My One And Only -Niall Horan

Theirs a 16 year old girl who gets bullied and she doesn't tell anyone and her brother who is in the world famous boy band One Direction what happens when it gets to much for and her brother takes her on tour and she meets a girl who is another sister of one of the members and they become best friends and they both fall head over heels in love with Niall Horan and Harry Styles


2. Touring

It has been one month later and now me the boys and Liam's sister Angelyn are in New York City. "Elysha do you wanna go shopping?" Angelyn asked. "Sure let me just get ready". Me and Angelyn are really close and we know everything about each other but we aren't as close as me and the boys. I was finally ready and I walked back into the main room in our hotel, "Hey Niall where's Lou?" I asked Niall " He went out with Zayn and Harry." Niall replied "Oh ok can you tell Louis that me and Angelyn are going out shopping." "Sure Le can I please ask you something?" Niall asked "sure" " I know and you know that you love me and to make your dream come true I love you too. So will you be mine, will you please be my girlfriend?" OMG Niall Horan just asked me to be his " OMG yes yes yes" I said giving him a squeeze. Me and Angelyn finally left to go to the mall and I told her about me an Niall till something stopped u from walking. I answered my phone " H hello who is this?" I asked scared "You should know who this is" then it hit me it's Tanner " T Tanner what do you want?" I said scared " I want to get revenge because Matt told you and your little boyfriends not to come close to you but one of your little boyfriends didn't listen to Matt so I want to know where you are" " Ok ok I'm in NYC" "Thank you bye love" at that moment I sat on the floor in tears bringing up Louis' number " What's wrong Elysha?" Angelyn asked worried I shook my head saying don't worry. I phones Louis to come and pick us up. Few minute later I saw Louis running over towards us and he looked worried " hey hey Lesh what's wrong" Louis said helping me up "T Tanner phoned saying he's coming back for me" I said burring my head into Louis' chest. We finally got back to the hotel when got in Niall saw my tear still streaming down my face. He turned to look at Louis and so Louis explained everything and Niall wrapped his big muscley arms around my waist while my head was buried in his chest whilst he slowly rubbed my back trying to calm me down. I feel sorry for Angelyn because she doesn't know who Matt and Tanner is. And I'm not going to tell her anytime soon. " hey you ok now?" " yeah I will be" I replied. " How about you coming to the show tonight yeah?" "Yeah ok" I replied lying on Niall's legs.

Angelyn pov

I am really confused what happened earlier, but it is none I my business to know who she was on the phone to. Harry has just turned up and he decided to sit next to me. Just I case you didn't know I have had this massive crush on him ever since my brother Liam Payne auditioned for the xfactor in 2010. "Hey Angelyn" " Hey Harry" " I've been meaning to ask this ever since we started the Take Me Home Tour. Since I've got to know you better I was wondering if you want to be my girlfriend?" Harry asked. I replied with " Yes yes yes I'd love to be your girlfriend."Me and Niall decided to go for a walk to spend some time together. "OMG ITS NIALL HORAN!" some girls said running up to us. "Hello Girls do you want a photo or something?" Niall asked politely. " Y yes please Niall I love you so much." One girl who started to cry. Once Niall finished taking pictures and signing things we started to walk back to the hotel since we only have 15 minutes till we need to be at the arena. We finally got back from Niall chasing me and making out and talking. We finally got into a cab and now we are off to the arena for where the boys are performing tonight.

The boys have finally finished doing one last run through they were finally finished their last run through, and Niall helped me up on stage and we walked backstage hand in hand. It finally came 7:00 pm where they would come running on stage any minute.

It was halfway through she's not afraid where I saw...It was half way through Shes Not Afraid and then I saw someone who never thought would turn up. Tanner and Matt started to walk towards me till Niall grabbed my arm and pulled me up on stage. "Thank you Niall if it wasn't for you he would of caught me" I whispered in his ear " You know I would protect you plus don't forget your brother is Louis Tomlinson and he would probably would brake us up or kill me" Niall whispered in my ear. Wants they finished the song something I didn't expect to happen Niall kissed me just to make Matt and Tanner jealous. Since then Niall helped me get of but I stayed in front of the stage not behind the barriers.

