I asked, he was such a cute dog aww. I love animals.

"His name's Charly, my mother chose, I didn't find one." She replied, going to the sitting room, being followed by this small dog aww. We sat on the couch. It was silent. An hour passed, actually I was bored.

"When are we gonna do the smoothie challenge???" Cameron pouted like a baby.

"Are you okay to do it?" Rachel asked me.

"I'm going to regret it but alright let's do it. This is the second time of my life I do this mistake, gonna regret it I know." I replied. We went to the kitchen and Rachel and Cameron took lots of food, it was going to be gross. On the table there were bananas, orange juice, jelly, custard, baked beans, sweets, even cheese etc.. We wrote on the paper all the food we had.

"Who starts?" Rachel asked. Not me not me.

"I don't know, why not you Hay'?" Cameron laughed.

"No. It should be you. You're the one who pouted like a baby to do the smoothie challenge so you're the one who starts." I laughed a lot.

"Alright." She took 6 papers. She opened them all. She put in the blender the 6 ingredients.

"What do you have?" Rachel wondered.

"Hmh she has cheese, water, custard, sweets, crisps and baked beans." I laughed.

"Oh my gosh! This is so gross. Whose turn is it now?"

"Yours Rachel." I said, still dead laughing. She took her 6 papers and I did the same when it was my turn. Now Cameron was dead laughing.

"So Rachel you have ice cream, tomato sauce, biscuits, chocolate, orange juice and strawberries while you, Hay', have sweets, blueberries, baked beans, peanut butter, crackers and coke. I can laugh too now hahahahaha." We blended the all and each of us drank a sip, two sips, three sips and it was enough. We all drank water. It was so gross and awful and I just can't ewww. It was funny though. It was now 7PM. We started watching Paranormal Activity, the first movie, when I had a text of Harry.

"So babe, how was your afternoon? Did you enjoy it so far? <3"

"Hey, well it was great, how was yours? :)" I didn't know if I was doing the right choices, Rachel and Cameron looked to know his ways to act really well. But he was different with me.

"Calm yeah. I did nothing. I was chilling during all the afternoon lol. What's up?"

"Haha you're lazy, but I won't judge you, because I'm lazy too :p Nothing much, we just finished the smoothie challenge and it was gross hahaha and now we are watching the first Paranormal Activity because Rach' and Cam' are fond of this movie :)"

"Oh hahaha, Louis and Zayn did this challenge once, they regretted it :p If it wasn't for their girlfriends, they would never have done it :)"

"Love makes people do everything."

"I know Hayley... What are you gonna do tonight?" Those three points were weird. Perhaps something happened in his life.

"Hmh well I don't really know, you? :)"

"Nothing babe :) Just texing you <3 Haha :3"

"Oh hahaha okay :3"

"Did you ask your mom yet love? For Wednesday?" Harry asked.

"Not yet, I'll ask her when I'll be back home tomorrow :)"

"Okay love <3" I was not in the movie anymore, I was focused on my conversation with Harry. We were chatting since like 30 minutes, when Cameron yelled.

"Hayley!! It's the 6th time I call for you."

"Oh yeah sorry."

"Do you like pizzas?" She asked me. What a supid question pfff.

"Of course I do!!!! I love pizzas."

"Going to order two then." Cameron went to the kitchen and called the pizzeria. Twenty minutes later, the pizzas were in front of my face. One word. Y u m m y.

"Enjoy." Rachel said before eating.

"Thanks." Cameron and I said at the same time. We finished the pizzas and I was full, couldn't eat anything more. It was delicious. We went to Rachel's room and we started to talk. About everything, school, Rachel's boyfriend and of course Harry. It was sure they would come up with this. It was soon 2AM and both of them were slipping. Harry texted me.

"What are you doing love? <3 Thinking?"

"How did you know?" I replied, Harry was right, I was thinking.

"I don't know, just guess. What's wrong love? :("

"Nothing, I'm just thinking. Thanks for caring. If I don't reply it's because I fell asleep, I am tired, really tired."

"It's alright love aww <3 Take care." Why would he say take care? What was going on? Something wasn't right. Harry was weird.

"I will. :)"

"Good love :) <3." This was the last text of Harry before I fell asleep. He was really gentle to me. I hope my mom will say yes for Wednesday...


A/N: So here is the update! I am sick so I don't write fast. Here you are tho :) I hope you guys like it!! Between, I said that I wasn't going to do a Harry P.O.V. before long but I am not sure about it, what do you think? Should I do one? Please reply x Tell me what do you think :3

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