Love Hurts

When a vampire meets his "soulmate", this person is the only thing that matters...
So what happens when Harry meets Hayley? And what does Hayley hide to Harry?
-A Harry Styles Fanfic-


2. Seeing Him -Chp.1-

*Hayley's P.O.V.*

"Hayley wake up! You gotta go to your new school" my mom yelled from downstairs. I don't see why she bought me an alarm clock if it's to wake me up every morning hah. I got up from my bed and took a quick shower. I brushed my long curly brown hair and put it into a high ponytail. I went downstairs and started to drink my cup of tea and eat my pancakes, yummy.

"Bye mom, I finish at 4 o'clock so will be here around 4:45PM.", I yelled through the house. Then I left and started to walk to school. It was snowing, my luck huh. I was walking when I saw something on the white snow, what the hell was that. I hope not a small dead animal ew. I walked to it and saw it was... blood. What the hell, why blood was on the ground? What a weird city of London... I kept walking and then I saw my new school. I entered the building when I was welcomed by an old woman who was small, she had short white hair and black eyes.

"Hello young lady, you may be looking for something?' she started to speak while putting her glasses on.

"Yeah I am Haley.. Haley Miller, the new girl." I said while teenagers were going to their classes.

"Oh yeah right, your class is on the second floor, the third on your right miss" she smiled.

"Thanks Ma'ame." I smiled back. I walked upstairs to go to class. I was now in front of the door of my new class, in my new school. The bell rang so I wasn't late. Still the eyes were all turned on me.

"You must me the new student Hayley, from America. Go take a sit." a tall mi-aged guy said, he was around his 35's I guess and he looked kind.

"Yes I am. Thank you." I said, going to my seat.

"All the eyes on the board please." Mr Johnson said, we were in physics. Now everyone was looking at the board. Thanks god, it was awkward. Everyone, exept 5 weird guys, I didn't know who they actually were but they looked really scary. They gave me chills down my spine. I just turned my attention back on the board and started listening. After one boring hour of physics, I had two hours of English. Huh.

*At midday*

It was now the lunch break, my luck, I knew no one yet so was going to eat alone. Yay. I was listening to music when those five guys, there, were still looking at me. It was disturbing. They were smoking. One of them looked kinder than the others, he looked calm. I heard his name was Liam, there was the blond one Niall, he was cute but was scaring still, there was another one, Louis, I heard that he had a girlfriend here, he was wearing black clothes and had tatoos. There was the mysterious one,I'd like to say, called Zayn, his hair was so dark and he was only wearing black, I don't think he was the smiling type. And the last one, he was really tall. His curly dark brown hair was just so cute, he was wearing a cap and he had beautiful green eyes, they were deep. I didn't know his name but he was the scariest. They were all scary to be honest. I spent my time eating and listening to music. It was dead boring. I had to go in music now, and then I'll have two hours of maths oh, and to finish one hour of French.

*At 4PM*

I was now done with my first day of school. I finally made new friends, two girls, they were beautiful and really kind, their names were Cameron and Rachel and also I met a guy, he was funny, it was Rachel's boyfriend, his name was Michael, they were calling him 'Micky' haha. I was about to leave school when those five guys appeared into my view. They were getting closer and closer to me. I was scared, a bit. Fortunately for me, Rachel was coming into view along with them. She was walking fast like she didn't want to touch them.

"Hey Hay', I made up this nickname for you," she winked laughing, "well I was thinking that you could come and sleep over on Saturday with Cam', like you're new here and it'd be a good way to get to know you. It'd be fun you'll see?" She smiled at me, waiting for an answer.

"Yeah it would be awesome I think. I'm gonna tell my mom and then I'll tell you if I can or not. I hope she'll say yes. Thanks to have thought about me. To be honest, you're the only ones I know in London. I just moved on here on Wednesday." I replied, smiling.

"I don't see a reason-" she started but she was cut off. They were now in front of me.

"Love, you are new here. I'm Harry and happy to meet you. We'll get to talk later because I have to go. Sorry, bye love." he said with his British accent, winking and smiling. They were leaving and starting to be a bit far from us when Rachel spoke up.

"Oh. My. God." She yelled. "Hay' be really careful. He's just a player who breaks girls' heart. He is also really dangerous, as all of them. Just take care and avoid him. It would be just so much better for you." she said, panicked.

"I'll take care and be careful don't worry. I'll text you later but I really gotta go. Bye." I replied. Then I started to walk to go back home. This Harry called me love, like what the hell I do not know him. Whatever, just another player I thought to myself while walking.

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