My One And Only -Niall Horan

Theirs a 16 year old girl who gets bullied and she doesn't tell anyone and her brother who is in the world famous boy band One Direction what happens when it gets to much for and her brother takes her on tour and she meets a girl who is another sister of one of the members and they become best friends and they both fall head over heels in love with Niall Horan and Harry Styles


3. Getting Ready For The Date

Elysha's pov

We are now on a plane heading towards LA. I was still scared about what happened last night about when Tanner heard me talking about him and Matt beating me up and that night all I could remember was Harry helping me up. And since then I couldn't remember anything else what happened last night. "Hey what you looking at" Niall asked "um um I'm just looking around so that I know I'm gonna be safe and they're not going to try and get me." I replied. "Sh it's ok I'm not going to let anything to happen to you. Yeah" "yeah" I was leaning on Niall's shoulder whilst his arm is around my waist, and it didn't take long for me to be asleep. "Princess wake up we're in LA" Niall said whilst shaking me. "Ok ok I'm up" I replied still sleepy. Niall being the gentlemen what he is decided to carry me bridle style to the cab whilst I was trying to get back to sleep on his chest. We are finally on the cab and I put on my seatbelt while playing with Niall's hand. We finally got to the hotel what surprisingly didn't take that long at all we were talking till I got another phone call "Hello" I said in a shaky voice "Hello love how are you because you know we are going to find you and do something nasty to you" Matt said Niall gave me a 'Who is it' look and I gave him the phone because I think he guessed who it was " Elysha you might want to keep your little boyfriends away understood!" "Alright Matt you are going to stay away from my girlfriend and if you come near her or touch her you will be dead" Niall said in a serious voice and it sounded scary and he will actually kill him. After a few more minutes of talking and arguing (play arguing) we were finally at the hotel. We got into the hotel and me and Niall wanted to go for a walk and Harry and Angelyn wanted to go with us so all four of as were talking and laughing it was a really nice day so we wanted to look around the hotel first and then look around LA and see if their are any nice restraints we could go to. Me and Niall are walking around hand in hand . We saw a nice café "why don't we sit in the café for a bit" Angelyn suggested "Can we please" I begged Niall and Harry "sure C'mon then" they both replied. We made our way towards the small café. We got in and sat down. The waiter came over and said "can I please take your drinks?" " What do you want Princess?" Niall asked me "hot chocolate without cream please" I replied. We all got our drinks. Niall ordered a really nice latte and I ordered a honeycomb hot chocolate. Me and Niall kept on taking each others drinks. "Where you going" I asked Niall "getting something to eat" Niall replied he walked of and got a cookie two minutes later he came back with two big cookies. He gave me one and I ate it slowly whilst Niall kept on nicking bits from me but I kept on hitting his hand away. We were all finally finished and we decided to walk back to the hotel, "jump on my back!" "Why?" I asked confused "just do it" he said. I jumped on his back and gave me a piggyback ride back to the hotel. We were going to walk in when we saw loads of fans and about five paps. "How are we going to get in now without them seeing us?" I asked Harry "use the back entrants." Harry replied. We walked round to the back I the hotel and we used that entrants and then walked to the lift to take us to our floor of the hotel. We were finally in the hotel I decided to go and put on some pyjama bottoms on and one of My favourite top of Niall and put my hair up in a messy bun. I walked out "wow babe you look adorable in my top" Niall said walking up to me and hugging me. I could feel the heat rush to my cheeks."how about watching a movie for the rest of the day?" Niall asked " yeah sure what movie?" What about a horror" "Ni you know I hate horror movies" I whined "c'mon babe you have me" "fine". Me and Niall sat on the couch and I snuggled into him with is arm round my shoulder. It was half way through the movie and I must of fell asleep.

*Niall's pov*

It was half way through the movie where Elysha fell asleep on my arm but I like it. Plus she looks peaceful when she's asleep. Someone knocked on the door and took me out of my thoughts I kissed her forehead and got up yo open the door to find out its Zayn "alright mate" I said letting him in "yeah thanks" we sat down in my hotel room finishing of the movie.

Niall's pov

I decided to take Elysha to bed because she wasn't going to wake up anytime soon I got to our room and she was still peacefully asleep I closed the door a tad and walked back into the living room and watch something on the tv even though I wasn't watching it so I decided to go on to twitter and do a follow, tweet and retweet spree and I about to minutes my twitter feed was filling up. It came to about 11:00 pm so I decided to go to bed aswell. And I can take her out before our show tomorrow. I got a drink of water and went into the bathroom to brush my teeth and get changed for bed. I walked out and got into bed and put my arm around the love of my life.

Elysha's pov

I woke up about 9:20am and Niall was still asleep I sneaked out of his grip and got out of bed and got dressed in my denim shorts and one of Niall's tank tops. I put on some eyeshadow mascara eyeliner foundation and lipgloss. I went into the kitchen and got a cup of coffee and I made Niall one to. I was about to turn around when Niall wrapped his arms around my waist. "Niall I made you some coffee" "thanks babe" he replied I got out of his grip and walked into the living room and put on the tv, and then Niall joined me on the sofa pulling me closer to him. " babe we have rehearsals today wanna join?" Niall asked I couldn't talk because I was taking a sip of my coffee so I just nodded my head for saying yes.

