Love Hurts

When a vampire meets his "soulmate", this person is the only thing that matters...
So what happens when Harry meets Hayley? And what does Hayley hide to Harry?
-A Harry Styles Fanfic-


11. At Harry's -Chp.7-

Hayley's P.O.V

I woke up to the sound of the alarm clock on my desk. I just pushed it with my end and it fell onto the ground. I heard a chuckle coming from my right and I groaned.

"You are so childish baby." Harry said in his raspy morning voice. It was like the fourth time Harry and I were sleeping in the same bed even though he wasn't my boyfriend and I wasn't his girlfriend. But I didn't care more; my mom was left and I was scared to death. When Harry was near me, I was calm and relaxed. And sleeping in the same bed as him was the only way to make me fall asleep. If he wasn't here, I'd probably be looking like a zombie right now, I wouldn't have slept for days and my body would be shaking. He got up from the bed and made his way downstairs I think, I heard his foosteps on the stairs which were creaking just a bit under his weight. I walked to the bathroom and jumped in the shower. I turned the water on which was cold at first making me flinch but it soon heated up. I washed my body with some body cream that smelled candies. I rinsed my body with water before getting out and drying myself off. I put on black leggings with my black blazers, I loved shoes Nike created. I decided to wear a light beige, almost white tank top and my dark black coat. I put on some make up, just a little bit of mascara on my long eyelashes and some beige light eyeshadow, and just red lipstick which was the same colour of the necklace; it was the infinity sign on it, my father bought me it a while ago but I would always wear it. It was beautiful. After being done with my make up, I brushed my hair and curled it a bit, even though it was already curly. I was now done with my look and I think it was alright. I grabbed my back full of with books and copybooks. I went downstairs and smelled something from the kitchen. It was an incredibly beautiful smell to my nose and I smiled. I entered the kitchen and saw that Harry had made us breakfast. He was putting the eggs in my dish and then did the same for him. The table was full of food and I liked that. There were two dishes, both of them composed of eggs and bacon and two glasses filled with orange juice. My stomach growled and I felt awkward. Harry's eyes were on me, he was staring seriously. He wasn't moving anymore. His eyes were bore into me. They weren't moving and he looked in my eyes. But I could tell he wasn't with me right now but like lost in his minds or something. He stayed like this for 2 minutes.

"Harry!!!!!! Wake up!" I snapped at him, he was now out of his thoughts and he just smiled. He turned around the table and took my chair out as I could sit.

"If Madame would sit please." He said, softly.

"What a gentleman. Thank you." I sat and we started to eat. There was a silence but it wasn't awkard. We finished eating 20 minutes after. I brushed my teeth quickly and looked at myself once more then got out of the house and saw that Harry was leaning on the black Range Rover of his, his hands were on his dark brown curls and I could see all of his tattoos that covered his arms. He was seriously handsome. I went to the car and he opened my door, I thanked him and jumped in the passenger seat. He didn't drive for a long time before he parked the car in the parking lot of the school. He got out of the car and slammed his door shut, before rushing to my side and opening the door. He smiled and I mumbled a thank you while watching the building. We were heading to the school gates and I could feel all the eyes on me, girls were glaring at me and boys were just staring. Harry didn't care that much, we entered the school and I went to my locker.

"So Har-" I started but I was pushed against the wall. Harry wasn't here anymore.

"You bitch, you should stay away from Harry." a blond girl said, she was wearing a black dress that covered half of her body, her bum was half-covered by it and she was wearing big red heels. There were five people, three girls and two guys. The guy on her right pushed me once again, but this time harder than the previous time he did. "Just look at him, he doesn't want to be with a girl like you, you're ugly, pathetic, useless, worthless. Just nothing. You're a little piece of shit and he deserves much better." The two guys pushed me this time, and really hard. My back hurt as hell and I couldn't stand up. "Harry deserves a girl like me. Look, you can't even stand up because of your weight. What a fat ugly whore you are." She chuckled and the other girls laugh. The guys lifted me up just to push me once again the lockers. They all laughed at me and they left just two minutes after the bell rang. The corridors were empty and nobody saw us. I ran to class and got detention for being late. Ugh. I just put the paper the teacher gave me in my bag and ignored it. The classes went by fast and it was the lunch break. I walked up to the canteen and went to sit with my friends. I took a bite in my sandwich and started to talk with everyone. I laughed many many times. Rachel was glaring at Cameron sometimes and they were doing faces, they were so childish seriously. I finished eating like one hour after and I had 30 minutes left. I decided to look for Harry or any of his mates. I spotted Liam's head and I just walked towards him. When he saw me, he didn't smile. Perhaps he wasn't in a good mood.

