My One And Only -Niall Horan

Theirs a 16 year old girl who gets bullied and she doesn't tell anyone and her brother who is in the world famous boy band One Direction what happens when it gets to much for and her brother takes her on tour and she meets a girl who is another sister of one of the members and they become best friends and they both fall head over heels in love with Niall Horan and Harry Styles


1. Bullied

Elysha's Pov

Another day another school day where I get beaten up everywhere and get thrown insults. I am walking through the school gates where I see the Captain of the football team Tanner. "Look boys it's the slut" Tanner shouted where I could here but I carried on walking through the school gates. Tanner, Mohod and Matt came up to me "Hey whore" Matt said. Then their was a kick in the stomach by Mohod then their was three hard slaps to the face by Tanner. The first bell went and guess what I had maths with Mohod Matt and Tanner. It was ten minutes into maths when the speaker went off "Elysha Martin can you please report to my office because their is someone here to see you" said Mrs Benson(The head teacher) I started to walk out of the room when I tripped over someone's foot, and then the whole class started to laugh. I finally made it to Mrs Bensons office when I saw...I saw my brother the world famous Louis Tomlinson sat in the office with his arms crossed over his chest. "Come in Miss Martin" Says Mrs Benson. I walked in and sat across Mrs Benson " Elysha what are they doing to you?" Louis said upset " um t their b beating m me up" I said stuttering "Lesh why didn't you tell me about this?" Louis asked concerned " Um I thought you would be mad" " Why they fuck would I be mad at you? It's not your fault! Well if you didn't do anything to them anyway" Louis replied pulling me into his arms. "C'mon show me who the boys are and I'll show them what for, for beating up my little sister" " O ok" I said with tears streaming down my face. We finally got to home room and I showed Louis the three boys what we're beating me up this morning " Can I please talk to Mohod, Tanner and Matt please" Louis said "Matt, Mohod and Tanner please can you go and talk to Mr Tomlinson please." We were all outside and louis' arm was around my shoulder whilst my face was on his chest. I got pulled back By Tanner "I thought we told you not to tell anyone? What don't you understand about that" Tanner shouted and kicked me in the stomach, and then I slid down the wall in pain. "Don't you dare touch her again do you understand me" Louis yelled whilst punching him in the face, he was about to throw another punch at him but I quickly grabbed his arm and pulled him next to me. Louis helped me up and pulled me into his arms whilst rubbing my back in comfort.

Tanners pov

"Alright babe" I said to my girlfriend Allison whilst putting my arm around her waist and kissing her neck. "Hmm babe stop it I came to watch you train for the match this weekend" Allison replied. Oh yeah I forgot to tell you that this weekend is the football match what we're training for.

We've just finished our 1 hour training for this weekend and now we are going to the cafeteria for lunch. " Hey look the slut appeared" Mohod said "slut what you did this morning we are totally get you back for that" I shouted so Elysha could here me. "This morning why do you think Louis Tomlinson was here?" I said "I don't know but they looked like they new each other." Matt said.

Elysha' pov

"slut what you did this morning we are totally get you back for that" Tanner shouted to me. I am so scared wish Louis didn't know. But anyway they're going to kill me.

I quickly made my way to the girls restroom and locked my self in one of the cubicles, and phoned louis to come and pick me up. Wants I finished the phone call to Louis I made my way back to the cafeteria and had loads of insults thrown at me by Matt and his girlfriend Karlene. After what felt like years of insults thrown at me I heard a familiar voice behind me I turned around and jumped into Louis' arms and put my head into his chested whilst he whispered comforting things in my ear. I finally jumped out of his arms " Oi Lesh cheer up I have a surprise for you outside. I went outside with Louis and I saw all of the boys and my crush Niall Horan everyone followed me and louis outside to see what the surprise was. "Lesh what do you think about coming on tour with us?" Zayn said did he really just say tour ? "Oh My God yes yes yes" I said full of excitement whilst hugging Zayn tight. "Lesh hurry up and get out I bed or we're going to be late and Liam said he's bringing his sister aswell"Louis shouted. I got out of bed and got dressed and put on a bit of foundation, eyeshadow and bit of lipgloss. I was finally ready to go on tour with Louis and I will finally get I meet Liam's sister Angelyn. I got downstairs where louis and the boys were sat in the living room with a girl. " Elysha!" All the boys shouted whilst running up to me and nearly pushing me over. "Hey I've missed you all even though I saw you gyes yesterday?" I replied. "Aww she missed us" Harry shouted and giving me a hug. "Louis I thought you said if I didn't get out of bed you said I'd make you late?" I said to louis whilst hitting his arm. " yeah I lied just to get you down here" louis replied " Louis you shouldn't of done that to my baby girl" Niall said OMG HE JUST CALLED ME HIS BABY GIRL. "Oh yeah Lesh I want you to meet my sister Angelyn. Sis I want you to meet Louis' step sister Elysha." Liam said "nice to meet you Elysha" Angelyn said "you to" I replied. Just then I got a text from Matt saying that their coming round. I was sat on the floor with my head in my knees an my arms wrapped around them with tears streaming down my face.

Elysha's pov

I was at in the middle of the living room with my head burried into my legs with my arms wrapped around my legs with tears streaming down my face " Lesh what wrong babe" Niall says bending down next to me, I shake my head as to say no and I give him my phone. Before you know it their is a knock at the door and I am being dragged up to see Matts face. I give Louis a worried face and he tries and help but in stead Matt pulled my head back and put a knife on my neck ad said "Come near I'm going to slice the knife across her neck." At that moment you could see everyone with scared faces " We told you not to tell anyone and then you came back with Louis Tomlinson and Tanner did say that one of us is going to get payback" Matt replied still pulling on my hair. Part 8

Louis' pov

Luckily we aren't going on tour for another week. I have to help her but I don't want Elysha to have to be put in hospital just before we go on tour. I grabbed Niall's arm and pulled him into the hallway "Niall we have to have someway to get him of her you have to call Paul!" "Why me?" "Because unless you haven't realised she loves you and if you phone him you can be the one who saved her and she will thank you and then you can ask her out" I relied. I walked back where he was about to slice her neck but moved the knife to her wrist. In just a matter of seconds Paul was here and pulled him off Elysha but before he was fully of her he sliced her wrist.

Elysha's pov

I saw Paul run into the house and dragged Matt of me but before he was fully if he managed to grab my wrist and slice it then say "I told you that I'd hurt you if someone came near and help you." He finally dropped me and I was on lying on the floor trying to keep my eyes open. Someone finally got me of the floor an onto the sofa but before you knew it I was blacked out.

Niall's pov

I managed to call Paul and he said he was going to be here in 10 minutes. Once I came of the phone with Paul I got another phone call with one of my best friend Michi she just called to say that she has moved to London and she is going to come to see us in the O2. When I got back in the living room I saw Elysha lying on the floor so I decided to go and lift her up and put her onto the sofa where she suddenly blacked out.

Elysha's pov

I finally woke up and I saw white walls all around me, then I saw I someone walk in so I decided to ask them where I am before I could speak he said "Hello miss Martin I am Doctor Ross and luckily you are finally awake." "Can I please see Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan?" "Sure I'll go get them for you" the doctor said and with that he left the room. Few minutes later I saw the door open again and walking was Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan. "You ok babe?" Louis said "yeah I'm fine. And thank you Niall for calling Paul with out you I would of been dead by now because of Harry trying to get him off me." I said whilst trying to sit up to give them both a hug.

The doctor came back in and said " You seem fine so you can go home in three days" "Thank you doctor Ross." And the he left, leaving me alone with Niall and Louis.

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