Family above all else

This is my entry for the Salvage competition. This is the meeting between Aidan and Cass from Aidans point of view.


2. Chapter 2

I searched her name. Cass. Thousands of results popped up. I scrolled through all of them, until I found the one. My sister. Oh God, I wasn't sure if I could do this. I pressed the button, the simple button saying 'add friend', it was that simple. But for me, pushing that little button was like climbing Everest. Climbing it without the correct kit. It seemed like a lifetime waiting to see if she accepted mt request. Finally, my computer beeped. Shaking, I moved my mouse over to my notifications.

'Cass accepted your friend request'. Oh God. Oh God. Oh bloody hell. What happened now? Next step Aidan next step. I hadn't really expected her to accept. Okay. Message. Come on Aidan! I had survived being shipped from home to home, bedsits. Beaten. I could stand being unwanted, my own parents abandoned me. No foster family wanted me. No friends stuck around. I could handle being left. But by her? Could I deal with the rejection from my own sister?

Yes. Yes was the honest answer. So I began to type. 'Dear Cass'. No. That was too formal. 'Sup'. That was too informal. 'Hello Cass, I know this may sound weird because I haven't been in your life for the past years. But I'm your brother. Shall we play happy families and meet?' Now I was just being sarcastic. I slammed my head against my keyboard in pure frustration. Should it really be this difficult? To talk to my own sister? Would she remember me? Did she even know she had a brother or that she was adopted? Oh God.


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