Love Hurts

When a vampire meets his "soulmate", this person is the only thing that matters...
So what happens when Harry meets Hayley? And what does Hayley hide to Harry?
-A Harry Styles Fanfic-


9. Jackson Is Back -Chp. 6-

I woke up at 7AM by the sound of the alarm clock in my ears. I turned it off and stayed in bed for like 5 minutes.

"Get up you lazy ass," I heard someone from my left chuckling. I turned to see Harry, freshly dressed and smirking."you have to go to school today."

"Ugh." I groaned, yawning. I heard the door closed and I got up, walking to the bathroom. I let the hot liquid run down my skin. I washed myself. Going out of the shower after 20 minutes, I dried myself off, smelling orange and lemon. I slid on some white and black top, it was written "Secrets... " with some black leggings and beige boots. I applied some make-up, just some black mascara with some pink light lipstick. I brushed my hair and let it like it was natural, just really curly. I grabbed my bag and put into it the books I needed for the day. Then I went downstairs. I entered the kitchen and opened some cupboard which was in front of my face just to find it empty. My stomach growled and I laughed a little. I took some money and put it in my black and red wallet; I had to go to the grocery tonight after school. I put on my black jacket and grabbed my back. I got out the house and locked the door behind me, realising just now that Harry had disappeared. I was really hungry and I just wanted to eat at the moment. I jumped in my car and started driving to Starbucks. The smell of coffee and pancakes filled up my nose and made my stomach growled once again. I bought myself orange juice and some pancakes. I had breakfast whilst listening to music for like 20 minutes and then I heard some girls laughing; I looked up to see a group of girls, around a boy they found hot I guess. I was done so I just left my table and I went in my car, I blucked my seatbelt and drove to high school. I entered the big white building and went in English. 45 minutes after the class had started 11 people arrived, they apologized about being really late to the teacher and they just laughed and sat down. There were 10 girls and 1 boy. I didn't bother looking at who it was and just focused on what the teacher was saying. Ms. Monrow finished her lesson and gave us loads of homework just before the bell rang. I went out of the class and to my locker. I put some books in and took back some others. I entered the French class and our French teacher was already standing up, glaring at the same group of people who were late earlier in English; this time they were noisy, really noisy.

"Well, Mr. Stevens, you have two hours of detention tonight, along with you Ms. Miller, for not being here yesterday. The principal told me to tell you this morning." Mr. Keegan told me and some guy, I knew this name for sure. But how and whose was it? I wondered. I just looked at the window, pissed and not caring about the class this annoying teacher was giving us right now. The bell rang and I was just fed up. I ran out of the class to go to gym. The teacher made two teams, I liked this class because there only were kind people, not sluts and annoying guys. It was perfect. We played and it was fun. I made two new friends; Katy and Emma. I went back home for 30 minutes to have a quick shower, I brushed my hair again and slipped on some fresh clothes, I was too tired to care about applying make up. I went back to school and had lunch with my new friends and also Cameron and Rachel, we laughed a lot when the whole room went silent and I knew what it meant. I hope Harry was here and I thought he was but I turned my head just to see Zayn, Louis, Liam and Niall, walking up to... Me? I started eating in my apple when I felt eyes on me. All the laughters of the girls had stopped and their smiles had dropped.

"Hello gorgeous. Harry told us you would may wonder where he actually is and why did he leave this morning," Louis started. Why did he say this, they and by they I mean Rachel and Cameron are going to ask me thousand questions ugh." He just had to leave, he had something to do but he is alright and sorry, he had to leave in the minute this morning. He'll text you, don't worry. Mind if we take a seat? Of course you all don't." He said everything so fast that I was just in schocked. I awkwardly nodded and looked at the girls. They were scared being at Louis, Liam, Niall and Zayn's table. Rachel wasn't as confident as usual. Michael walked up to her with some blond haired guy, his eyes were brown and it was not the first time I was seeing them. He started smirking when he saw me.

