Love Hurts

When a vampire meets his "soulmate", this person is the only thing that matters...
So what happens when Harry meets Hayley? And what does Hayley hide to Harry?
-A Harry Styles Fanfic-


10. Harry's First P.O.V -Chp. 6- ~Part.2~

Harry's P.O.V.

I woke up at 6AM and saw that Hayley was still sleeping, she had to wake up in one hour to go to school after. I went to the bathroom and had a quick shower. I dried myself off and just got dressed. I didn't brush my hair, I wasn't usually brushing it, I put on a black beanie and just brushed my teeth, I wasn't hungry. I got out of the bathroom and saw that my beautiful soulmate was still sleeping. She was perfect. Her beautiful curly hair was messy and all over her face, she was looking like a baby. I had a lot of fun yesterday and I'm happy that she skipped school with me, but Jake scared her. I have to see him today, as a few people I have to talk to. My minds were interrupted by her alarm clock which was on her nighstand. She turned it off and put her head back in the blankets. I chuckled, she was such a baby.

"Get up you lazy ass, you have to go to school." I told her, standing up at her left. She just groaned and I laughed. I closed her door and left. I had to go and talk to the lads and Jake also. I closed her front door, and left her house walking slowly. I just wanted to have some time alone, to think. About Hayley, she was just so nice and sweet and cute but those bitches of Rachel and Cameron made her doubt. One hour or so after that I left her house, I was in front of mine. The big house was silent from outside but I could hear some laughters coming from inside. I opened the front door and I smelled blood. The smell was good. But not as good as Hayley's blood. Hayley's smell was driving me crazy. My eyes would turn red any second if I wouldn't usually hunt. Anyways, I felt a hand on my shoulder and I turned to see that blond haired Irish boy smiling.

"Finally back home mate?"

"Yeah, I had to talk to you all. Tell the others to come please." I said, entering the living room.

"Two love birds huh, can't you just stop please? I have to talk to you it's important." I said, taking a seat on the black couch. The whole house was silent now but Niall, lazy as he was, just yelled to call the others. He came back with some food, some pizza I think.

"That pizza is delicious. Want some?" He chuckled.

"Sure mate, give me one slice please, no, wait. Two slices please." Liam replied, smirking and waiting for Niall to react.

"Don't touch my pizza, I was kidding. You just need blood to live anyways." He glared at him. We all laughed at his childish side, Niall was always serious when it came up to food.

"Why did you call us for? What's going on?" Zayn asked and all of their eyes were on me.

"You know that Hayley is my soulmate right. Every vampire has a soulmate and well she is mine. Guys like Jake find her sexy and it pisses me off. I'm going to talk to them today and do my bussiness. Just tell her that I had to leave fast this morning and I'm sorry. I'll text her if I can. Do that for me please Louis."

"Of course mate, but you know she is a human whereas we all are dangerous vampires here. And our laws say that-" He started but I cut him off, fed up.

"I know Louis. Just tell her what I told you and leave me alone. I know what I am doing." I spat at him. I ran away from the house and went to the mall Hayley and I went to yesterday. I went to the exact same place, then I went upstairs, closing the black door behind me.

"Hey Harry, what are you doing here?" Ben spoke up, standing up from the brown couch he was sitting on but sitting on it back again when he saw I was glaring at me.

"I don't like that your guys are around my girl. Jake scared her yesterday; he laid his eyes on her and touched her. She was scared but I am not. So keep your guys and yourself away from her. You better obey to my orders or else you know what will happen." I slammed the door and went to some club. Even though it was only the morning, it was already open so alcoholics could drink. Some girls came to me but I ignored them. I growled and they left away from me, scared. I walked past everyone and made my way to the owner's office. I didn't bother to knock and wait for an answer. I directly sat and didn't bother to close the door behind me either. The owner turned himself with a glass full of red liquid in his hand.

"Harry Styles, in my office, on a morning. Woah. It must be important. What can I do for you?" He smirked. I wasn't in the mood at all right now.

"Just warning you." I frowned at him, his smirk was annoying. I was the type of guy getting mad really fast, plus being a vampire didn't help.

"Warning me from what?" He chuckled.

"Warning you to stay away from Hayley Miller. This girl is mine and I don't want you to go near her." I glared into his black eyes.

"Okay okay, be fine I won't touch her. But her blood, she just smells so good and I wish I could put my fangs in her neck and suck her dry." This was the last thing he said before I pushed him against the wall. I used one of my power to hurt him and just left.