"What do you want Hayley?" He spat harshly at me. Wow Liam, thank you.

"Hmh.. I just was wondering.. Where is Harry? As I'm... Well... Am going to his this afternoon, I just wanted to ask him when and where do I have to meet him? Since I don't know where he lives to be honest..." I stuttered but I spoke softly.

"Well... I don't know... I don't care about it. It's Harry's bussiness and I have other things much more important to care about." He replied, clearly annoyed. He was different today, but I actually didn't know him. And I was still scared of him, and of... Them all. I looked away from his eyes. They were black from anger.

"O-o-ok..okay. Than...thank you." I walked away to my locker and just forgot about this. Everyone has its ups and downs. Today, Liam had one of his downs, I guess.. He didn't bother saying bye, he just walked away when the bell rang. I went to my class and all the lessons I had went by fast. The bell rang signalling the end of the day. I smiled knowing I would get out of this building and go back home. I proceeded to my locker and grabbed all my books, I had lots of homework. Any for tomorrow but a lot for Friday. I wanted start them now. My smile was still plattered on my face but it quickly faded when I saw Harry leaning on his car. Dammit I had forgotten. I walked to him and half-smiled. He smiled back and opened the car door to me. I hopped in the car. During all the ride to his house, there was a horrilble silence. It was awkward to be honest. Harry had his hands on the wheel and wasn't looking at me. He didn't look at me once, nor talk to me. I was looking at the road and after what seemed forever, he parked the car and got out of it. I did the same and my jaw dropped. The house was so huge. In my entire life, I had never seen a house as huge as this. The walls were a light white. Harry held me to the front door and opened it. When I walked it, my jaw dropped once again. Everything was clean and it was so huge. The house was full with modern furniture. I could hear laughters coming from the room in front of us.

"Babe are you okay? This is the second time your jaw dropped." Harry asked, chuckling a bit.

"Yeah I'm fine. It's just that this house is so huge and beautiful. Everything is clean and so modern." I replied.

"Oh okay, let's go babe." He headed towards the room the laughters could be heard from and opened the door. All of a sudden, the room was dead silent and the heads were all turned on us. I saw all the boys here and Perrie as Harry told me but there was some girl standing next to Niall that was unknown from me. Louis walked to me and spoke up, breaking that awful silence.

"Hey Hayley, glad you came. How're you doing?" He walked me to the couch and I sat down next to him.

"I'm doing fine how about you Louis?" I told him, trying to not pay any attention to the other people staring at me.

"Same same." He smiled, I smiled back and I heard Harry clearing his throat.

"Hayley do you want anything to eat or to drink?" He asked, softly.

"Can I have a coke please?" I demanded, he nodded his head and walked towards the kitchen with Liam. I said hi to everyone and then to that girl. She had dirty wavy blond hair and deep dark honey-ish eyes. She had almost full lips and freckles. She was beautiful.

"Hello, I'm Hayley, nice to meet you." I handed her my hand that she took without hesitating but soon hugged me. She smiled warmly at me and replied.

"Hi, it's so nice to meet you. I'm Stephanie Griffin. I'm Niall's girlfriend." She smiled once more and walked to Niall, he kissed her on her cheek and she smiled. I started talking to everyone about everything.

*Harry's P.O.V.*

I nodded my head to Hayley and went in the kitchen with Liam on my side.

"Mate you shouldn't had brought her today. You know it's dangerous for her. You just put her in danger. You know that-" he started being mad. I quickly cut him off.

"Stop. I know that but I won't ever let them touch her. Calm down and give me a bottle of coke that's in the fridge, please." He did as I told him to and I kept talking. "Just please control you, you let your feels get the best of you and you don't look like a freaking human. That was the reason you killled people already." I spat at him, being soft at first but yelling at the end. His eyes became red. Dammit, he had to drink blood now?!?! When Hayley was in the living-room? I threw him a bag of blood and he finished him in seconds, I gave him an another bag knowing that one wasn't going to be enough. When he was done drinking, he calmed down. His eyes became normal again, they weren't red nor black from anger. I took the bottle of coke and went back in the living room, I found Hayley laughing on the couch, she was talking with Niall and Stephanie. Perrie was talking to Zayn. Louis was looking outside, something was wrong I could feel it. I looked at him and he quickly looked back, I looked at all the other guys and they gave me worried looks. I just shrugged my shoulders and went to Hayley, I gave her her coke and she took a sip.