"My dear Hayley, missed me?" He chuckled at himself, winking at me. "I wouldn't have expected seeing you again, but to my pleasure I found you. Your friends are nice, and they think the same about you. Who are these assholes you are with between?" Oh oh. He pissed of Zayn. Zayn was shooting him a dead glare, his jaw was clenching, he stood up on his feet and I know he wanted to hit the fuck out of him right now. "Do you think you scare me? You just are pretending to be bad boys because of the tattoos and piercings, but you just are dickheads. Come with me Hayley, I gotta talk to you."

"Stay here Hayley, Harry would be really mad at you." Liam said, pissed. They were all pissed, the four of them were up, glaring at the guy who just insulted them.

"I'll go. Calm down. Please." I said, standing on my feet now.

"You've always been my good girl." I left with him, leaving the four guys there, pissed. I walked down the hall, he took my hand in his but I took it away.

"Did you miss me my dear?" He said, walking closer and closer, so only a few inches were seperating our bodies.

"You ruined my life there and you want to ruin it here too? Jackson leave me alone."

"But babe, you love me." He walked closer, as if it was possible.

"I don't. I never did. You forced me to be with you there; you won't do the same here."

"But we actually are going to be together again. You'll see. You love me baby, you'll find it out." He winked, and left somewhere I didn't give a fuck about. I dialled Ash's number and waited for her to reply.

"Hello cupcake." Her cheery voice answered.

"Hi. Oh sorry I had forgotten it was 5AM up there. But your voice doesn't sound as if you just woke up. What's going on lol Ash'?"

"I am with Jason, and he is sick. My poor boyfriend is sick, so I am taking care of him. I drink a lot of coffee and I'm awake when he needs me." She said, probably smiling at Jason.

"Hello Hayley, we miss you all a lot here." I heard Jason trying to talk from behind.

"Oh alright. Tell him I hope he will feel better and I miss you all here too." I replied, going to the toilets.

"Why were you calling for? I know when ya little cupcake want to tell me something."

"Jackson is back." The line went silent, I washed my face and hands and dried them off, then I took my phone back and put it right near my ear to listen to Ash's yelling.

"Oh my gosh!!!! Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! What? Why? When? Where? What happened?" She yelled, worried.

"This morning, I saw him with a bunch of girls; I didn't know it was him at first because I couldn't see him, too many girls were around him and then he came in my English class with them, 45 minutes late. In French, he was noisy so he got detentions along with myself, do not care about the reason it doesn't matter. And at midday he came and pissed of four guys, something is going to happen; I can feel it. Then I walked down the hall with him and he pushed me against the lockers. He told me that I'll be with him again and he said that I love him, I'll find it out soon enough." Woah, it took me a lot of energy to say everything without stopping myself not even once.

"Oh my gosh. Don't let him hurt you again. You know what he did to you, we all know it and we are sorry about it." She was cut off by Jason.

"What did he do to her baby?" Ashley stayed silent but she replied 2 minutes after.

"Well... Actually... Jackson... Hmh... He forced her to be with him... He kissed her against her will and he hit her..." She replied to him awkwardly. The memories came back in my mind and I felt some tears coming in my eyes.

"Well I have to go to maths. Take care. Love you. Bye Ash'." I hung up and went out of the bathroom to find four pissed boys in front of me. I wasn't in the mood at all.

"What the fuck did you do? Harry will be mad at you, we warned you." Zayn said, glaring at me. I stayed quiet, I did not know what to do right now. It was all silent.

"You will regret it." Niall added, so sternly. They were leaving when I called them back.

"Wait! What do you mean? You all are so... Weird. Explain what you mean." I replied, as sternly as Niall was.