"Do not talk about her like that ever again. You would get killed other way okay." I slammed the door and avoided those girls dancing in front of men, almost naked. I went in the woods and a small girl catched my eyes. She was small but looked like to be eighteen. Perfect age. I came up to her and I smiled. She didn't smell as good as Hayley. No one did. She looked like crying, poor her. I chuckled to myself because of my ironic comment and put my hand on her shoulder. She jumped, scared; probably thinking no one was around here I guess. Ah those little innocent humans, I thought to myself. She smiled a bit at me and was about to talk but no words came out of her mouth, she was shaking too much. A few seconds after, she was lying on the ground, probably lifeless. But I didn't care. I left the woods, looking everywhere to see if no one saw me. I wasn't hungry now. But I had still things to do before going to see Hayley again. I went home and saw some people from behind staring... Who could they be and what did they want? I just wondered but didn't care more. I entered the house and had a long shower. I didn't want to risk to smell blood or something. Someone already discovered one lifeless body, I took that life away from that girl; I just had to eat. And that someone was Hayley. Of course it had to be her, I lied the best I could and I think I convinced her, so it was okay. I had to show her I'd be here to protect her. And I would always be. I went downstairs after being fully dressed, I was just wearing black pants with a grey T-Shirt and my black beanie, it was my favourite one. Someone was in the house.

"I talked to her." I heard a voice from behind me. It was Louis, a small bag of blood inbetween his teeth.

"Good. What did she say?" I asked, turning the TV on, searching for the news on some channel. I found the channel I wanted and carefully listened to what the guy with a huge stupid smile plattered on his face was saying right now. I was waiting for Louis's reply but I didn't feel his presence anymore. And I was right to don't feel it: he was left. That meant something was wrong. I didn't know what, I didn't read his mind. I thought everything was right but I thought wrong. Ugh. My thoughts were interrupted by the male voice saying:

"We discovered fingerprints on the dead body that was lying in the street. It was discovered last Wednesday by some young teenager when she was heading back home. No one came to signal a missing girl so if an 18 girl from your family dissapeared, you have to go to the police now. We don't know anything more. Be careful in the streets. We'll tell you what's happening in the next few days. Thanks for watching, it was-" the guy was going to finish but I took the remote and clicked on the button. The screen of the TV was now black and my mood had changed. What if they found my fingerprints. Fuck, that'd mean they'll tell this and that would also mean: Hayley would know. I was mad at myself right now. I ran out of the house and went to school, just to talk to Liam. I arrived in front of the building and felt eyes on me. I was used to the people's eyes from school being on me but not those ones. I turned and saw the same people that were staring at me earlier, they were standing, talking to each others but looking at me. I was confused but had other things to do than to care about them. I texted Liam and I walked over to the back of the building, no one would be there. They are in class at the moment. When he saw me, he directly knew that something wrong was going on.

"They discovered fingerprints on the girl I killed a few days ago." I started, taking a cigarette from the packet that was in my left pocket.

"What's wrong man? What do you even care? They won't-" He spoke, his back lying on the big wall. I cut him off.

"Hayley is the reason that I care. What if she learns more about it and find it so weird and then she looks up about this and find that weird things happen here and what if... She finds out about us?" I was so stressed. I needed blood. Her blood, and by her I meant Hayley's. But I just couldn't ugh. I truly don't know if I'm going to be able to control myself.

"Calm down mate, they won't find that those fingerprints were yours and Hayley won't know. Stop and go drink some blood. You need it. I have to go, the lunch bell is going to ring and we have to talk to your girl." He chuckled. I nodded and went back home. This could be dangerous for her. If she finds out about us, vampires , she could die. But I won't let anyone touch her, I'll give my life for her. If you don't know, every vampire has his one true soulmate, the one he cares about, he loves the most. The feelings he has over her are crazy. He would give his life for her. And I think that Hayley is my true soulmate, she is the one meant for me. I always wanted to find my soulmate. I didn't think I would find her that soon. Whatsoever, I can feel that something wasn't right. I sat in the couch and started watching some movie. After it ended, I turned the TV on. Those movies about vampires, they seriously suck. This is not true come on! I stood up and looked at my phone locked screen. It was 4:30PM. I had a little time to drink blood then have a quick shower. I always shower I know but I just have to. If Hayley or anyone else smell me and that I smell blood, they'll find it weird for sure. I walked over the kitchen, and grabbed some bag full with this red liquid I needed much. I finished it and just went upstairs. Having a quick shower, I was not thinking about anything. It relaxed me. I put on my V-neck white T-Shirt and black jeans with black shoes. And just my grey beanie on my messy curls. I put on my cologne and took my keys. I drove fast to school, I checked my phone out and it was 5:55PM. I saw the four guys coming closer to me. Zayn gave Niall and Liam gave Louis weird and worrying looks, but they were pissed. I wondered what the hell was going on. They could get pissed easily yeah but if they were worried that means something was going on, damn it I didn't need that now. Seriously.