"Thanks Harry." She told me, smiling.

"You're welcome babe." I smiled. We started talking about everyone's lives. I looked at her and she was beautiful, I was starring at her and I don't think she saw me.

"Let's watch a movie!" Louis exclaimed, jumping up and down like a baby. Hayley laughed at his attitude.

"What movie?" Zayn asked, patting on the seat next to him telling Perrie to sit there. She did as she was told to and smiled at him. They kissed and Zayn put his arms around her.

"Toys Story is the best movie ever!!! Let's watch it!" Liam said, like a baby. He got up from the couch and took the DVD. He was about to put it in the DVD player but we all yelled at him.

"No way!!!!" We all said in unison. Hayley looked at us, shocked. I whispered in her ear:

"It's Liam's fav' movie and we watched it thousands of million times." She nodded at my comment.

"I think Carrie is a better choice." Zayn said. We all agreed but Hayley didn't. She just nodded her head and I knew she was scared already.

"I'm gonna make popcorn, I'm hungry. Anyone wants popcorn? I won't give you any of my food okay." Niall said sternly, though he was happy at the thought of food I think. We all laughed and asked popcorn. A while later, Niall came with bowls of popcorn and also drinks. Of course it wasn't blood. We couldn't drink blood anytime soon since Hayley was here and she didn't know about us. We started watching the movie and I could see Hayley shaking and being really scared. I told her to come next to me and she did as she was told to. She put her hands on my arm and squeezed it many times. I pretended to be hurt because a human will do, well I think, and it was funny. The movie ended and Louis turned the lights on. Of course we watched it in the dark, come on! Watching a horror movie in darkness is much funnier than watching it with the lights turned on. I heard Hayley sighed in relief and I laughed out loud.

"What? This movie was scary! You shouldn't be laughing, this is mean!" She said, well, it was funny.

"Well it actually wasn't! You were scared and I can tell it by the way you squeezed my arms!" I replied, still laughing.

"Shut up! You're mean to me!!! I hate you!" Wow. That hurts. I know she was kidding but I stopped laughing. My eyes could show sadness but soon they turned black from anger. I went upstairs ignoring Hayley. She called me and I could smell her scent close to the room I was in. I threw a lamp on a wall and it broke into pieces. Soon Hayley entered the room with a worried look on her face.

"Harry are you okay? You know I was just kidding. I'm gonna help you." She yelled so fast that she couldn't breath at the end of her sentence. I smiled at her and nodded.

"I'm fine babe. I just have anger issues." I replied, truthfully. She bended down and started picking up the pieces of what was a lamp a few minutes ago. I bended down with her and helped her. After all, I was the one who made that mess. We were soon done. Hayley took the last piece that was lying down on the ground, just next to her hand. She took it. But she took it too fast. She cut herself. There was a small cut yeah, only a small one, but her blood was flowing down her finger. I could feel my eyes turning red and my fangs going out of my mouth. I wanted to bite her right now. I needed her blood more than anything at the moment.




Going crazy

Bite her

Suck her dry

Kill her

I stopped myself when I thought of killing her. I couldn't do this. I couldn't kill my soulmate. I was snapped out of my thoughts when I heard Hayley mumbled "Shit.". I was normal back again, my eyes never turned red and my fangs never showed. I chuckled and helped her up. I took her to the bathroom and took my first aid kit. I disinfected her finger with alcohol and put on the cut a sticking-plaster.

"It's all better now." I smiled at her. I sighed of relief and I could see that she was wondering, why I would sigh of relief I guess. It wasn't normal, it was just a small cut. But a smile appeared on the beautiful face of hers quickly.

"Thank you Harry." She thanked me. I gave her a small smile but soon it was a real big one when she leaned down and hugged me. But soon that moment was interrupted when the door bell rang. I went downstairs with Hayley and opened the door. Soon my smile dropped and I blinked a few times to see if it was real. And it really was. On my face could be seen a surprised expression. I was really surprised like... What the hell was this person doing here?!?!


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