"Just be careful and do the right choices." Niall replied. They all looked into my eyes and turned their backs and walked away, just when the bell rang. I walked to class and just sat down in the back next to the window. I didn't care about the maths lesson today, it was just dead boring and my mind was just focused on everything else; on Harry, my mom, what Niall said and of course Jackson. The rain was pouring down. I stayed there, not doing anything for two hours but thinking. The teacher never called my name so I just simply didn't care. The bell rang, interrupting my thoughts. Then I went to English and just did the same, I sat bored. The day was finally over. I walked to my locker and took all my books. I was going to go out of the building when my French annoying teacher reminded me of something.

"Ms Miller, you have two hours of detention for skipping school. We don't have any notes from your mother. You are very lucky the principal is nice and didn't mention it to your mother. The room you will be in is on the third floor, first door on the right." I sighed and walked upstairs, fed up with everything at the moment. I entered the room, clearly empty. It was all silent.

"So you have to stay here for two hours. Stay silent and Mr Stevens, just sit down next to Ms Miller. I'll be just in the room in front of this one." Mr Johnson told us, closing the door behind him, leaving me alone with Jackson.

"Ahhhh baby," he started, with this so well-know for me smirk he always had on his face, "you have to stay with me, for two hours. Do you think you can stand it? Ahhhh baby." He smirked.

"Just leave me alone." I spat at him, surprised of myself. I was always so weak. He came closer. His mouth was against my hear when he whispered.

"I will never leave you." He chuckled. It was only 5:05PM, that meant there was 1:55 hour left here for me. Damn it. Jackson went to sit somewhere and turned his table so he was facing me. His eyes were stuck on me, they never left me once. It was seriously pissing me off.

"Stop staring at me you asshole." My eyes widened at my own words.

"Love love love, my dear Hayley. You are going to regret it." He glared at me and stood up from his chair. He walked to me, sure of himself. His footsteps were slow but soon enough his face was just in front of my eyes. I closed them and before I knew it his hand was on my cheek. He slapped me harshly and he was proud of it.

"I thought I teached you better babe, ahhhh we'll have to work this out again I guess. You are still stubborn and it pisses me off. Watch your words, or else you will regret it. You know it already." He chuckled and left to his seat again. I was sad. No one apart from my bestfriend and my friends in L.A. knew that Jackson made me be with him and that he hit me. It was so hard, and he finally left when his mom decided to move on out of the U.S. and that made me happy. Jackson left and I didn't see him for long but now he was in the same school as me and this was going to be pure hell. He bullied me at first, then he forced me to be his girlfriend and he left. Now he is back in my life and I feel like he is not going to leave now. I was tired. He was yelling at me but I didn't hear. He walked up to me again and I felt a tear rolled down my cheek. He always had hurt me. It was the first day I was seeing him in London and not in less than 1 hour he hit me twice. He was grinning. I just wanted to die at the moment. Nothing was right. My mom was left, Harry was so weird and his friends were too, Jackson hit me twice and I know that he will start again and I had to stay with him for an hour or so alone. No one was going to come and help me. I cried more, hot tears falling out of my eyes on my cheeks repeatadly. I took my phone out and started listening to music. Of course Jackson checked that I was not texting or calling anyone. 'Heart Attack' by Demi Lovato was on, I just loved this song. It was just an amazing song. I felt Jackson's eyes on me, his smirk was so on his little face. He kissed my two cheeks, one after another and he was about to kiss me when someone entered the room. Jackson still leant close to me and his lips were centimetres away from mine but a voice made its way to both our ears. Jackson stopped himself and I recognized this British accent. Oh my god. He just saved me.

"Don't you lay those dirty lips of yours on these beautiful of hers." Harry warned him, sending him a dead glare. Jackson just chuckled and slapped me hard in the face. Well he was going to but Harry ran to us and took Jackson's arm in his hand and stopped him just at time. The bell rang and the teacher entered the room.

"Mr Styles, I wouldn't have expected you showing up." He said, nervous?

"Well I am here." Harry replied, sounding clearly really pissed. I was so glad and happy he was just sitting next to me. The teacher left us again, telling that there was an hour left.

