Brooke Hyland, Day to Day Change

Brooke Hyland is almost 16. She still dances with Abby Lee Miller at the ALDC. One day, she gets a Job Offer that will change her life forever - but is her dream job worth risking her family,friends, and fame? Find out in this original Brooke Hyland/Dance Moms fanfic!


1. Normality

"Girls! Get in here! Time for pryamid!"

I got up out of my splits and walked into the dance studio. I took my place in the line. I looked at the pyramid on the wall, wondering where my picture was.

"Last week was a succsess! We won first overall, were the highest group score of the day and we beat them idiots from the Candy Apple Dance Center!" said Miss Abby, with a smile on her face, rare, I know!

"On the bottom, Paige, you forgot your solo and ran off the stage! Is that something I expect of one of my elite students? No! You are on probation Paige!", I looked at my sister. She just stood there, looking Miss Abby in the eye, not even blinking. She wasn't going to let Miss Abby break her!"Next on the pryamid is Nia. Nia, you did a good job in the group, but that trio was a mess. I challenged the three of you and you just flopped. 3rd place is not good enough for the Abby Lee Dance Company. Next on the pyramid is Kendall. Kendall again, good in the group, but you were part of that trio that failed me. However, Kendall, I have noticed that you have been working very hard on you fousettes (turns) and on you center jete, well done for that! Next is Mackenzie. You were in the trio, that lost. You were the best in the trio though and if it was a solo I think you would have done a lot better." Of course, Mackenzie is a Zeigler. I looked at my mom, Kelly, who was rolling her eyes. The rule is here that if your last name is Zeigler, you're one of the favourites, no matter how you do."Next on the pryamid, Maddie. You performed well but for one of the first times, you came second, but only to Chloe, well done, someone had to be second if Chlobird won, and I'm glad it was someone from the ALDC. Next on the pyramid is Miss Jounior Starbound, Chloe! Chloe you won the title and the crown, well done." What?! That means....."On the top of the pyramid is Brooke! You had a solo and you were the overall high scorer with it. You beat Chloe with your score. You danced through a quite servere injury, what with your hip, but you still pulled out a win, well done!" 

Everyone clapped. I was suprised I was on top because even though I won the whole competition, mom and Abby fought after so I thought I'd be on the bottom somewhere with my sister. 

"This week we are going to In10sity Dance Competiton. The group dance is called 'Run' and it's about not being able to escape from a life of misery. Cheerful, but it is an important message about children who are abused and neglected. I have 2 solos and a duet. The solos are Brooke and Paige. Brooke, you're at the top of the pyramid. Paige, I want to give you the oppertunity to redeem yourself after last week. The duo, is Maddie and Brooke." I looked up in shock. Three Dances!! In one week! I looked at my mom who was smilling like the chesire cat!"However, there's a slight twist. You two, Maddie and Brooke, are coreographing the number yourselves!" I looked at Maddie! She was grinning as well! I smiled and jumped up and down. I love coreography work. Everyone else was clapping and cheering for us as well!

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