Before I knew it Matt jumped over the barrier, before he called pull me away two security guards came running up and Niall jumped off of the stage and Niall tried to pull me away from him. Wants he was of Niall wrapped his big muscley arms around me whilst I was whimpering in his chest whilst he was stroking and playing with my hair trying to calm me down. Niall pulled me up on stage with my head still on his chest and he told the boys something but I couldn't here and then he took me somewhere else. He lifted my head up from his chest but I tried to lean back in. " Baby it's ok he said letting me rest my head on his shoulder " Niall you should be on stage singing in front of the millions of fans out their not backstage with me" I said still with tears in my eyes. " Babe I told the boys about what happened and they know I'm out here with you and one of the boys are singing my solos." Niall replied. I leaned back in his chest with my hands playing with his tank top. "C'mon let's go back on stage and you can cuddle me like this and sing with me! Yeah?" "O ok" I replied. Me and Niall walked back on stage with all the boys coming up to me saying are you ok and giving me hugs but it was bit of a struggle because I just wanted Niall comforting me. "Babe can I go talk to Matt if you stay here" Niall said trying to pull me of so he could see my face , I shook my head as saying no "Ok do you want to come with me?" I nodded my head so Niall told the boys and he helped me off the stage and I leaned my head on his shoulder. " Matt and Tanner stay away from my girlfriend or else." "Aww has little Elysha got herself a boyfriend whose in a famous boy and!" Matt said making fun. Niall held me closer to him whilst whispering things to calm down but it wouldn't work, Louis walked over to us and tried pulling me off Niall but I kept on refusing. "Do you want to go to your brother?" Niall asked "N no I w want t to st ay with you" I stuttered. "What happened" Louis asked Niall hoping I wouldn't here because he didn't want to upset me even more "they tried attacking your sister but luckily I saw in time and tried to get him off of her." Niall explained "oh ok" Louis said. "Niall?" "Yes baby?" "I'm going!" "You're going where?" Niall asked with concern in his voice "To Liam" "oh ok". Niall replied, I walked back up the stage and went to Liam and gave him a hug. He didn't asks why but I think he guessed why.

Zayn's pov

Perrie is coming home from their tour today and I have a surprise for her. I have it all planned out and I am taking her on a date on top a roof top an then I'm going to propose to her, I love her so much and I want to be with her forever and ever.


"Hey Zayn where are we going?" Perrie asked "it's a surprise" I replied "we're here" I said sounding excited "a roof top seriously Zayn" " Just wait your gonna love it trust me" we are finally on top of the roof top with Candles and rose petals in a shape of a heart, with a picnic basket in the middle of it. Perrie looked surprised that I've done this for her "so you like it?" I asked "OMG Zayn I love it!" Perrie said with excitement it was coming around 8:30pm, I got up an got a beautiful small box out from my pocket and knelt down on one knee and said "Perrie Louise Edwards I love you so much an without you in my life I wouldn't be this happy and you are my everything, so can I please do the honour of asking you to be with me forever, will you marry me?"

Perrie's pov

OMG Zayn just proposed to me I had tears streaming down my face and said "OMG Zayn of course I will and i love you too Zayn." I said with excitement in my voice. Zayn put the gorgeous ring with three diamonds on it and it is absolutely gorgeous. Zayn picked me up and span me around. Me and Zayn were talking about random things and our future till Zayn brought out a random question "Pez do you like children?" Why did Zayn bring out that question? He knows I love kids "yeah why" because when we're both in our 20s I want to have one with you "sure id love that." I replied

*Normal pov*

We are packing out stuff to go to LA but me and Angelyn are going to the café down the road from our hotel. "You don't have to say anything but you know last night why were those boys trying to hit you?" Angelyn asked " I don't want to talk about it. Just put it this way they are idiots who I don't want to se-" I got interrupted by turning me around " You know I did hear what you said about me and Tanner." Matt said in my ear "what do you want from me? I will do anything for you to leave me alone!" " Anything you say? Then why don't we bring Tanner into this!" " please not Tanner I'm begging you" I begged "oh you've just upset me now Elysha why don't you want to talk to me for hey?" Tanner said with his devilish smile. I decided to run, and so I did I didn't bother turning around to see if they were following me, I decided to take my phone out and bring up Niall's number but before I could manage to press the button my phone got snatched out of my hand. I decided to turn around to see Matt holding onto my phone and Tanner holding onto my best friend Angelyn with a scared and confused face "Get off of her. You can have me but please let go of my best friend" soon as I said that I gave her the look to phone one of the boys. I soon regretted saying take me cause before you knew it I had handprints on the side of my face an probably a black eye on the right and bruises on my stomach. Few minutes passed of Beatings I felt like I was going to pass out, and before you knew it I saw Niall trying to get Tanner and Matt off of me and Harry helping me up.

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