"Or what Styles?" Jackson stood up, but Harry didn't move from his seat.

"Just stay away from her, you are going to pay for everything you already did to her." He shot him another glare.

"I am not scared of you cunt, you know. Nor of your stupid friends. Hayley is my girl, she always has been, rather you accept and want it or not; this is the truth." He smirked, happy of his words.

"Well you should. Watch your feet, because you are going to be hurt any moment soon. Trust me." Harry looked up at me and smiled, just happy to see me I guess. I smiled back. I stared in those beautiful green eyes for what seemed like to be forever. The bell rang again and you know what that means right? I'm free, finally going away from that stupid jerk of Jackson. Harry disappeared when we got out of the class. Oh shit, damn it where is he, I wondered, praying for my life he was going to come back in a second.

"So little slut, you got your own protector. But he can't protect nor keep you away from me you know. Because you need me. You. Love. Me." He put his arms around my waist, eyeing me up and down. He squeezed my bum and I know what he was going to do next. He grinned and he tried to slap me. But Harry was here and saved me again.

"Don't you listen. Oh wait, a stupid jerk like you doesn't understand when someone speaks fast and does sentences. Let me repeat and you better get it this time. Stay away from her. You will get hurt. Just leave her the fuck alone if you still want to be able to live okay." He spat. Then he took me closer to him and made me walk before him. We both got in my car, Harry decided to drive, I gave him the keys and we went to the grocery. I bought many things, I just wanted to go there as rarely as possible. We entered my house and Harry locked the door behind me. He locked the door that was just the way to go to the garden along with all the windows. He helped me sorting the food and then he cooked. It was delicious. I went upstairs in my room and turned the lights of my bathroom on. I took out some black short and a white tank top out of a white wardrobe; actually this outfit was a comfortable pajamas I bought in Los Angeles one day I was out with Ash', that day she told me that she loved Jason and this day is also the day I told her about Jackson hitting me and forcing me to be with him. She was the only and the first one who knew it. She was just shocked and felt sorry, it was so complicated. Jackson was tall and really strong, he was friends with everyone, everyone loved him. No one would have believed me. Until one day I came at school with bruises, lots of bruises on my face and legs and also on my back. I was scared of everything and everyone. Jackson ruined my life there, he made it being a living-hell and I just thought everything was going to be fine again when he left. It was at first, but of course something horrible had to happen. I went in the bathroom and just closed the door. I washed myself, the hot water relaxed me. My muscles were really tensed. Having a shower of 1 hour helped me cooling down. I slipped on some underwear and then my pajamas. I put my hair in a high bun after I had brushed them and then I brushed my teeth. I prepared my bag for tomorrow. I will be too lazy tomorrow morning at 6:30AM. I have a long day waiting for me tomorrow.

"So you're going to sleep babe?" Harry smiled at me, just standing at my door.

"Yes. It was such a long day actually and I am really tired. I just want to jump in my bed and put the big white blankets around my small body." I laughed a bit, actually really jumping in my bed, under the blankets. Harry turned the lights off and I heard the door closed. I started panicking.

"Harry!!!!!" I yelled, my eyes closed, not wanting to see anything at the moment. I couldn't see anything actually because it was too dark. Harry opened the door.

"Lie down next to me. You know you make me feel safe. Please stay." I asked, hoping he will just come.

"Sure thing love." I smiled, I felt his weight on my bed, his warmth was felt too. "Goodnight, sleep tight and sweet dreams." He softly said, I guess he was smiling.

"Goodnight Harry." I closed my eyes, I was about to fall asleep when Harry's voice woke me up.

"Don't forget. Tomorrow it's Wednesday. You are coming to my house. It'll be fun, don't need to stress out." He said, feeling my body tensing up. His touches made me relaxed and I replied.

"Alright. Goodnight Harry." I said, closing my eyes once again.

"Goodnight love." Harry said, putting his arms around me.

Oh yeah right, tomorrow I was going to Harry's...


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