We got to the arena where the boys are performing tonight. From louis apparently they have a surprise for us girlfriends or fiancé if your Perrie. It was time for them to start the concert so me Angelyn, Perrie, Eleanor and Danielle had to wait backstage till one of the manger people come up to us and say you have five minutes to go. "Angelyn this is Perrie Eleanor Danielle, Ellie, and Ginna. Ellie is Liam's girlfriend , Danielle is Liam's ex but they are still friends Eleanor is Louis ex but they are still friends Ginna is Louis girlfriend and Perrie is Zayn's finacé." I said "girls this is Liam's sister Angelyn." I said again. The boys ran out and grabbed our hands but Danielle and Eleanor ha to stay backstage. We were finally on stage in front of millions of people. "Girls we are going to sing a song to each of you whilst serenading you. And the fans are going to pick the best person who serenaded their girlfriends the best." Louis said, we all sat down on the stools and Niall was holding my hand. It was time for them to start singing to their girlfriends. Harry went first singing locked out of heaven by Bruno Mars. Then it was Zayn singing to Perrie and he sung one of his songs She's Not Afraid. Then it was Louis who was singing to Ginna and Louis sung let me love you. Then their was Liam who sung to Ellie and he sung loving you is easy and their was my gorges boyfriend Niall who sing love the way you lie one of my favourite songs by Eminem ft Rihanna."who thing I should win?" Harry said. And bout a quarter of them screamed "who do you think I should win" Zayn said and half of the fans screamed "who do you think I should win?" Screamed Louis and another half o the fans screamed "who do you think I should win?" Liam said and a quarter I the screamed an I decided to take over Niall by shouting through the microphone "who do you think my lovely boyfriend Niall should win?" I shouted and it sounded like most of the arena screamed. So I guess Niall wins. We all walked off the stage so the boys can go and get changed ready for the third half of the show. I decided I would go with Niall back to his dressing room. We finally got to his dressing room and surprisingly it was quite big. It had a tv snack bar mini fridge and a few other things in it I decided to sit on the spinny chair like a little kid would do. Wants Niall was finished changing he decided to be a kid spinning me around making me feel very dizzy. "Niall stop it I feel like I'm going to throw up!" I said and soon as I said that Niall stopped. The show was finally finished and we decided to go to a fancy restraint. We got to the restraint and booked in and all that stuff, and we finally got our table and we sat down we were choosing what to have and I didn't know what to have so I decided to go for what Niall Wehrmacht for what was lobster and bit of salad. The waiter finally came and she kept looking at Niall and winking at him so I decided to rest my head on his shoulder and he realised and put is arm around me and kissed the top of my head. Wants the waitress took our orders she left in a strop because she probably thought Niall was still single. Our food finally came and we were so happy because we were starving. I finished eating but I was still hungry so I nicked some of Niall's chips when he was talking with the others. We were all finished and we decided to go back to the hotel and go to bed because Louis, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Niall have another show tomorrow about 1:30 pm. We finally got back to the hotel and I went into the bathroom to wash all my makeup off and then put my pyjamas on. I got out of the bathroom and got underneath the warm covers with my love of my life lying next to me. I fell asleep with Niall's arm wrapped around me and my head leaning on his chest, at that moment everything was perfect and I wanted to stay like this forever.

The next morning I turned around to see no Niall I decided to get out of bed and wonder into the kitchen to see if he was their. But he wasn't, I was about to walk out to knock on Zayn's door, but I felt like I was going to throw up and I was right I ran to the bathroom and throw up. About five minutes later I flushed the toilet and went to knock on Zayn's door "alright Elysha?" " yeah I'm fine I was wondering if Niall's with you?" "No sorry Elysha" " Oh ok I'll try the other boys' room" I said and walked to Louis' room "Hey Elysha where you going?" Louis asked "oh I was wondering if Niall's with you?" "No sorry I thought he would've been with you?" "Yeah but when I woke up Niall wasn't their and he's not with Zayn." I replied "oh have you tried phoning him?" "No not yet" I said louis moved aside letting me in his room I pulled up Niall's number and waiting after three beebs Niall finally answered "hey babe what's up?" " where are you?" I asked sounding sad that he left me. " oh I'm out. I didn't wake you because it's a surprise and you were peacefully asleep" Niall replied "oh ok." I said and then hung up.

Niall's pov

I went out about 8:30 am this morning because I want to plan Elysha a romantic date before we leave LA because she loves LA so much and u thought it would be nice and romantic I told the boys before I left and told them what I am doing. I was interrupted by phone ringing. It's Elysha she's probably wondering where I am. "Hello babe what's up?" "I was just wondering where you are because I miss you." "Aww babe I miss you to but I'm planning a surprise and I didn't wake you because it's a surprise and you were peacefully asleep but I'll be back in about 30 minutes." "Oh ok love you!" "Love you too princess." I have now finished the date so I just no had to get her a promise ring what will be 'I promise to never hurt you. I promise I will protect you. And I promise I will always be by your side when you need me.

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