Love Hurts

When a vampire meets his "soulmate", this person is the only thing that matters...
So what happens when Harry meets Hayley? And what does Hayley hide to Harry?
-A Harry Styles Fanfic-


5. Weekend with Rachel and Cameron -Chp.4- ~Part.1~

*Saturday morning*

I woke up at 5AM. Kill me, I mean I should wake up at 9 or 10 on a Saturday but of course I had to wake up at 5 o'clock. I was bored and thinking. About this death, it was weird and scary. But I had to move on from this. I mean people die everyday, people are killed everyday. It wasn't my fault, I knew it. Moving on in London was hard. Really hard. I had to leave my life in L.A., my friends, my habbits, bad memories, like everything. Now, I was in London, I made new friends. They were really nice though. It was hard. I got up from my bed and showered. I put my head in a high bun. I went to the kitchen and took a bottle of water. I decided on running since it was early. It could help changing my mind. It was cold today, as usually in London. I started running, listening to music, to "Boulevard of Broken Dreams" again, I loved this song.

I was running for like 1 hour now when I hurt someone. I fell on to the ground. My bottle also fell but it was in the middle of the road now. Ugh. I was standing up on my feet with the help of someone. I didn't see who it was yet.

"Love, you should be more careful. Are you okay?" Great. It had to be Harry. Great. Just great. I wasn't in the mood to talk to him.

"Sorry. And yes I am, thanks." I replied, sounding kinda pissed. I was going to take my bottle when a car just made it being empty and totally looking like shit. Ugh I was thirsty but didn't take money with me.

"Love," he started with a smirk, "want a drink? It was your fault but also mine. So come with me, I'll buy you a drink and something to eat if you're hungry." He winked at me.

"Hmh no thanks. I gotta go. I'm sorry, next time perhaps." I half-lied. I had to go, yes, but not right now. I had some time which I didn't want to spend with him.

"I hate liars Hayley. Just come. You are thirsty anyways so." He took my hand and started walking. Ugh. I walked with him but took my hand off of him. We arrived at Starbuck, which was already open this early on a Saturday.

"So little sweetheart," he started with a smile while we took a seat. Oh I have a new nickname now of course. "what are you doing running on a Saturday morning?" He said looking at the drinks we could have.

"Nothing. I woke up early and decided on running. That's all." I said, faking a smile.

"Alright, the waiter is coming, what do you want?" He asked, smiling.

"Hmh. Just an orange juice please." I replied.

"Nothing to eat? You're sure babe?" He continued.

"No, thank you." I thanked him.

"Goodmorning. What would you like today Sir?" The waiter asked Harry, probably knowing him a bit.

"Nothing. But she'd like an orange juice please."

"Alright, I'll be right back." The waiter left. A silence took place, making me feel awkward. But Harry broke it in a second.

"So babe, as you are a new Londoner and probably not really knowing the city, how are you going to spend your weekend?"

"Well, I'm going to Rachel's and there will be Cameron during the weekend." I replied to his question.

"Oh. So they're like your new bestfriends?" He asked a question, again. I felt like he was going to ask me all the questions existing in this world.

"Not really, no. My bestfriend is in US, but they are really nice, and seem to be good friends. I feel like I can trust them." I half-smiled.

"Oh okay. I wanted to ask you something last time but my mates interrupted our talk. Hmh...hmh..." He hesitated,

"Hmh go ahead."

"What do you think about me?" He asked, awkwardly.

"Hmh... Well..." I didn't what to say. "Hmh..."

"Here is your orange juice." The waiter came, saving me. But he left the second after, not letting me saying thanks. I took a sip of my drink and continued talking. Harry was looking straight at me, waiting for me to reply.

"Hmh... I don't know you, I just know your name and I also know that people say you're a heartbreaker and a player. That's all. We talked once. I don't really know you so I don't know what to say."

"Okay." He replied awkwardly, he looked upset and sad. Yes. Sad was the right word. "Take care Hayley. I have to go. Goodbye." He let the money and left. He looked... I don't know... Hurt... He left without a look. I was now sitting alone at this table, it was now 7:06AM. We were here since 36 minutes exactly that means I ran just even more than one hour. I didn't want to run anymore to be honest. Seeing his eyes looking at me when he was hurt, was so horrible. I went back home. I was welcomed by my mom.

"Hello honey. Do you want anything for breakfast? And when are you going to Rachel's?" She asked, cheerful.

"Morning mom. I already had breakfast, thanks. And I don't know, I'm going to text her."

"Oh alright. Well tell me when you leave and when you will have arrived there okay?"

"Okay mom." I said, going upstairs in my bedroom. I ran like a little bit than one hour, I wanted to shower anyways. I jumped in the bathtub and let the cool hot liquid fall down my cold skin. I was thinking about, well I'm not going to lie, I was thinking about Harry. I hated when people were hurt and like I didn't know he truly felt, I didn't say anything mean though. I didn't mean to hurt him, I hope I didn't. I put on my underwear. I also put on a black jean with a white shirt. I put again my hair into a high bun and put on some make up, trying to hide the bags which were under my eyes since I didn't sleep well the last two nights. I texted Rach':

"Hey Rach' x When am I supposed to come up there? ;)" she replied in the minute, waoh she replied fast.