"You should go to your girl, there was a boy that looked to know her really well, and he wants her for sure. She listened to him and left us when we were talking to her. Plus he pissed us off by insulting us." Niall said, sternly and really pissed. He half-smiled at me, knowing that I would be pissed. I waved them and thanked them before rushing myself to the building and running in the corridors. Teachers glared at me and I just ignored them. I walked to the room I could smell her amazing scent in. I opened the door silently, just to see what was happening in here. A blond guy with brown eyes was going to kiss her. I glared at him.

"Don't you lay those dirty lips of yours on those beautiful of hers." I snapped. He smirked and was going to slap her but I ran to them and took his arms in my hand. I wanted to rip his head off right now. My eyes were probably black form anger but I calmed down and sat next to Hayley, I smiled at her and she smiled back. She was beautiful. The teacher came and looked kinda surprised to find myself being here, I would never come to detentions I used to get for skipping school. He was nervous I could tell by the look in his eyes.

"Mr. Styles, I wouldn't have expected you showing up here." Mr. Jonhson said.

"Well I am here." I snarled. He just looked away and left the room.

"Or what Styles?" Jackson chuckled, reffering to what we were saying before the teacher entered this room. He stood up, thinking I would stood up along with him but I didn't. I stayed in my chair.

"Just stay away from her, you are going to pay for everything you did to her." I sternly said, really pissed off.

"I am not scared of you cunt, you know. Nor of your stupid friends. Hayley is my girl, she has always been, rather you accept and want it or not; this is the truth." This little bastard deserved to be hurt seriously.

"Well you should. Watch your feet, because you are going to be hurt any moment soon. Trust me." I said. He was going to be hurt, I'll make sure of this. I smirked to myself and turned myself to see Hayley's face. I smiled at her, happy to have her next to me. Her heart beating was like a beautiful song to my ears. The bell rang and I ran to Zayn, who was waiting for me outside.

"They don't know it's you. Everything is alright lad, you can relax. Your little sexy girl won't run away from you scared." He smiled. I was happy to have him as my friend, and the three other too. They were always here for me. Actually we were always here for each other. We were friends since a long time now and we trusted each other. I thanked him and ran again. I was running a lot, but as I was a vampire, it wasn't tiring me. I arrived and they were standing in front of them. His hand on his bum, he squeezed it and grinned evily. Whom the hell was actually that guy? Whosoever was he, he was pissing me off. Couldn't he understand me?

"Don't you listen. Oh wait, a stupid jerk like you doesn't understand when someone speaks fast and does sentences. Let me repeat and you better get it this time. Stay away from her. You will get hurt. Just leave her the fuck alone if you still want to be able to live okay." I yelled angrily. I put Hayley close to me and made her walk in front of me, taking her away from that ass- perverted and annoying -hole. She gave me the key and I jumped in the driver seat. We went to the grocery and she bought like the whole shop. I laughed at her laziness. We arrived home and I closed all the doors and windows. Then I helped her sorting the food. Then I cooked lasagna. I loved Italian food. And she looked like to have loved what I cooked because she finshed all of her dish quickly. She went upstairs and I washed the plates and let them dry. I went upstairs and I saw that Hayley wasn't in it but in her bathroom. I went in her mom's room, visiting her house by my own. I saw that her mom's clothes wasn't all here and that her bed was carefully not touched. Her mom didn't come back home since yesterday. She left for a week, Hayley didn't tell me. I think she guessed I was going to be overprotecting if she'd had told me. I went out and stood at her door. She was preparing everything and five minutes after she was done. She was heading to sleep, she looked dead tired.

"So you're going to sleep babe?" I chuckled, smiling at her.

"Yes. It was such a long day actually and I am really tired. I just want to jump in my bed and put the big white blankets around my small body." And that's what she exactly did, she was so cute. I turned the lights of her room off and closed the door. I was heading backstairs when Hayley yelled.

"Harry!!!!!" She exclaimed. I rushed to her room and opened her door.

"Lie down next to me. You know you make me feel safe. Please stay." She begged.

"Sure thing love." I replied, smiling. I took the blankets in my left hand, I put them around me, though being careful that she had some around her small body and lied down next to her.

"Goodnight, sleep tight and sweet dreams." I whispered to her, still smiling.

"Goodnight Harry." She replied back. A few minutes after, I spoke again.

"Don't forget. Tomorrow it's Wednesday. You are coming to my house. It'll be fun, don't need to stress out." I told her, probably stopping her from falling asleep right now. I felt her muscles tensing up when I said she'd come tomorrow. I laughed a bit at her.

"Alright. Goodnight Harry." She said, coming closer to me.

"Goodnight love." I replied, grabbing her and putting her in my arms. I wrapped them around her small body. And smiled. This moment was perfect...


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