Brooke Hyland, Day to Day Change

Brooke Hyland is almost 16. She still dances with Abby Lee Miller at the ALDC. One day, she gets a Job Offer that will change her life forever - but is her dream job worth risking her family,friends, and fame? Find out in this original Brooke Hyland/Dance Moms fanfic!


4. Time to Coreograph!

Miss Abby said "Well done girls, great rehursal, Maddie Nic and Brooke Marie now have Studio A for a 3 hour slot...choose the music coreography and costumes yourself. Anything even if we've already used the music, whatever."

I walked over to Maddie and she looked at me with a strange gleam in her eyes "Where have all the children gone!"she said smiling...she's amazing!

"Mad your a genuis!"I replied immediatley having ideas of amazing coreography. "Right so it starts with the windlike sound in the begining and you could like run on with bears and stuff and then when the lyrics acctually start ill come out wearing all black and then...."

We spent two and a half hours coreographing like this. Thinking of something, running it, changing something, continuosly until we finally had a full dance read to compete at this weeks competition.

Abby came in just as we put the finished pose is set in stone.

"Girls! Where have all the children gone was a great music choice for the dance. Is it ready for me to see? What style is it? It's open so it doesn't really matter I'm just intrested."said AbbyLee, sitting down on a foam block that we use for acrobatics.

"It's completley done. It's like a contempory acro piece because theres a few lifts and stuff in there but it has loads of  stuff as well so its all good that its in the open catorgary" Maddie said getting to the side of the room, where she comes in from. I took my spot at the Upstage Left Wing which is where I come in to do the begining lift. The whole thing is like a massive section of stage combat with a whole ton of me lifting Maddie and stuff. She ends up dieing in acordence with the song but I get my life sucked out of me by the agony of the fight so we both die...not depressing at all.

We did the dance and at the end Miss Abby was crying like a baby. I smirked because it's really hard to make Miss Abby cry with your dancing.

The dance was done and I was really happy with it...this job was mine!

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