"Hey <3 You can come at 11AM ;) We'll have fun I promise."

"I believe you ;)" It was weird, she didn't come up talking about Harry, though herself and Cameron called me like 50 times yesterday. It's a lot, I'll ask them what was the problem later. I turned the TV on and decided on watching information. They were talking about the weather at the moment. Then they came up with the death, I was really focused when the bell rang. I didn't want to go. Ugh.

"Hayley, go answer please. I'm getting ready and leaving soon, I'm eating with some friends I am working with." My mom yelled from her bathroom. I walked down the stairs, in such a slowly way, I didn't who could it be. We didn't know loads of people here and weren't waiting for anyone so. I opened the door and had the surprise when I discovered those green eyes only Harry had, why the hell was he here? I was going to speak up, my mouth was about to open when my mom interrupted me, making me look at her, also making me breaking the eye contact.

"I'm leaving Hayley, don't forget to text me when you're over there." She said, out loud and kept talking, "Hello. Who are you?" she asked Harry.

"Hello Madam Miller. It is a pleasure to meet you. I am Harry." He said, in a real soft way and kind voice, he was calm.

"Oh hello Harry, it's finally nice to meet some of Hayley's new friends. I have to go, I hope I'll see you soon Harry." She replied.

"Bye honey." She was about to leave when she whispered in my ear:

"Protect you. Never forget this." What the hell? I laughed a bit until I heard the door closed.

"Hey, your mom is really kind." Harry spoke up.

"Hey. I know. Harry I am so sorry for earlier. You looked hurt, I didn't how you truly felt but I am so sorry." I started walking to my bedroom, I had to take my phone. He followed behind me.

"It's okay. Stop apologizing. I am fine." He said, smiling. I entered my room, putting my phone which was on my bed in my right pocket and turned the TV off.

"What are you doing here? Plus how the hell did you know I was living here?"

"Well, when you discorevered this dead person, I remember that you were looking at everyone. You looked in my eyes just before you fainted. I was worried about you so I followed you to the hospital. And when you went back home I followed you again. This is how I know where you live babe." He explained everything and was waiting for an answer.

"Oh alright. And what are you doing here Harry?"

"Give me your phone please babe." He said please but it looked like he just gave me an order, it wouldn't have been the first time anyways. I gave it, I was afraid of him, remember. He was doing something, I don't know what though.

"Here it is. Now you have my number and I have yours." He smiled, "Well have fun with your friends, I may text you. Bye." He winked and smirked before closing the door. It was now 10:35AM. I took my bag which was full of candies, I love sweets so much, and there were my clothes also; I took my keys and locked the door behind me. I got in my car and started to drive. I was listening to music, as always, but this time it was 'Happy' by Pharell Williams, this is song is amazing, I love it. I was now in front of Rachel's house; it was 10:55AM so I wasn't late. I took my bag and keys and was going to ring the bell when the door was opened by two smiling girls, also known as Rachel and Cameron.

"HEYYYYYYYY HAY'!!!!" They both yelled, hurting my ears.

"Hey!" I replied in a calm way, unlike her.

"Come in." Cameron started. I entered the house, Rachel took my bag and went to I guess what was her room, I don't even know and Cameron went to the living room, I followed her.

"So Hay' what's up?" She smiled.

"Nothing, you?" I replied, taking a seat along with her on the couch.

"Well I'm happy that you are here, we're gonna have fun."

"Why didn't you reply last night?" Rachel asked, now in the same room as us.

"I was doing all my homework, and then I fell asleep. I'm sorry." I replied, expecting them to talk about Harry.

"Oh alright. Well do you like Paranormal Activity? There are many movies scarier but it's amazing I think." She asked, and I was happy to be wrong.

"Yeah I do, I love Paranormal Activity." I answered, smiling along with her.

"Amazing. We're going to McDonald's Restaurant and then we'll go to the cinema. Is that alright for you?" She continued.

"Perfect. I'm happy to spend the weekend with you, you're nice friends."

"Awwww." Cameron started, "Well let's go. I'm starving."

"Yeah me too." Rachel added. We got out the house and got on Rachel's car. She started driving and she turned the radio on. 'Talk Dirty To Me' was on. They started singing and I joined them. I was dead laughing because Cameron was yelling and singing in a horrible way. It was hilarious. The car stopped and we entered the restaurant and took the food we ordered to a table, we were about to eat when Liam, Zayn, Louis, Niall and Harry came into our view. It was going to be an amazing lunch. …Harry was here…


A./N.: Hey guys!! I am sorry :( I couldn't update before, I have lots of tests and really am busy :( But here you are. I don't know if I am going to do 2 or 3 parts for the weekend. I think 3 yeah :) I hope you liked this chapter x It was shitty tho I know :/// I'll try to update as soon as possible. Well I saw that you like this fanfiction :) Thank you. Can you comment please? It'll mean a lot!!!! And between, if you are writing a fanfiction, tell me. I'll go read it :)

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