Love Hurts

When a vampire meets his "soulmate", this person is the only thing that matters...
So what happens when Harry meets Hayley? And what does Hayley hide to Harry?
-A Harry Styles Fanfic-


13. Kidnapped -Chp.9-

*Sam's P.O.V*

I was welcomed by, guess who...


She was there, smiling.

She looked too inocent. I mean I don't know her but something was up.

She was tall, but not too tall. She had dark brown straight hair and dark brown eyes. She was wearing a white long T-shirt with a white tank top under it, black skinny jeans and black vans. Her hair was pulled up in a high ponytail. Her make up was light, her lips covered of red lipstick. She had no jewellery. Seriously, she was flawless.

"Goodmorning dear, yesterday you left too soon, I had to talk to you." She smirked, almost like a demon.

It was scary, to be honest.

"I-I did-didn't want to- to interrupt you so- so I left-" I stuttered which made her devil smirk to grow bigger." But now I have to go- go to school, sorry."

I started walking away from this strange Nina but she stopped me middle way.

"Where do you fucking think you're going!!!????" She started yelling at me. She was pissed and so was I now.

The little amount of fear that was here earlier, isn't here anymore.

"School." I just told her where I was going so why did she ask.


"No no no no no, you're coming with me. No school today." She said, harshly. Of course she was pissed.

But she reminded me of someone.

Why does everyone have to make me skip school?!


Two big men arrived then held me tightly.

I was going to yell but one of them put his big dirty hand on my mouth.


They threw me in the back of a white car before Nina came.

Then she whispered something in my ear that I couldn't understand.

I was feeling dizzy all of a sudden.

I saw the two men sitting next to me.

And then black...

I was being kidnapped...

*Harry's P.O.V*

I decided to finally get out of bed and get ready to go to school.

I didn't care about school, I just wanted to see Hayley.

Going to the bathroom, I got undressed and turned the water on.

Slipping in the shower, I started washing my hair and body.

One hour later, I was walking down the hall of the school.

Surprisingly, I didn't see Hayley when I got in class.

Why wasn't she here?

I'm sure something happened.

It wasn't normal. Fuck.

I decided to stay one hour before leaving for sure.

It's only been a week she's here and she already skipped school twice.

She's going to beat me at this game.

Wait, no. No one can.

Plus she's too much of a perfect girl who always goes to school and gets good grades.

When the hour of boring class, I searched for Hayley everywhere. I walked all around the school but Hayley wasn't here at all.

Maybe she was sick or something, I should go to her house.

I walked out of the school and ran to her house.

I knocked twice.

No answer.

I couldn't smell her, she wasn't at home.

Where the hell could she be?

Finding the boys, Perrie and Stephanie back home, I started yelling.


"Calm down Harry, you-" Liam started but I quickly cut him off.


"Harry. Calm the fuck down." Louis tried to reason me.

"We can use our vampire senses. Can you smell her, even just a bit?" Niall asked, rather in a calm tone though he sounded a bit annoyed.

"Well, I can't. I haven't eaten yet, sorry." Zayn said.

"I can. She left to the North. But she's far far away." I said. "Guys I need your help, please."

"We'll help you Harry, let's go find your girl." Stephanie chuckled.

We all started to run but Zayn stopped us.

"I'm taking the car, how do you think we're going to take her back home when we'll have found her?" He hopped in the car and started driving.

He was just lazy, but right though.

We all nodded before rushing to where we could smell her.

*6 hours later, at 5PM*

It's been 6 hours of intense search for Hayley and still nothing.

We can smell her but we have to hunt right now or else we will lose her scent soon.

Two little hares came into sight while I was walking in this big and dark forest.

After draining them of their blood, which wasn't as good as human's at all, I felt better.

"Harry, she's near. I can feel it." Stephanie told me.

I smiled slightly at her and nodded.

She left to Niall and left me alone.

We started running again to wherever Hayley's scent was taking us.

*Hayley's P.O.V*

I woke up lazily.

I was cold. I tried to get up to go to bed when I felt myself being pushed harshly onto the cold and hard ground.

I opened my eyes to see two big men.

I already saw them, but where?

When Nina appeared, I remembered everything.

"You bitch! Let me go!" I yelled, only to earn a slap by this fucking annoying Nina.

"You're not going anywhere. You're staying here for a long long time, slut." She laughed.


What the hell was her problem?

I just moved to London and I already got myself ennemies.

Congratulations Hayley, seriously, I sarcastically thought.

"What do you want from me?!" I yelled at her.

She got up and left me alone in the room, the two men following her behind.

I was alone, tied up, in a black dark room.

I was cold and tired.

Someone help me, please...

Nothing was here anymore.

No sound.

No light.

Just nothing.

"Harry please help me." Were the last words I whispered before my eyes shut closed once again...


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